Howdy Ho!

Alhamdulillah still given the chance to breath the air and living life with the loved ones. Being together to endure what has been set up upon us by the Almighty. For whatever that comes there’s sure solid reason behind for us to take lesson. May every challenges will make us a better person from time to time InsyaAllah. So, on 3rd April Ihsan started going to kindergarten so officially I could say that I have a little ‘me time’ for myself from 8.00am till about 12.00pm. But since Ihsan has yet to adapt well at his kindy so the teacher will be sending him home earlier at around 10.40am to 11.00am. So nowadays I have like 3 to 4 hours for myself to do whatever I like. Although on second thought… I couldn’t really do what I want because this is the only time I could do house chores that need concentration like updating housekeeping book, filing the bills, doing budget, doing share trading analysis so on and so forth the list goes on. Still… squeezing in 1 or 2 things I like in the middle of the ‘to do list’ won’t do much harm to the timetable I guess? 😀

So howdy peeps! Actually I have been trying to complete this entry since last week. I hope I could publish it by today. Let’s see 😛 I’m trying to do a little bit of edition on the blog’s layout but tak tau la what’s wrong the search function can’t connect with the browser etc. I found out that my blog looked different kalau guna Mozilla and IE. Tak sama. Told to hubby to fix this days ago but he said okay je dia boleh guna. I should have showed him how it turned out wrong. Nama je studied IT kan but no, I don’t know anything about this. I’m only expert at browsing and searching for information. Kalau hubby tak dapat jumpa information, but when I do it… sekali click je dah jumpa LOL! 😛 Okay this is nonsense already. Bah! I hate it when I can’t do what I want to do. I need to search for more knowledge but this search function just keep making me annoyed. It’s okay… take it cool. Maybe there’s a good thing for what’s happening. This could rest my mind a bit and stop me from keep thinking things that make me stress, sad, worry etc. Fine.

Wow I’m actually blogging now after for how long? More than 4 months being on hiatus. What made me break the silence today? Nothing… I just have the urged and straightly started away! I have been longing to blog so many times but there are things that keep hindering me from blogging. Sometimes there’s the feeling that said I’m not ready yet to blog again and sometimes it’s just because I feel lazy. But throughout my silence I did a lot of reflection of my blogging activity, of how others are blogging, what I should have done, what I shouldn’t so on and so forth. I learned a lot and somehow being silent had made me feel more peaceful, calm, composed, strong so on and so forth. But I do admit it that I missed my blogger friends a lot! I miss sharing my bits and pieces of life and corresponding with my virtual friends. So I’m glad that today I’m back again.

Well… from where to start? There are so many things that had taken place in our life and more to come. All I can say is 2012 really brings us into a new adventure in most aspects of life. This is the year where I foresee that we need to find and maintain extra effort, courage, resistance, patience, strength and so the like to move on life. Also not forgetting loads of doas and tawakkal to The Almighty. I could say that this year is quite a crucial stage for us and by hook or by crook we need to survive. So we are ‘struggling’ to survive :)… Now maybe I should just make a list down in brief on what’s happening around us currently.

1. No I’m not working… at least yet. I’m still a SAHM who’s busy managing my life as a wife, a mother, a daughter and as manager in the house. Segala2nya adalah saya dalam rumah ni. Honestly kadang2 rasa ‘letih’ jadi SAHM ni. But I do believe working mom pun kadang2 rasa macam ni kan? Mana2 pun ada cabaran dan keistimewaannya masing2. Yang penting keep trying to make the best our of it. I’m not thinking of working yet because we are still in the middle of settling down. Banyak benda tak settle lagi although it has been 9 months since we came back for good. Furthermore I have the intention to be a WAHM. Ideas tu dah ada. Tapi not to be realized so soon. So currently I’m doing share trading. Am still a beginner. Alhamdulillah ada la untung sikit2. Masih banyak kena belajar. I have dream that this could be made my profession, share trading investor. InsyaAllah. Mana tau kan?

