Ihsan Loves To Read

I have taken my bath and breakfast of oat with honey and banana. Owh, also a cup of 3 in 1 coffee with goat milk something. Ihsan is here playing with his toys. He is having running nose and refused to eat. But at least he keeps asking his milk as usual, phew! Now we are waiting for hubby to get up, give Ihsan his bath and get ready himself. I’m thinking of going to the Tesco later for groceries shopping. We should go earlier in the morning because the fresh foods are still abundant compared to if we go later. But I hope there will still be plenty for us. I hope to get everything done before Zohor.

Ops for got to tell that we arrived here from the north on previous Thursday, October 27th. But I will spare the stories about our balik kampung Sungai Petani and Langkawi later in another entry. As for now I would like to make a record on situations I witnessed on Ihsan previously just before we went balik kampung. I wished I had taken a video to be kept. But he is so interested whenever he sees my camera nowadays. Never mind I will try again later. Furthermore it has been quite sometimes since I last took interesting videos of him.

Scene 1

I was busy reorganizing the shelves tidying up our room just before we were about to go to sleep. Rajin kan Mama Ihsan nak tidur pun sibuk mengemas lagi hihi ;P As usual Ihsan would be busy body and wanted to ‘help’ me doing my work. I was organizing his books nicely and he took one of his favourite book and kept reading it using his own language. But I noticed the intonation was kind of familiar though.

Mama: Haa Ihsan baca buku tu je jangan usik buku2 ni Mama dah simpan elok2.

Ihsan: Gujugujugujuguju aaa waaa gujugujugujuguju #@$%^&^*%!!

Mama: Pandai Ihsan baca.

Ihsan: Gujugujuguju Heppp! Heppp!

Mama: (Terus stopped mengemas and tengok buku Ihsan) Eh Ihsan baca apa? Owh haah lah snake ni dia cakap Help! Help! Hahaha! (Mama LOL 😀 Mama pun terus baca satu mukasurat tu sampai habis untuk Ihsan. Lepas tu sambung mengemas semula). Okay dah esok kita baca sama2 lagi ye.

Pandai la Ihsan ni 🙂 Ihsan naturally really lovessssssssss to read. I noticed this since he was an infant. Xtau la kalau dia suka sebab Mama sendiri yang selalu biasakan Ihsan dengan buku. Bagus la tu. Tapi kadang2 tu rajinnn sangat membaca sampai Mama xlarat nak layan kena sembunyikan buku2 favorite dia hohoho 😛

Scene 2

At the living room at my parents’ house in Sungai Petani, I was resting on the sofa while reading the newspapers. Whereas Ihsan was playing with the unused phone beside me.

Ihsan: Eee ooo gujugujuguju !#@$%%!!!#(%# (Picking up the phone, dialling and hanging up the phone. He kept repeating that a few times).

Tak lama lepas tu…

Mama: Apa Ihsan buat tu? (Mula teringat nak perhati apa Ihsan buat).

Ihsan: Eiiiyooo. Ha… ha… ha…. Okiii abaiii! (Ha ha ha tu bukan ketawa but actually ya ya ya. So the conversation was like Hello. Ha ha ha. Okay bubbye!).

Mama: Owhhh hahaha LOL 😀 Macam familiar je.

Mak Tok: Iye la dia dok dengar Mama dia cakap tepon macam tu hari2.

Mama: Haah la hahaha! LOL 😛 Siap ‘Ha ha ha’ tu yang xtahan dengar hahaha! 😛

Gelihati betul la. Macam2 perangai la Ihsan ni 😀 Mama Papa kena careful cakap lepas ni sebab Ihsan makin rajin tiru cakap 😛

Oh-kayyy it’s already 10.35 am Papa is still in bed. Nanti semua kerja xjalan. Gotta wake him up!

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  1. mesti comel sangat kan kalau tengok Ihsan bercakap macam tu. hihi.. geram rasa nak cubit2 je. ;D

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