Happy 5th Birthday To My Super Perfect Son

I made this entry on Ihsan’s birthday but I just realized today that I hadn’t published it!

So this entry actual date should be on 21st August, 2014 that is Ihsan’s 5th birthday and this entry is especially dedicated for him 🙂

I am robot! 😀

This is my super perfect son. He is precious! Keep on reading and I will tell you why. He has naturally nice arranged teeth. He has big round eyes. He is petite no matter how much I’ve tried to feed him and although I think he eats a lot too. He likes to lining things up. Is obsessed with vehicles particularly lorry and also alphabets. He likes to scream and a bit rough. Though, he has soft looking face that very often people thought he is a girl. Well, he is my handsome son 🙂

Honestly, it’s not that hard raising him up. He listens to us well. Cooperative. Not that much of fuss. Some times I think it’s much easier to deal things with him rather than his little sister. Although of course at times he has his good times of bursting and drove us against the wall. Sometimes, he pushed us to dead end too. Well, it’s common. Every kid do it isn’t it?
This son of mine, makes me feel that he’s more than words can describe or I could go on talking about him non-stopped. Most of the times, he left me speechless or the screen blank just because I have so much in my mind to talk about him but I couldn’t decide of what to say first or where to start. He made my life turned 360 degree. He made me look life from other perspectives. He changed my way of thinking. He made me matured, stronger and braver. He eventually shaped the me I am today. And he is the reason of my days ahead.
This angel presents in my life has brought me beyond towards where I never imagined or thought before. He taught me what love really means. Towards what extend love can bring you to. He taught me about patience. He taught me about sacrifices from the smallest to the biggest. He taught me courage. He taught me to be grateful even towards tiny things. He reminded me each tiny struggle worth fighting for. He taught that to live, you have to keep moving forward. No matter how many times you fall, keep choosing to never give up. He reminds me to have courage.
He made me realize that although life is in our hands but there are things we can’t change, but we need to learn that the setting we are in is more than perfect for us. We have to enjoy whatever we have to turn life beautiful. He reminded me that how strong we are, we are still weak. We can’t even change a little thing that seems so easy and small but there’s more powerful force who manages to do it. He made me pray harder. Reciting longer silent doa day and night in my prayers. He made me believe that miracle and magic do exist!
Dia penyebab bagi saya sebagai hamba yang lemah, penuh kealpaan untuk lebih beringat, lebih banyak berdoa sepenuh jiwa dari hati dan dengan air mata berserta sepenuh pengharapan mengharapkan rahmat dan redha Allah. Dia sebenarnya jalan bagi saya untuk menjadi seorang hamba Allah yang lebih baik, bersyukur beriman dan bertawakal dengan meletakkan sepenuh pergantungan kepada Allah. Sebab saya hamba yang lemah. Terima kasih Allah, anugerahkan ‘peringatan’ ini untuk saya.
He is the biggest blessing in my life, the caliph who will bring people around him closer to Allah, for those who tries to take lesson. May I be the one who never forget. For this, I’m ever so grateful to Allah, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for blessing me this child 5 years ago. Happy 5th birthday my dear son, Ahmad Izzul Ihsan Bin Abdul Latif. May Allah make him a soleh person, mencintai Al-Quran, beriman, bertakwa, bersyukur. Bless him with the best of health, wealth, success and happiness. Make his life content with love, care, rahmat and redha. Ease his journey of life in dunya until the hereafter. InsyaAllah. Amin!
This son of mine, he is different and special in his own way. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). That makes him unique, interesting, amazing and awesome. And that is why he is the super perfect son to complete the imperfections in my life. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah!

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