Wahhh bercintanya nak update blog. Anyway, first thing first is I would like to wish Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese. May the days ahead bring you more prosperity, longevity, happiness and wealth. As of today we are just at home, not going anywhere. At the moment everyone is asleep. Except my Ayah who is downstairs mengemas rumah. Memang kaki mengemas dia tu. Hubby is out mencari nafkah. Haa itu lah dia specialnya kerja dia jadual tak macam orang lain hihi 😀 Me too feeling so tempting to sleep tapi waktu macam ni lah when the kids are asleep, masa tu sangat berhargaaa nak buat my ‘own work’. Kata nak jadi WAHM berjaya kan hihi InsyaAllah! I’m taking my own sweet time developing my ‘career’ and achieving my dream. I could see how I should make things work and now I’m still at the stage of mastering the skill of juggling between everything. Since I have other things to focus too especially on Ihsan’s development and also a baby who is also developing. So Ihsan’s intervention program and Widad’s early education are among the things that I won’t compromise. Although might be at times, have been compromised; still 😛
Enough about that. Now my parents are at home. Yes they travel to and fro Sungai Petani – Semenyih quite frequently. This time the reason is because my Mama wants to see her cucus 2 orang tu. My Ayah keep saying, “Mak Tok nak balik. Rindu cucu bla bla bla”. Yesterday we went to visit my granparents at kampung in Ulu Semenyih. Not far from here. My Atuk or to be exact I call him Tok Wan is not that well anymore. Last month he was admitted into the hospital. Yelah he is aging. Macam2 lah penyakit datang. Badan pun not so strong anymore. Bila sakit lagi lah lemah kan. So, my Tok said that, “Baru lah nampak ceria muka Tok Wan tu. Kalau tak tu menung je. Orang tanya pun tak berjawab”. Yeah… maybe I should go back more often. So… Alhamdulillah he looks better although internally there must be something done to be truth. Tapi tu lah dia pun tak mau. Hard to say. Dia memang takut agaknya duduk hospital and kena buat macam2. Hari tu admitted pun sebab dah kena pujuk and dia sendiri dah tak larat nak tahan. Padahal awal2 lagi orang dok pujuk nak bawa ke hospital but he refused.
What else to blab about? Eh… my brother tanya bila nak keluar pulak. My Mama wants to bring Ihsan for outing. Dia tu kan kena bawa keluar selalu hihi 😛 Tapinya semua orang tengah kemalasan dan kemengantukan. Ihsan pun tido. Widad pun tak tau la kenapa 2 3 hari ni cranky je. Asal celik je mata nak berdukung. Letak je nangis. Agaknya badan dia tak berapa sedap kot. Hmmm nak keluar ke tak ye?

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