Ahmad Izzul Ihsan’s 2nd Birthday!

It’s better late than never, right? 😉 I’m just making sure I won’t miss an important milestone of my dear Ihsan. So, a week before Syawal Ihsan celebrated hi 2nd birthday on August 21st, 2011. Alhamdulillah he’s growing up as happy and healthy kid! 🙂 It was Sunday and we were in Semenyih at that time. This year we held 2 small celebrations only with the families. I wished to make him a birthday cake like I have been doing for hubby for already 4 consecutive years. However since we had to go back to Semenyih on that weekend because our goods from Japan had arrived, considering that it was still in fasting month and on top of all we are still not living in our own house. So I think it wasn’t the right time and uncomfortable for me take bake with peace. Actually boleh je. But I lagi suka buat di rumah sendiri dengan barang sendiri etc. Perhaps next year we could celebrate Ihsan’s birthday surrounded by the smell of lovely homemade cake by me. It’s not that I could make a very beautiful or tastiest cake for him. But I surely put on a special ingredient in the batter of the cake called LOVE. And I’m sure the cake would be the only one looking and tastes like that. Be it good or bad 😉
So, after done with our stuffs in Semenyih we headed back to USJ in the afternoon. We stopped at Baskin Robbin’s Taipan and I bought a Choo Choo Train ice cream cake. I had a hard time making decision which cake to choose but at the end I caught a glimpse of the cake right in front of me only a bit on a lower shelf. Apsal lah xnampak awal2 kan. Actually we planned to buy from Secret Recipe but we came across BR first so I just got in there. Taipan tu sentiasa jam and we wasn’t sure where SR is actually located at. But I have been hoping to try BR ice cream birthday cake for already quite some times. So, it was a correct choice actually. We also stopped by at a convenient store and bought a packet of balloons. Reached home, stored the cake in the fridge and we got readied ourselves for breaking fast. After breaking fast and praying, hubby and I rushed and prepared for cake cutting session. I took out my camera and hubby called out for others to join in.
Brief cake cutting session in between Maghrib and Isya. Lepas tu birthday boy ntah ke mana buat hal sendiri je 😛
Birthday boy with balloons, new jinbei and school bag. At the moment school bag buat isi diaper masa jalan2 ye.
Calit2 kek yang dah tinggal separuh.
Siap sebut, “Oishii yo!”. Tu yang xsangka and xtahan dengar tu hihi 😀
Macam ni lagi best.
We sang song, took some pictures and cut the cake. The birthday boy was the least to care about what was happening. We the adults who were busy indulging the deliciously sinful cake. I think the cake topping tasted so sweet. Xboleh makan selalu. The cake consisted of chocolate cake rolled with ice cream. It was mocha with walnuts if I’m not mistaken and it was so yummylicicous. After feeding Ihsan his proper dinner, SILs and I blown out some balloons and took out the cake again. We let Ihsan did whatever he wished to the cake and let him play with the balloons. I got a number of interesting pictures from that painstakingly tiring entertaining session. But it was so fun! 😀 Baru tau kerja kids photographer ni penat! But of course my pictures weren’t that beautiful. Yelah time ambil gambar baru nak practice. Waktu lain xnak belajar 😛 We got all sweaty from cheering up and throwing the balloons. We stopped after the birthday boy himself already became annoyed and cried hihi 😛 After that only we cleaned up everything, rested and solat Terawikh.
Potong sendiri sampai terpelanting topping kek.
Makan macam ni terus. Pak Ngah suap sebab Ihsan dah xsabar sangat.
Macam ni jadinya rupa kek.
2 orang Si Masams *smooches!*
Then on the 2nd Syawal before heading back to Batu Pahat we celebrated Ihsan’s birthday for the second time with my family in Semenyih. In the afternoon hubby went out to buy a cake but unfortunately the SR there was still closed so hubby got no choice but to buy a Black Forest cake from the King’s. We also blown out the a few balloons left and tied them to the dining chair. After that we prepared for the cake cutting session. I took a video and some pictures of Ihsan doing whatever he wished to the cake. He poked with his finger, pushed, stabbed and cut the cake with the plastic knife. Only after that we sang the song and ate the cake. Ihsan really liked the cake and this time I let him eat a lot. So that was it. Just simple celebrations with loved ones at homes. I pray that my beloved son will grow up as a Soleh, healthy, clever, successful and happy boy always InsyaAllah 🙂

8 Replies to “Ahmad Izzul Ihsan’s 2nd Birthday!”

  1. at least kat Msi asng nak beli cake, x yah fikir byk kali mcm kat nihon ni ye dak hehe

  2. Happy 2nd birthday dear ihsan! Ihsan nmpk besa la skg.. Mcm berisi sikit bdn tu.. Berkat balik Malaysia eh? Hehe 🙂

  3. happy belated birthday ihsan! dah 2 tahun dah dia yer… rasa cam kejap jer…

  4. Yatie,
    Betul. Tp kena hati2 gak xleh take for granted Msia ni. Sbb byk tipu2 kan.

    Alhamdulillah dh bertambah sket berat. Masih cerewet tapi nak la jugak mkn mcm2. Favorite food nasi ayam and beryani (arab sgtlah konon :P).

    Tq Mash. Tula pejam celik je tau2 dh bsr.

  5. hi ihsan,

    hepi belated befday!bestnye celebrate 2 kali 😀

  6. Hepi belated kat Ihsan.Best la this year ramai yg dok memeriahkan mmajlis

  7. alalala cepatnye dah 2 tahun

  8. Ainul,
    Saje sbb first time celebrate dengan family 🙂

    Kak Su,
    Aah sebelum ni pape bertiga je la kan hihi

    Yela heroes mommy lyna pun dah 3 orang tu hihi

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