Spending The Holiday In Sungai Petani And Langkawi!

This is a scheduled entry. As you read this, I might already be on my way back to Langkawi. We are planning to go out early in the morning heading towards the north by car. We will stop once we reach my parents house in Sungai Petani. Then only we will straight continue our journey the Kuala Kedah jetty by car and take a ferry ride from there. Hubby’s kaisya Deepavali holiday schedule is a bit longer so he will start holidaying from Sunday to Thursday. So we decided to take this chance to go balik kampung as one family. Actually the original plan was my parents were planning to come back here in Semenyih spending their holidays with Ihsan from Sunday to next Saturday. However as informed by my mother, my grandfather on my father’s side in Langkawi is not so healthy lately. He’s getting very old.

The first time hubby met my grandfather was in 2005 during our wedding solemnization and next was right after that in Langkawi when we had our honeymoon there. Since then, hubby never got chance to go visit my grandparents anymore. So it has been 6 years in total they haven’t met each other. Only Ihsan and I went back to Langkawi during early of this year with my parents. Anyway at first we thought of spending our holiday in Semenyih and we already have a few plans to get settle with. Considering of my grandfather’s condition and coincidentally hubby’s schedule is already at the right time so suddenly hubby thought this is the best chance for him to go back Langkawi. So we immediately discussed with my parents and they agreed to change plan. Hopefully our journey tomorrow is going to be smooth and safe, InsyaAllah.

We are going to stay in Langkawi for 2 nights. Then on Tuesday we will be heading back to Sungai Petani and spend a night there before finally going back to Semenyih on Wednesday. So hubby could have a rest on Thursday before he starts working again on Friday and Saturday. So, seems like a few plans need to be postponed again. But it’s okay. It’s an obligation too visiting our grandparents. Furthermore we didn’t get to do that already in a long time due to time and distant constraints before this. I don’t have specific plan on what to do in Langkawi. But I just hope we could go take a walk around the village, along the beach, buy lots of chocolates, eat delicious foods etc. Owh not forgetting to take out my DSLR too and take many beautiful pictures. Dah lama tak ambil gambar sebab takde mood. Kalau kat Nihon dulu semua benda nak ambil gambar.

Below are the pictures I took during my last visit to Langkawi earlier this year March.

The view at the Kuala Kedah Jetty.


Sunset view.


The fishing boats.


My Tokwan’s house.


My grandparents kampung is at Pantai Pasir Hitam. Although this is going to be quite a short trip and going to look like quite tiring and rushing, I still hope we could spend a quality time together. This is going to be cum the first trip to us since last 3 months when we first reached Msia. I hope this could be an escapade for us to release stress too. Wish us a safe journey to and fro! And yeah… Happy Deepavali to all Hindus in Msia especially 🙂

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  1. cantiknya pemandangan kat jetty tu time sunset…bestnya ina kampung datuk di langkawi…banyak tempat menarik …bertuah

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