Ihsan’s Appointments Journey

I’m sleepy but awake! Hubby hasn’t come home yet. He went out after breaking fast and Maghrib prayer. He has appointment with his friend after Terawikh prayer. So he went out early to the venue and performed Terawikh there beforehand. Wah appointment tu kan. Hubby is in the process transiting himself towards his new career. So far he is doing good and what’s important is he’s happy with his new career. I’m gonna write about it on other day soon. Whereas Ihsan, he has fallen asleep. Before tidur tadi gaduh dengan dia sebab xnak pakai sweater lah apa lah. Sajeee je kan. Before that belajar kejap dengan dia. Before that bagi dia dinner. He has been refusing to eat rice as usual for the last 1 week. So it’s kinda challenge making him to eat. The feeding session could last for 2 hours because nowadays he refuses to eat by himself. So rice party at the living is often lately. Scattered all over the place due to struggle to shove the rice into his mouth. But well… I’m used to it. Layan kan je. Malas nak marah2. Dah habis makan nanti sapuuu. Sabar kan Mama Ihsan ni? hihi ๐Ÿ˜› Hubby said just give him whatever he wants to eat. But the thing is he keeps asking for tidbits like kerepek, biscuits, raisins and etc. Previously he got ulcer in his mouth and there are still small ones at the both corner of his mouth. Plus I introduced him to his new drinking bottle so he has been enjoying gulping plain water from the bottle thus making him full. So I guess both are the culprits. Or maybe his appetite isn’t into rice at the moment. Fortunately he still eats other foods, so that’s still good. Maybe I should prepare some noodles or pasta lah plak kot hmmm.
As for today Ihsan absent from kindy again. 1 week ponteng. Not really intentionally. Monday and Tuesday we were in Subang attending therapies. On Wednesday I purposely let him rest. On Thursday he refused to wake up. Lastly for today, Ihsan still didn’t want to wake up and on top of that we woke up late so hubby too didn’t go to work and he reluctant to send Ihsan to kindy. He parked the car in front of the gate so he needed to send Ihsan if Ihsan was going to kindy. Hence… we continued to sleep as 1 happy family until 10 am hihi ๐Ÿ˜› Owh Ihsan woke me up but hubby continued to sleep until noon! Hmm lately Ihsan sangat restless sampai susah nak bangun pagi. Although xnap petang he still tidur lewat malam. Ada2 je pe’el budak sorang ni. After Jumaat prayer we rushed to HUKM to register Ihsan for ST and OT there. Alhamdulillah we got the date in the coming months. We could get earlier. But considering that I’m going to deliver etc etc etc so I chose the dates that I think safe and convenient for everyone. Honestly I already feel comfortable and like it Ihsan attending therapies at SJMC. The therapists and the Dr. are good. But HUKM is not bad either. It’s the matter of fees (what else? :P) thus that’s why we considered registering Ihsan at HUKM too. Maybe we would only continues his therapies at HUKM only or both HUKM and SJMC. But at least we could reduce some fees. If you are wondering, the fees for 1 hour of ST session at private center ranging from RM80 – RM120 whereas for OT ranging from RM100 – RM150. Ihsan needs to attend once a week for each ST and OT. So, it’s nearly RM1K a month just for his therapies. Not including homework materials, educational toys, supplements, outings (eh ini pun perlu for his social skill) and etc. No, I’m not complaining. Just sharing. Who knows this information might benefit anyone someday. Xpe ada je rezeki untuk Ihsan, InsyaAllah. Anak mahal Ihsan ni hihi ๐Ÿ˜€
Talking about appointments. There are lots of appointments listed for Ihsan. To tell from the beginning… after coming back for good from Nihon, I brought Ihsan to Klinik Kesihatan Batu 14 Puchong as we were staying at Subang at that time, to get his immunization schedule completed. Then we moved to Semenyih. As time went by, I started to worry about his speech development so I told my concern to the Dr. at Klinik Desa Rinching Tengah where I started attending my pregnancy checkup. The Dr. referred Ihsan to Hospital Serdang. The first appointment with paed was in March. The Dr. suggested us to wait for 3 more months to see how Ihsan progressing. In the meantime she referred Ihsan for hearing test in May. Ihsan passed the hearing test. His hearing is normal. But I thought 3 months of waiting is a very long time. So much time wasted. 3 months is too precious for Ihsan and he could progress a lot. So I hurriedly dig for more information. I got to know about National Autism Society Malaysia (NASOM) from a friend. So I made appointment and got Ihsan diagnosed there by a psychologist in April. After diagnosis I straightly surveyed and called all the therapy centers’ numbers that I got and finally decided to settle with SJMC. At the same time we tried to make appointment with HUKM too but we didn’t have enough documents. However, the earliest slot we got in SJMC was in June. Also in June, I went back to Hospital Serdang for the follow up appointment with the paed and straightly told him I already got Ihsan diagnosed. After discussing, finally he referred me to HUKM. By then I got complete documents with me. The paed at Hospital Serdang said HUKM is the best government hospital for Autism treatment. If I knew, I would ask the Dr. at Klinik Desa Rinching Tengah to refer us straightly to HUKM. We could have saved much time.
So… Ihsan has been busy attending therapies in June and July. And he has been progressing A LOT in just a few weeks! Alhamdulillah. Ihsan ni sekali tengok sama je macam budak2 lain. Tapi kalau tengok lama2 baru nampak ada sikit2 lain. Kalau dulu nampak comel je time kecil2. Tapi bila dah besar of course makin obvious nampak kelainan behavior tu. Seb baik bab belajar cepattt tangkap. Especially tang hafal2. Tapi kena guna kaedah yang sesuai lah. Kaedah biasa dia bosan ๐Ÿ˜› As the Dr. said, he has the intelligence. Anyway Ihsan would stop with therapies in August, September and October before resuming again in November. That’s my original plan, because I need to adjust everything with hubby’s schedule, raya, EDD, confinement and etc. However, after referring Ihsan to HUKM last week and today when we went back there again, somehow the plan has changed a bit. Ihsan needs to attend OT at HUKM on September and ST on October. The thing about government hospital is if you got early appointments dates, it’s actually a bonus. Yet it’s also difficult to change the dates. Whereas his major assessment supposedly will be on my EDD but I have no choice except to ask them to change to much earlier date ASAP or much later in late October. Because I have to make myself available for the major assessment. It’s important for me to see and hear because I’m the one who’s managing Ihsan at home etc. Huff puff! Perhaps everything will go smooth as planned. Maybe I should call my mom and tell her because it seems hard for me to stay in Kedah for confinement. Well… we will see how things go and re-plan them later. Xyah pening2. Enjoy je goyang kaki sambil makan kuih raya. Eh? ;P

