4th Remembrance Day

14th May 2012. 14th May is always a remembered date because it is so meaningful. It holds a very precious and invaluable memory that can never be bought. Today is ‘Abid’s 4th Remembrance Day. We went to visit his grave last year for the last time in July before we came back to Msia for good. Alhamdulillah although after nearly a year, last week we got a picture of his grave from our Msian friends, Nisah and Khairul who are still living in Naganoken. I’m happy to see the grave is indeed in good condition. Only that the plant we planted last time didn’t do well. I thought it’s supposed to be survived during all seasons. But maybe due to lack of care it died. The small plant is naked leaving only brown dried twigs. But it’s not a big matter at all. I’m glad for at least the plant is still there as if a sign of us accompanying him.

Nisah and Khairul went there to visit their son’s Hadi who was also buried there. Nisah had a miscarriage during end of recently past April at her 25th week of pregnancy. The nurse told that she lost her son due to entangled umbilical cord. And even the cord had already detached from the placenta, wallahualam. But of course it already fated to happen. That was just a reason. Allah knows best so He has given what’s best for Nisah and Khairul and especially Hadi. Nisah and Khairul together with their 2 daughters lives in Matsumotoshi, Naganoken. While we lived in Matsukawahou, Naganoken. Both of us had no other Msian acquaintances living near to our place. So we were the closest to each other. We used to visit each other a lot. I knew Nisah right after a month I lost ‘Abid. They just settled down there. Right after we came back back for good there was a new Msian family just moved to Matsumotoshi which happened to be very near to their place. I’m glad they still has friends around when we left them.

Alhamdulillah I know and I believe Nisah and Khairul are doing very well accepting with what had happened. They are very nice persons and they are of course very strong. Nisah and Khairul are planning to come back for good by the end of this year. I wish them well in their future. Allah’s plan is always perfect and beautiful. I used to tell her about my thoughts related to ‘Abid. Unexpectedly now I still couldn’t believe that her son is sharing the same place with ‘Abid too. Now we share more or less the same memory. Perhaps our friendship will always remains too. Al-Fatihah to our loved ones. Although they seem far away. But they are always in our hearts 🙂 Forever.

Taken on 5th May 2012
Please know your are always in my prayers, heart and mind 🙂

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  1. such a touching entry. Al-fatihah to both ‘Abid and Hadi. May Allah grant both sets of parents the strength and courage to carry on, and may they be blessed with happiness and barakah always, Amin..

  2. Oyis,
    Tq Kak Oyis for your prayers. Semoga Allah merahmati dan memberi petunjuk kepada kita semua yang masih di dunia ni, Amin.

  3. Assalamualaikum akak,

    Tiba2 tergerak hati nak bukak blog akak.Ingat nak baca any updates pasal Ihsan.Tgk2 ada entry pasal `Abid.

    Masa 14hb aritu pon nisah dok ingt,aritu ialah hari baby `Abid lahir.MasyaAllah,how time flies!

    InsyaAllah,we will meet you in Malaysia.

    Take care.hugs and kisses to Ihsan.


  4. Al-Fatihah.. moga terus tabah.

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