Breast Cancer The Silent Killer

I’m not sure of what’s the most suitable title to put above. But anyway, since my last update; many thing had taken place in our life. Our balik kampung trip to Sungai Petani and Langkawi, 1st Aidil Adha Celebration in Subang, and the latest one is we lost a family member, my Mak Lang because of breast cancer. I think this time  I’m gonna keep the updates on former 2 still in pending. Actually I’m just relieved that finally I got to speak to my cousin through phone just now.

Anyway I want to rewind back a bit earlier on my Mak Lang’s story on her battle with breast cancer. She was hospitalized just after previous Aidil Fitri Celebration after experiencing difficulty to breath. Cut short, the doctor said that she had breast cancer stage 4. If I’m not mistaken half of her lung already got infected and damaged by cancer cells and the cancer was already starting to infect the other side of the lung. So most of times, she was getting insufficient oxygen supply to her body. The doctor treated her with some strong medication because her condition wasn’t strong and stable enough to start with chemotherapy. Throughout her stay in University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC), she managed to go home for 3 days before immediately run to the hospital by ambulance afterwards due to difficulty to breath. Although she was provided with oxygen supply at home, but her lung couldn’t function well anymore for her body.

Her condition deteriorating since then and finally she passed away on previous Thursday, November 10th, 2011 at about 11.00 am. However Alhamdulillah although Mak Lang was sick and her lung was already in bad shape, but she didn’t feel any pain. She just faced difficulty to breath and due to her condition she felt fatigued. That’s all. I’m glad that she didn’t suffer during her last days. She wasn’t sick for too long. She was taken care greatly by her 2 children and especially Pak Lang who never left her side. She went in a good way anyone could wish. Mak Lang as if understood that her time would come that she complied when the doctor suggested for Yasin recitation moment for her. The doctor and Pak Lang managed to recited Yasin 3 times for Mak Lang. Before finally Mak Lang closed her eyes, her breath became slower and shorter, as her mouth slowly mumbling Syahadah and Allah Allah Allah then finally came to a stop when she took her last slow long breath. Innalillah!

Now back to the beginning as I said I finally manage to speak to my cousin. We didn’t attend Mak Lang burial as well as her tahlil yet due to lost of communication. We couldn’t get through any of the family members and they didn’t reach us also. Well, at times like this sometimes anything could happen. Diorang pun kelam kabut busy uruskan arwah, ditambah dengan dalam kesedihan lagi. So kitorang kinda left out. Kitorang called berkali2 and msged tak berjawab so jadi tak senang duduk sebab taktau apa2 updates. Tapi memang kitorang tak dapat pergi pun sebab weekdays. So Sabtu Ahad baru lepas ni hubby and I memang standby je kalau2 ada tahlil ke apa ke. Tapi tulah, silap juga kitorang tak terfikir langsung nak tanya other relatives. Tapi takpelah dah called tadi so dah tau A to Z. InsyaAllah this weekend we are going to visit Mak Lang’s grave in Pantai Dalam. This coming Thursday also ada tahlil tapi taktau lagi dapat pergi ke tak sebab hubby kerja. Rumah my cousin pun jauh di Klang. We will see how. Tak discuss lagi.

Glad to know that my cousin and her family are recuperating well. I kept remembering Mak Lang and wondering about the condition of her family she left behind. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep. Although personally I’m not that close to Mak Lang but I had been knowing her since small. If not much, of course I have a few personal memories with her. I also feel sad and kind of miss her presence. I kept praying for Mak Lang as well as for her family. But now, I pray that roh Mak Lang dirahmati Allah dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 beriman. Semoga Allah mengampuni segala dosa2 Mak Lang dan menerima segala amalan baiknya semasa dia hidup. I also pray that may Allah will give the strength and patience to Mak Lang’s children and Pak Lang to go on life. Mati itu pasti bagi seiap insan yang hidup. Cuma kita tak tau bila dan macam mana giliran kita akan tiba. Kematian tu adalah pengajaran dan peringatan. Semoga kita mengambil iktibar. Berbuatlah kebaikan seakan2 kita akan mati esok!

Al-Fatihah to Mak Lang.

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  2. thanx for sharing.. anyway, salam kenal.. kalau nak baca my experience travel ke 46 buah negara, sila2 la singgah my blog (Aku Sebutir Pasir).. 🙂

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