Why Do You Blog?

Why Do You Blog?

In a few hours March 2013 will end. So I have about half an hour to make an entry for this month. Yup, seems like my aim to update blog regularly has gone down the drain. Unbelievably I haven’t updated anything since past 1 month. More than that to be exact. Anyway… lots to tell but I’m lost and drown in all the thoughts cramped in my mind. So… it’s the end of March school holiday.

Tomorrow school will start to open. I’m glad Ihsan can go to school tomorrow so that perhaps he could have a more interesting day rather than staying at home. Except the fact that I don’t really feel happy he is attending that kindergarten. Every time my mind thought of this, I would feel like… hmmm. Well, never mind. Owh we didn’t go anywhere during the school holiday.

As usual, we just stayed at home. My parents and brother came from Sungai Petani and stayed here a week. Furthermore, Ihsan had speech therapy appointment on last Thursday. So, I rather felt like to just stay at home.

Why I Blog?


Why Do You Blog?
Why Do I Blog?


Anyway… it came across my mind quite some times recently of why we blogger, blogs at the first place? I’m sure we can see that people use blogging platform for so many reasons. But myself… I blog merely for personal reason. I just like to blog freely. You know… let off my steam, express my thoughts, jot down sweet memories, simply blab randomly, curse during bad days and so the likes.

That is why at the first place I named my blog The Little Secret. Yes, somehow I do share bit and pieces of my life with others, right? But what I blog is only 10% from my actual life. I don’t blog everything. Because I believe that everyone must have secrets that they must keep solely to themselves no matter how small the secret might be.

Sometimes I browsed and read my posts on the past years. A few makes me ashamed, a few makes me happy, a few makes me sad, a few makes me feel funny and ridiculous and all other sort of emotions. Somehow I could see every each and little transition of my life. From one chapter to another. It makes me feel like ‘woah I’ve come to this far!’. What dread me a lot is some memories do make you feel like missing.

You miss that moment of your life. You miss… surely because of the thing that you no longer could feel, get, see, watch, taste, smell and hear. Because the thing that you miss might be somewhere else, gone forever, lost or… changed. Now, forget everything… sometimes I just wished that some things never changed… If only I could do something about that…

Anyway… well… each people has their own reason of why they blog. We should respect each other. As well as how I wished people respect me of why I blog and how I blog. I don’t  blog because of you… not because of others… but for myself. So, don’t tell me how I should blog.

4 Replies to “Why Do You Blog?”

  1. saya memblog pon for personal reasons. mmg senang kalo nk rujuk balik cerita psl anak2, especially info2 penting, or gmbr2 yg sangka kan dah hilang, rupanya ada lg. ni dah ada anak dua org, kerap jg refer post lama2 psl anak sulung, citer berrsalin dia, berat anak (wat compare2), cite breastfeeding, citer demam kuning. sbb selang 5 thn br beranak lg satu kan, dah lupa la. mcm beranak sulung balik heheh

  2. hye ina..yes…blogging for ourself…siapa nk baca..baca..tp jgn nk kondemkan..kalo x jgn baca yek.. ;p

    hihihi lama tau aku x jenguk blog ko..sbb lupa tajuk blog..aritu cr br jumpa..btw lama x jumpa..sonok gak kn dpt gather2 blk..ngn member2 sekolah dulu..

    ada masa g la jenguk blog aku..tp aku br je buka tuk public, before ni private..hehee tp cerita mmg psl diri kita je la kn…

    hahaa kna rajin update ye..tp phm situasi ko dgn dua hero n heroin..msti x bape nk smpt heheh

    k ina..have a gud day! take care

  3. keep on writing dear!!
    akak pon blogging utk own reference je..

  4. Kak Oyis,
    Betul tu blog boleh jd mcm nota kan. Bukan setakat yg kita tulis tp komen kawan2 pun sangat byk info. Kdg2 nk tgk resepi la… nk tgk barang beli kt mana la… nk g jalan2 kt mana la hihi

    Wah sejak bila jadi blogger ni? hihi. Bagi lah link. Aku nk try access tapi xdapat. Dah open to public ke belum?

    Kak Su,
    I wished I could blog frequently. Tp masa sungguh mencemburui diriku hihi. Blogging dlm kepala sajork lepas tu lupaa

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