Hmm asyik cerita pasal Ihsan je kan. Macam xde cerita lain hihi ๐Ÿ˜› Nak wat mcm mana. 24 jam kat rumah ni dengan Ihsan je. Tiap2 hari mengisahkan dia. Jadi hati tu lebih kepada berminat nak cerita pasal dia je. Dia lah buah hati pengarang jantung. Kawan gaduh Mama tiap2 hari hoho! Banyak songeh and banyak akal sekarang ni. Sabar je lah. So ikut mood lah baru senang nak merepek meraban kat blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Esok2 nak meraban pasal baby, pasal rumah, pasal hubby and pasal diri sendiri plak ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. ihsan, mama n papa mm gambatteru for you! apa juga ujian ALLAH pada kt..moga menjadikan kt lebih kuat!keep it up ina..maybe org ramai kt luar..xberapa allert tentang autism ni.. sharing is caring… ๐Ÿ˜‰ jgn push sgt eh mama…
    PS: ihsan is soo cuteeeeee ..mata bolatttt!!
    -mummy izzdanish

  2. Syima,
    Thanks Syima. Of course it’s not easy but we are trying to make it normal as possible with our life. Alah bisa tegal biasa. So xde apa lah. Biasalah ups and downs. But InsyaAllah we are trying to enjoy our life happily dan sebaiknya sama mcm org lain jugak ๐Ÿ˜€ Nanti mai raya rumah!

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