Summary On Weekend

I’m in Subang and it’s raining right now. The house is quite because everyone is in their room resting or sleeping. Ihsan is asleep too. I thought of joining him just now but my mind kept thinking about blogging. So, here I am. I love rainy days except fierce thunder and lightning. But I noticed Subang is the only place I knew where I could see the most scary lightning and thunder. Perhaps there will be none today. We came back here yesterday after spending weekend in Semenyih and settled with few matters beforehand.

Earlier before that, on Friday my parents came back to Semenyih all the way from Sungai Petani merely to meet my father’s SIL in University Malaya Medical Centre. She has been admitted for nearly 3 weeks because of paru-paru berair or pulmonary oedema. Immediately after that they discovered she has breast cancer stage 4. She is very weak and now receiving medication to stabilize her lung before the doctor could suggest her what’s next step to be done. It’s a big blow to her especially and family. I pray for the best of her. So my parents came because they felt uneasy until they could visit my aunty. Anyway my parents just came for 1 night.

Also on Friday hubby took leave to bring his car to workshop. The car shaking a few times while he was driving. Apparently it got problem with break system. Luckily my brother recommended a workshop nearby our house and the service was good. A week before that hubby already sent the car to other workshop for balancing. We spent a dough on his car. Perhaps there will be no problem with his car at least in near time to come. Then on Saturday hubby brought my car for the first 1000km service. He arrived late at the service centre so they didn’t get to check my car’s speaker. We think there’s a problem with it. But it’s okay we can do it other time.

Other than that, we went back to my grandparents’ house with my parents on Friday night. So hubby and I managed to scour our boxes and bring back a few stuffs. I’m happy that my most wanted stuffs are already in the house. The stepper and exercise bike! My weight has shot up like nobody’s business since Ihsan weaned off from breastfeeding. So I need to do something before the situation becomes worse. I’m thinking whether I could get back in shape in within 2 weeks? Sounds nearly impossible for me. But, we will see. Besides that, we took some books, shoes, Ihsan’s toys and etc.

Owh… we are here in Subang because tomorrow Ihsan is going to have his check up and immunization at Klinik Kesihatan Puchong. We need PIL to help bring me and Ihsan there. I can’t drive us to go there ourselves as yet because the most far I have driven is to the Tesco Semenyih near our house hihi 😛 I have lots of practise to do before I can go drive wherever I wish. Secondly is I don’t think I can handle Ihsan alone. The waiting will be long and an active toddler in hand is a tough job. So I need extra hands and eyes. Ihsan is going to have his third Hepatitis B immunization tomorrow. Then it will be completed. After that he only needs to attend follow up every 6 months for general check up and worm prevention.

That’s the summary of the past weekend to start the week with 🙂

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  1. oo sane hujan lebat yer….sini panas gilerr tau…arini barang2 kite dr nihon dah sampai…tp masih menumpag umah mak mentua….alahai masih bersabar lg psl umah nih…terasa gilerr laa taihen bile balik malaysia esp bile suami nk ke singapore plak…xdek umah dan brg2 plak xtau nk ltk mane….terasa hidup sgt kucar kacir..huhu doakan kite smg diermudahkan segala urusan yer..

  2. wah mcm aman betul bila ina describe bab hujan tu. teringat2 msia sbb sini xde hujan mcm tu. hujan sini mcm gerimis je, tp slalu lama hehe…

    ps: dah bole buka dah blog ina. x tau nape hari tu x dpt

  3. Saba,
    Xpe pelan2 settle satu2 ye. Jangan concentarte sgt dgn rasa kesusahan tu. Instead concentrate more on steps apa perlu dibuat utk handle problems tu. InsyaAllah moga dipermudahkan semuanya ye 🙂

    Kak Oyis,
    Haah Kak Oyis kalau kt Jepun dlu pun gerimis je. Senyap tp lamaa betul hujan. Kdg2 xsedar tau2 je dh dh berlopak2 kt luar rumah. Kalau musim taufan plak slalu lah hujan lebat2. Tp mmg jarang dgr guruh n kilat. Org Jepun kalau dgr guruh n kilat kuat diorg jakun la sket. Kalau diorg dok Subang ni mesti terperanjat besar hihi

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