2. I’m pregnant with Lil’ Munchkin No. 3! Alhamdulillah 🙂 So that’s another reason why I’m not thinking of working. The chances of company nak hire orang pregnant ni kurang la kot. Also I terfikir berat hati nak lepas baby kecil bagi orang jaga. Tambah2 anak dah nak bertambah lagi lah seboleh2nya nak jaga sendiri ye tak? So I’m now at my 18th weeks of pregnancy. Alhamdulillah as an overall I’m doing just fine and this pregnancy doesn’t differs much to my 2 other previous pregnancies. But still of course this pregnancy keep giving me a bit of new challenges and experiences every now and then. I just keep praying that both baby and I will be just fine and progressing well and InsyaAllah the baby will be safely delivered on around 6th September 2012 (my EDD). So officially my baju raya this year is gonna be a jubah 😀

3. We are still living in my parents house in Semenyih. Apparently my father tak jadi pencen tahun ni. Lagi 2 years baru pencen. While my mother this coming June dia pencen. This also means lambat lagi my parents nak buat renovation on the house dan lambat lagi nak officially duduk sini. Maknanya juga we have to take care of this house lah every now and then. At the same time, Alhamdulillah we have purchased our very first property. Everything is going on smoothly and we are just waiting to get the key which expected to be in within this month, InsyaAllah. After months of process berfikir, mencari, berbincang and so on sampai dah rasa nak termuntah dan sakit kepala otak finally we settled on this house. Of course we couldn’t get the perfect one yang memuaskan hati dari segala aspects. Banyak je yang rasanya perfect tapi ada je benda yang tak menepati criteria and usually of course la harganya terlebih budget. Kalau banyak duit pilih je mana2 nak tak perlu pening2 kepala fikir kan? hihi 😛 Insyaallah soon bila dah kaya-raya (Amin!) boleh lah beli rumah main tunjuk2 je 😀 Anyway the house we bought is the one yang paling menepati criteria yang we both dah tetapkan untuk our first property ni. But I’m not going to share further. Nanti bila semua dah settle boleh lah share apa2 patut. Mana tau boleh bagi panduan to kawan2 yang also in the process nak beli rumah.

4. Career wise… hubby lah ni. Generally he is doing okay Alhamdulillah. Of course lah tak sama macam di Nihon dulu. As I had mentioned before, hubby is now working at the same company that he worked in Japan. He got himself transferred to Msia. No contract or anything but it’s just that we thought we wanted to move back to Msia already. So the company has made preparation for that beforehand prior to his transitions. So we came back for good when the time has came. This is the 7th year he is working with the same company right after he graduated from Ritsumeikan University, Shigaken. Still… the first company. Many people has changed their path and joined other company etc. But hubby still stays. What’s so special about this company? Honestly, this company is just the same like any other company. It has its’ own package to offer to its’ every worker. By other words, each company has its’ own challenges and advantages. It’s not that perfect. Hubby has his own dissatisfaction too. Although it’s the same company, but the one in Japan is quite different with the current one in Msia where he is working now. But suffice to say… sometimes there’s something that makes him worth to stay. So… his rezeki is still there. We are hoping for better rezeki this year and we are keep planning our strategy for that. Semoga Allah berikan petunjuk dan permudahkan jalan, Amin.

