Fresh Restart By Introducing The New Family Addition! :D

Assalamualaikum and hi! Congrats to self for finally being able to make an effort to resume blogging again. I have been trying and trying to update but I guess my effort wasn’t enough to actually make me move. My last entry was in early August and now it is already in the middle of October. Wow that is about more than 2 months of hiatus. Lots of things have taken places in within those period.

Life is cycling non-stopped like a wheel, up and down, up and down. Just to summarize and highlight a few important events, Ihsan celebrated his 3rd birthday on 21st August, we celebrated Raya on the end of August in Selangor, we got our house already readied but we are yet to move in and the biggest news is we welcomed our new member into the family on 5th September, yeay! And the rest are better left unspoken hihi 😀

Alhamdulillah life has been under control. Lots of things are still going on and we are working things out one by one. As for myself currently I’m still learning to be a mother of 2 kids at home. I’m trying to manage my time wisely, juggling between house chores, giving attention to the baby, being a teacher to Ihsan and doing my ‘work’.

After I have given birth to our 3rd child and tomorrow I’m going to complete my 44 days of confinement period, I will start to learn and concentrate to be a WAHM. All these while I’m so comfortable being a SAHM. So it’s already time for me to work on my objective of being a WAHM 🙂 At the moment, it is enough for us to have 2 children. We are not looking forward to expand the family anytime soon.

But of course if Allah blesses us with another one very soon, we will still be grateful. It is time for us both to concentrate on our financial planning towards our way expanding our wealth. Simply because we are not that wealthy yet so that’s why we want to be ones hihi 😀 That is our main focus right now until a few more years to come. Bukanlah maksudnya after a few more years to dah tak focus.

Tapi for a few years terdekat ni we are going to struggle to achieve our financial targets. Semoga Allah merahmati dan memberi petunjuk ke arah kejayaan, Amin.

Anyway today I just wished to introduce our new little bundle of joy! Alhamdulillah I have safely given birth to a baby girl on 5th September 2012 at Serdang Hospital. Alhamdulillah everything went on smoothly. I started having abdominal pain during the wee hours that caused me couldn’t really fall asleep on that night. The pain slowly increasing and we went to the hospital at about 10.00 am. I given birth at about 12.45pm. It was fast this time.

Maybe because it was already the 3rd child so that’s why I was having a rapid and easy labor. Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahuakbar! I’m so grateful for Allah made it really easy for me this time. Well, guess what? Baby Aisyah is one very easy baby too! She is really the opposite of Ihsan! I keep pondering and counting my blessing that Allah has showered to me. Everything comes in a package. Allah is Just.

He gave us trials but at the same time there is also a matching help! 🙂 Ihsan is welcoming his baby sister very well. Of course he took some times adjusting to the new situation. He loves Adik Aisyah except that he is quite rough! 😛 Dari segi anak2… I feel my life is complete for already having a pair. InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki lagi… nak baby lagi hihi 😀 But not any time sooner lah.


Introducing Aisyah Aqilah Widad Binti Abdul Latif. 5th September 2012. 2.66kg. 48cm. 12.45pm. Serdang Hospital.


Dicukur pada hari ke 7


Pinky little princess


Not forgetting cheeky Abang Ihsan. Tiap2 hari cari gaduh dengan Mama 😛


Taking care of them at home really makes my life colorful everyday. Sorang macam ni sorang macam tu phew! They are a complete package. They completes each other. Dapat menguruskan anak2 sendiri is indeed dapat memberi kepuasan yang tak dapat dihuraikan dengan kata2. Although of course at times they do drive me to the wall! hihi 😀


4 Replies to “Fresh Restart By Introducing The New Family Addition! :D”

  1. akhirnya.. dah lama tau kak ini tak berblog.. huhuhu.

  2. Su,
    Ada ke org baca blog ni? Akak je suka baca blog sendiri hihi 😀 Eh apa dah jadi dgn blog Su tu? Su dh buat blog baru ke apa?

  3. congrats mama..akhirnya abg ihsan dah de kawan kawan gegirl… saya masih menghitung hari lg…doakan sy ya…

  4. Ida,
    Tq Ida. InsyaAllah moga sihat selamat semuanya ye Mama Mika. Xsabar nk tgk Adik Mika 🙂

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