I Miss My Blogger Friends

For quite some times I have been feeling that I really miss my blogger friends. Many of them don’t actively blogging anymore. Some of them I have stopped visiting their blog. Some of them also have stopped frequenting my blog. Some of them I still keep in touch in other social media like Facebook. Some of them I have lost contact might be because we no longer share the same interest anymore.Β Some of them I still have their contact only that we rarely talk to each other anymore.

Time keep moving on and people have changed. New environments, new commitments, new priorities etc all become the factors why this happened. Including myself. I don’t have the privilege to blog like how I used to be one time ago. My priorities have changed. Not matter how much I tried, my time just too occupied with other more important things. But I always love to write… so that’s why at times I keep trying to blog πŸ™‚

Anyway… I’m glad that I still have many of my blogger friends in my Facebook friend list. At least we still could keep contacting each other. You know… once in a while to say hi… get to know what’s going on in their lives… get to share of useful information etc. Some of them I keep remembering them but I rarely have the chance to chat with them. Only occasionally kitorang messaging just to bertanya khabar.

Some of them Alhamdulillah diorang masih ingat saya dan rajin tegur. Sometimes I do feel guilty because dah jarang tegur kawan2 blog. Bukan menyombong dan bukan tak ingat. Tapi maybe sebab sibuk dengan macam2 hal membuatkan tak terfikir langsung nak bertanya khabar. Saya harap kawan2 saya tak kecil hati. Although saya senyap je tapi saya selalu mengikuti perkembangan kawan2 di Facebook. Itu pun kalau yang add kat Facebook lah.

Perasan je kan macam lah ramai benor orang nak ingat kat dia. Bukannya retis hahaha! πŸ˜› Tapi I know a few of them really treasure friendship. I just want you to know that I do remember each and everyone of you. Tak payah lah sebut nama satu2 kat sini. Entah masing2 baca ke tak hihi πŸ˜› I wish everyone all the best in life. Semoga Allah merahmati selalu. Amin πŸ™‚

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