Let’s Help Build Hiroshima Masjid

When we were living in Japan, it was hard for us to find a mosque because Japan is not an Islamic country and the number of Muslim community is very small. Majority Muslim in Japan are from other countries and only a few are Japanese themselves. However there are a few mosques in Japan but most of them located in big cities where big Muslim community can be found. My husband and I were living in a rural area where we are the only Muslims there (no other that we knew of) and the nearest Muslims we knew were our friends in Matsumoto.

In short, what I’m trying to say is we are so used performing our prayers anywhere like under the tree, at the park, at the car park, at locker room, on the building roof etc. Either short or long distance trip, we always have to bring along our thin foldable prayer mat and a bottle of spray filled with water in order to ease us taking our ablution. Usually hubby will refer for the kiblat using the compass. I will wear already decent clothes before going out from the house but there were a couple of times I wore my telekung while praying in the public too. Obviously I instantly became the centre of attention hihi 😛 I knew there were a few locals taking my picture while performing my solat.

However most of the times we usually stopped at the Service Area (SA) or in here we call it R&R in order to perform our prayer. Because at the SA we could easily go to the toilet and take our ablution there. Sometimes there were pipe water in the park and that could be much easier too. But of course performing solat in public can’t be compared as performing solat in the mosque itself. Sometimes it was raining, the weather too was icy cold for example during winter or the place was too crowded. But we still had to perform our payer because we got no other choice. So, of course performing solat in the mosque far more convenient.

While we were in Japan, we would always check our route before starting our journey. So that we could plan our schedule and try to stop at the nearest mosque available so that we could perform our solat comfortably. We would always be happy if we could go visit any mosque in Japan. Because of that, I really support this effort towards building Hiroshima Masjid. I got to know from friends in Japan that the Muslims in Hiroshima are now collecting funds so that they can buy a building to be made as Hiroshima Masjid. The number of Muslims in Hiroshima I believe, is many. Also by the existence of this new mosque, the number of Muslim in Japan will surely increasing. The Hiroshima Masjid surely can be so beneficial especially in handling a lot of purposes for the Muslims.

Rayuan Tabung Projek Masjid Hiroshima.


Extend Your Hands Help To Build The 1st Masjid In Hiroshima.


Please Donate For Hiroshima Masjid.


So here I would to encourage dear friends to help donate for Hiroshima Masjid. Boleh derma seikhlas hati. Kalau tiada peruntukan, you can also help spread the words 🙂 You can refer their FB page to refer and email the persons in charged to get more details. There are many Msians in Hiroshima too and if you have friend over there, you might ask if you want to be assured. If you browse the pictures in the FB page, you will find a picture of bank account statements with the name of Hiroshima Masjid. That’s enough for me as proof 🙂

Perhaps if the Hiroshima Masjid project could be realized, InsyaAllah that would be a victory to us Muslim too 🙂

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