Attending Jenazah Management Class For Muslimah

Kelas pengurusan jenazah

Alhamdulillah, 9 years ago we prepared our late first son’s jenazah for burial by ourselves in a foreign land. We learned how to do it in 1 night and did it the best we could within our short of capabilities and resources. And only this month I managed to join kelas pengurusan jenazah. After many years keeping intention to attend a practical class. I feel like I have finally pay my promise to ‘Abid although technically of course he didn’t ask me to learn how to manage a jenazah properly. It’s just that after I lost him, I feel obliged to attend a special class to learn.

The class was only for Muslimah. It held last Saturday for about 3 hours in the morning. There was only 1 ustazah. And the attendees were quite many I must say since the men’s hall was full. At first I thought we would be divided by group but apparently the ustazah just gave explanation at the front while we listened to her.


Kelas pengurusan jenazah
Jenazah management class for Muslimah.


There was a kid picked to volunteer for jenazah bathing practical and a lady for shoouding practical. The class was quite a simple, brief, yet compact and easy to understand. The ustazah just highlighted only on what’s important and compulsory. I like her deliverence because she makes us think that it’s not that hard to manage a jenazah.

Only that I wished if she could have provided us with a complete booklet as reference and if she came more prepared with complete materials needed to manage a jenazah, it would be much easier for us to understand. And also if she had divided us into smaller groups so that we could do practical with our own hands, I’m sure we could have benefitted ourselves even more.

Now enough about the clas. Anyway during the course, it flashes back in my mind how did we do it. Although I do feel a bit regret because If had known earlier of course we could manage the jenazah of our very first born much better. But were racing againts time, we were lack of resources, we lived far away from other Muslim and we have only both of us to do what’s needed to be done. We tried our best though.

Still, during that tense moment we were so focus to manage our son’s jenazah properly and perfectly as we could. I didn’t stop chanting prayers on my lips. And after all of course it’s all from Allah that He sent helps along the way, the process was smooth and there were individuals that came to assist us. Alhamdulillah.

Honestly, all these times I have been feeling guilty for not fulfilling my wishes to learn pengurusan jenazah as soon as possible. We were tested, and we should have learned our lesson seriously. I learned a lot. Anyway, we should know this you know. Learn if you haven’t. Try to give our last respect to our loved ones with our own hands. Because it will give you the satisfaction that you can’t describe and ease your heart to redha for your loss.

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