5. Now about my little toddler Ihsan. Hmmm hmmm there are so many things about him I wanted to share here. But I will just go by one at a time for a start. As of today Ihsan is 2 years 7 months ++. He is Alhamdulillah growing up healthily like any other child his age. Yet biasa lah kadang2 tak sihat etc. Previously he was warded due to diarrhea and high fever. We went to clinic and got the medications. But the big problem was he refused to eat and drink at all. And that of course making his fever worse and he became dehydrated that there was no tears when he cried. The only option left of course was to get him admitted to the hospital so the paed could put a saline drip on him. We stayed there for 3 nights. Bosan okay duduk hospital. Ihsan lah yang bosan tu. Mati kutu kawan tu. Although ada playroom dan boleh jalan2 around hospital tapi dia tetap bosan. Mama on second thought lepas tu rasa suka plak sebab kerja tidur, makan, tengok tv, tak payah fikir pasal masak ke basuh kain ke apa ke hihihi 😛 Tapi kitorang ambil bilik share berdua with another patient. So still kurang privacy. Kat sebelah tu baby. Ihsan asyik lah dok pergi tengok baby mengacau orang sebelah. Tak larat nak halang. Alhamdulillah Ihsan is already okay but he is still vulnerable. He has started going to kindy since last week. We sent him to kindy because we have major concern with him. And this is not an unnecessary concern. But I’m not going to share further just yet. Not now. Honestly our life lately is majorly about him. So many things to think about. So we are still in the early stage of sorting things out. There is a long more way to go for him. May Allah makes ease for us in everything, InsyaAllah, Amin!

That’s all for now for a start. It’s Monday, despite of it already started with Ihsan whining refusing to go to kindy that made me left him half-heartedly… but I’m determined to hope and strive for a better day today and onwards. Perhaps more positive energy is coming around us to keep us motivated, productive, stronger, more resistant, more patient and so on. Allah tidak akan membebani hambanya dengan apa yang dia tak mampu. Walaupun sometimes I don’t feel I’m strong for this and that. But who I am to choose? Allah knows we can… so we have to carry the responsibility and prove that we actually can, InsyaAllah 🙂 I deserve to be happy. My family deserve to be happy. I’m the core to ensure that happen. Now, work out for that already! 🙂

7 Replies to “Howdy Ho!”

  1. conrats on ur pregnancy..patutlah senyap je ye. mabuk2 ke? at least kalau mengidam, senang nak cari food kat msia sbb kat mana2 pun ada mcm2 jenis mknan best2 ye dak? 😉

  2. Ina.. Congrats on your third pregnancy.. Oohoo.. Saya sgt jeles.. semua dh pregnant no.2 and 3!

  3. Ina,
    welcome back!
    rindu nak baca cerita ina tau!

    congrates dear!bestnya ihsan nak ada baby yer…take care tau!moga Allah permudahkan segalanya…

  4. Yatie,
    Tq! Actually takde kaitan pun dgn pregnancy. Mmg busy ada byk benda lain nak fikir and settle kan. Mmg xde mood fikir pasal blog so rasa nak rehat from blogging. Pregnant kali ni tak lalu makan! So dok Msia pn xde beza. In fact dok teringin Japanese foods hihi 😛

    Tq! Haa jom2 join the club! Zakwan pun dah besar tu 😀

    Tq Fith! Amin moga dipermudahkan and selamat semua 🙂

  5. ina…congrats!!!pregnant lagi kau ya.hehee.anyway,jadi SAHM tu mmg lagi busy dr org keje kot?sebab kalau keje ni,mcm contoh keje tak byk,boleh la duduk bersenang lenang kat ofis.anak ada org jaga kat nursery kan.hihi

    anyway,am pregnant too!so far dah nak masuk 12weeks.doakan semua berjalan lancar tau….:)

    take care!mwahhhx!!

  6. Kak As,
    Lamanyaa xdgr cerita! Dh susah nk chat skrg kan. Harap2 ko sihat slalu. Congrats jugak Kak As! Alhamdulillah finally rezeki ko dh tiba. Lepas ni berderet2 la tu hihihi 😀 Jaga diri baik2 jugak tau. Be extra careful. InsyaAllah semoga lancar dan selamat semuanya. Sama2 la kita berdoa ye 😀

  7. yattto!kuar gak citer psl ina!seme org miss nk bc blog ina kot:)

    congrats on ur pregnancy!berkembang maju kelab mak buyung kita.take care

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