As some of you might have known, we are now residing in Semenyih. If you don’t know, Semenyih is in Selangor surrounded by Kajang, Bangi and Nilai. We are staying at my parents’ house. This is a new neighbourhood yet almost everything is here and you don’t have to go far outside to search for basic amenities. There are big Tesco, shop lots, KFC, McD, Pizza Hut and etc. This area is rising fast and we once considered buying our house in here but now not anymore. Well, maybe. Anyway, this house is already completed but my parents are not living in here. They are going to stay here after their retirement soon next year in June. So, all this time, my family just come back here during holidays etc. But my brother who is now working in Kuantan always come back here and he is the one taking care of the house. So much of taking care and the house somewhat has turned as his big car garage. He is kaki kereta, that’s why. Once, there was a car body on his bed in his bedroom. No kidding! But now it’s not that bad anymore 😛

Anyway, we moved here from hubby’s parents house in Subang because both our cars were already at home. But there is not enough space to park all cars and we have to risk parking the cars outside. Almost every house has more than 1 car so it’s hard to find a good spot near the house because the spaces are already ‘occupied’ or ‘booked’ by other cars. Even MIL and SIL parked outside and recently SIL car got hit and run. Luckily a neighbour witnessed the accident and took the the other car’s number. The second reason is because hubby’s work place in Balakong is nearer to Semenyih. But funnily, the traffic in this Semenyih main road is very bad. Due to increasing populations thus the number of vehicles on the road. So, there has been many times hubby is stuck in traffic jam for so long although he is already so near to the house. If to be calculated he might take shorter time travelling from Balakong to Subang. Baik lah dok Subang ye tak? Yes, the traffic here is unbelievably so bad! Because there is no other alternative road and the road is narrow although the condition has been upgraded from time to time. Other than that, my parents are also kinda insisted us to live here at this moment. I like living with the in-laws. But living independently in Semenyih offers some other benefits too.

We have yet to find our own house. But we are taking our own sweet time surveying the areas. My parents kinda hoping us to live in Semenyih for at at least until next year. So, we don’t need to rush. Furthermore, we are so fussy. So better cari slowly sampai puas hati. So prior to our transition in Semenyih, I spent the first 2 weeks cleaning and reorganizing the house. Since my family usually come back during holiday so the house condition ada yang tak okay. Yelah bila balik sini sibuk jalan2 and balik kampung. Kemas pun mana yang patut je. Owh btw my mother’s kampung is here in Semenyih too. But in the kampung dalam2 sana lah. So, I started with cleaning up the fridge and kitchen because I couldn’t stand cooking in unorganized kitchen. Lepas tu kemas tingkat atas then tingkat bawah. Tu lah rumah Msia ni besar sangat kalau nak compare with rumah Jepun. Penat kemas xhabis2 banyak sangat! Luar rumah belum kemas lagi. When everything is in order  barulah rasa selesa dan selamat. Nak buat kerja pun mudah tak tercari2 barang sana sini. Nak monitor Ihsan pun senang sebab InsyaAllah barang2 kurang selamat dah dialih ke tempat lain.

Alhamdulillah things are slowly running as expected although still far from perfect. I’m still trying to run our daily schedule as productive as we can. But it’s quite hard sometimes. So honestly I’m still struggling. I never thought settling down could be such a mega project. Well, at least to us. But I know I have to find our rhythm so that we could easily run our life feeling at ease and importantly happy. I can’t wait for that time to come, seriously.

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  1. Yatie,
    Aah betul. Rumah Nihon dlu kalau Ihsan sepah mainan nak jalan pun kena kuis2 dulu baru kaki boleh melangkah hihi.

    Jem nya dkt sblm n slps laluan masuk ke Pekan Semenyih Fadh. So lalu Lekas pn sama cerita sbb nnt akan keluar ke jalan yg sama. So akan stuck jugak kt situ. Maka xberapa Lekas jugak jd nya hihi. Sbb rumah kitorg dkt Taman Pelangi Semenyih so kena lalu melepasi Pekan Semenyih. But kalau rumah belah berdekatan Kajang xsampai ke belakang mendekati Pekan Semenyih ni xmerasa sgt jem teruk. Jalan elok dh besar tp xleh buat apa la sbb keta makin byk.

  2. syok kak ina at least da ade tmpt nk beteduh…kite ni masih finin kefala….arini brg kontena dr japan dah smpi kt port umah still xdak lg….haruskah sy membayar charge kontena yg mahal gile kt port klang tuh??adoyai…mintak2 dipermudakan urusan.,,

  3. Saba,
    Xde ke rumah sesapa utk ditumpang. Takpun Saba boleh cari mana2 rumah kosong mintak sewa utk letakkan brg sementara. So xperlu byr charge mahal kt port. Brg2 kitorg pn tumpang kt rumah nenek akak. Kt dapur dia ada kepulauan kotak2 hihi. Seb baik la dapur dia besar. Kalau tak hmmm pening jugak xtau mana nk letak. Xpe jgn pening2. Slowly settle kan kay.

  4. been to semenyih last year attending open house kwn skolah. mmg jam x hingatt.. tu time cuti tu. time keje xtaulah camne.. huk huk. hang in there buddy! there’s always sunshine after the heavy rains! =)

  5. sgt agreed tang rumah msia yg besar & luas kan…from living – kitchen – toilet pon dah penat..kalo kat nihon jalan beberapa langkah dah smpi dapur, beberapa lgkh lagi dah masuk toilet, balcony, bedroom…rindunya!!!

  6. Lisa,
    Not all places Lisa. But at that particular part of the road near Pekan Semenyih tu je. Tula negara ada jalan raya bagus sgt pun xguna. Still not efficient.

    Kak Su,
    Hihi haah kan rindu. Tp kalau kt Nihon dlu nk bli barang kesukaan pn kdg2 terpaksa kuburkan niat. Sbb xmuat tmpt nk simpan hihi

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