Groceries Shopping With Ihsan At Tesco

Hubby just went to work. He felt that he’s lack of rest so he decided to go to the kaisya a bit late today. Anyway yesterday I went to the Tesco alone with Ihsan. At first I was so nervous since it had been more than a week I last drove my car. Anyway, I’m still in the process of practising my driving skill. I got my car license in 2001. I only drove less than 10 times right after that and that were only in my house compound and once halfway to my hostel in University Malaya. That was it. The reasons why I didn’t drive is because I was confused adapting with automatic transmission control after being so used with manual transmission during the car driving class. So looked so reckless and lousy while driving and I got scolded by my parents. I got fed up so fast that I swore to my mother I never care to drive ever again! hihi 😛

So right after me when my brother got his car license, he was given my mother’s old Kancil. Which of course I would get it if I could drive 😛 In fact he was the one who had been my driver to send me to and fro until sometimes he got fed up. Yet, he took it as his obligation and in fact until now he always volunteer being the driver especially for my parents. He’s crazy about car. I always say that he finishes most of his times driving on the road. It’s normal that when I called him in the morning he’s in Malacca, in Semenyih in the afternoon and suddenly already in Sungai Petani in the evening. Again, so soon he’s already in Kuantan on the tomorrow of the day! Macam biskut kan? 😛 Anyway, after graduating I followed hubby to Japan. So of course I didn’t drive at all while living for few years in Japan. In total, it has been 10 years since I last drove. I even forgot which pedal is break and which one is accelerator!

However as years goes by, I always thought I could adapt myself in the driver’s seat through observation when others are driving. I also feeling salute looking at Japanese woman because they always drive very big MPV etc. Not a common sight in Msia. That’s why after I got my car recently, I didn’t find it hard to drive. But of course I’m still lack of confidence and has a lot of improvements to do. Alhamdulillah I’m getting used to it. I started practising with hubby and my mother. Although they are still scared when I’m driving 😛 But only very recently I brave myself to drive alone with Ihsan. We just went around the neighbourhood and tried new roads, went to buy kuih at the stall and yesterday to the Tesco to buy groceries. Because we went back to Subang previous weekend so we didn’t stock up our refrigerator. Alhamdulillah we made it safe and sound smoothly to and fro.

At first of course I was so nervous. I think I was more nervous about handling Ihsan alone. I kept imagining I have to just leave my trolley or put back all the stuffs before being able to pay because Ihsan is already screaming on top of his lung. That was my worst fear. But Alhamdulillah that didn’t happen. In fact Ihsan was being such a dear. I kept reminding myself the key is to be calm. I recited doa many times before starting to drive. Earlier before that I kept telling Ihsan that we were going out later so he has to behave. I described to him what was going to happen and what I expected from him in detail. He was also in good mood, got enough sleep and breakfast. I also brought his milk ready to drink in straw cup.

Once reached there, we headed to the toys department. I grabbed 2 books for him that I think very educative and interesting. Most important of all I didn’t forget to get him a set of number pieces. He’s so into numbers nowadays. So I managed to do my shopping in piece and at the same time listening to him reading all the numbers again and again. When we nearly to finish getting our things he started to feel boring and sleepy. So I handed him a bottle of chocolate so that he could play with by shaking it. Finally right before paying, I went back to the toy department and put back the toy. We always do this every time going shopping with him. Only then we preceded to the cashier counter.  Few minutes after that we were already at home!

Overall, we took about an hour doing our shopping together. I’m so proud of my achievement. I know I sound so lame but let me! ;P Living in Msia isn’t the same as in Japan. It’s tough to run live if we can’t drive or don’t have a private transport in Msia. Still… I miss Japan because it’s very convenient to move from place to place. Very efficient, fast, safe and less hassle!

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