Aidil Fitri Celebration 2011

Alhamdulillah this year we managed to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri together with family here in Msia. Before this we had been celebrating Raya in Nihon for 4 consecutive years for me while 8 years for hubby if I’m not mistaken. We celebrated the first Raya as husband and wife in 2005 apart from each other. Hubby was studying in Nihon while I was also still studying in Msia. Then, during 2006 and onwards only we celebrated Raya together in Nihon. But Raya in Nihon at our place in Matsukawa wasn’t as happening as how Raya is usually celebrated in Msia. Only during last year, on 2010 we made an effort to celebrate Raya at the Malaysia Embassy in Tokyo merely the purpose to make it a proper Raya celebration for Ihsan.
As for this year, we celebrated Ramadhan and Syawal altogether in Msia. Although we haven’t been experiencing the happening atmosphere during Ramadhan and Syawal for a few years before this but we still went through Ramadhan and Syawal moderately this year. Xdelah beriya apa pun. Utamakan apa yang perlu je. Usually all these years we have been listening about couple arguing who’s kampung to go back to during Raya since we never experienced that Before. But this year we still didn’t argue because we planned our Raya holiday to be comfortable and fit our own schedule. However we have started finally felt for the first time how tensed was it to plan the schedule during Raya. Living in Msia means our life will always revolves around the family of both sides and so we have to consider them in whatever decision we make. Now not only our feelings that matter, but theirs as well.
Previously we spent our Ramadhan in Subang and Alhamdulillah this year we managed to attend Terawikh prayer at the surau, join the moreh, go to Bazar Ramadhan and experienced the joyous mood in preparing for Raya celebration. Unlike the previous years we only look forward on the usual ibadah that are synonym with the fasting month. Then, the 1st syawal would always turn out as other ordinary day once the Ramadhan end. But this year we have to take note on baju Raya, duit Raya, kuih Raya and etc! Bila dah lama xraya ni baru nampak the latter sebenarnya taklah penting sangat. Jadi lebih baik dititikberatkan perkara2 yang lebih utama macam ibadah2 dibulan Ramadhan and Syawal. This is a reminder to myself so that hopefully I won’t forget about this. Mana tau dah byk kali Raya kat Msia ni nanti dah lupa apa yang sepatutnya ditumpukan dulu.
Anyway… we went back to my parents’ house in Semenyih during the last day of Ramadhan since they arrived from Sungai Petani during a week before Syawal. Once arrived at Semenyih an unloading our stuffs into the room and rested for a while, we went to my grandparents’ house by car at a kampung nearby which is also in Semenyih. We went by 2 cars. My mother cooked Nasi Ayam and my grandmother also prepared a few other dishes. We broke fast together on that evening. My aunty and her children from Sungai Buloh also joined us. On that night we heard the Takbir Raya from the mosque nearby. It was a soothing melody we haven’t heard alive for years 🙂 In my mother’s kampung, the villagers (usually men) will be divided to a few groups and each group will go to each house in the assigned area to hantar doa and takbir. So, after Isya we prepared some simple dishes and waited for them to come. We went back to my parents’ house right after that.
We celebrated the 1st Syawal in Semenyih. At first we thought to perform Solat Sunat Raya in the kampung but my mother got her gastric coming back the first time after a few years so we just Solat Sunat Raya in the taman. We went back to kampung after that and kept receiving relatives to the house. Just after Zohor only we went to a few relatives houses in the kampung. We went back to my parents’ house just before Asar. On the 2nd Syawal, we went back to hubby’s grandmother’s house on his mother’s side in Batu Pahat. We left Semenyih at about 3.00 pm and waited for hubby’s parents at R&R Ayer Keroh. Then we followed them until we reached our destination. Majority of Ibu’s sibling also came back to Batu Pahat so we got to meet almost all relatives there. The house was full and the cars were lined up in the drive way towards out of the fence. Kalau semua balik agaknya penuh kereta nak masuk lorong ke rumah tu. Owh by the way, we borrowed my Ayah’s car to Batu Pahat.
Ihsan clad in full Raya attire. Handsome kan? hihi 😀 Baju Raya tahun lepas je ni. Besar sangat xboleh pakai. Ini pun this year kena jahit sket pendekkan lagi. Agaknya tahun depan boleh buat baju Raya lagi. Jimat kan? haha 😛
Pon pon! Ihsan nak gi Raya ni! My mother cooked laksa on the 1st Syawal. So as you see bekas2 kat belakang tu ready untuk dibawa balik kampung. My nenek just cooked lontong for this year xbuat lemang sebab xlarat.
Kat rumah Nyang penat ulang-alik depan belakang. I took out my brother’s buai masa dia baby dulu. Ihsan suka je sebab xpernah naik buai. At last tertidur nyenyak.
Pengantin xberapa baru 😀
My family yang xcukup ahli. My nenek was in the kitchen. My another brother beraya di kampus je sebab cuti pendek sangat. Orang lain haa ada je bersepah2 dalam rumah tu.
We stayed in Batu Pahat just for 1 night. So we were the first to leave from Batu Pahat while most of the relatives stayed there for 2 nights. But Ibu, Abah and sisters in law followed us suit only a bit later during the midnight. We reached Semenyih at about 8.30 pm while the inlaws reached Subang at 4.00 am of the next day. We went back earlier because hubby has started to work on Friday and Saturday. My parents also went back to Sungai Petani on the same Friday. So we stayed in Semenyih until Sunday. Macam tu je lah Raya kami 🙂 Ihsan got many duit Raya, Alhamdulillah. Dah selamat Mama transfer masuk Tabung Haji 😀 Owh it was the first time also we have to give out duit Raya. Nasib baik xterlupa nak tukar duit dekat bank and beli envelope. Alhamdulillah juga and semoga budak2 tu happy lah dapat duit Raya xseberapa and makin murah rezeki kami InsyaAllah hihi 😀
Eh tapi Raya kan sebulan 😛 Hopefully we can still enjoy Raya mood everywhere. Banyak lagi Raya dishes yang xrasa tau. Siapa2 nak jemput open house haa sila lah. Kami xboleh jemput lagi sebab kami belum ada rumah sendiri hihi 😀 Ops before I forgot although it’s a bit late, I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all of you from me and my family. Maaf Zahir & Batin kalau ada salah dan silap sepanjang I menulis dan sepanjang kita berhubungan in the blog world ni 🙂

5 Replies to “Aidil Fitri Celebration 2011”

  1. hi ina, salam aidilfitri! comel ihsan berbaju melayu lengkap 😀

  2. handsomenya ihsan! mama & papa pon rabu2 da ne 🙂
    ina, balik kampung batu pahat kat area mana? kampung mai kat batu pahat juga 🙂

  3. Ainul,
    Raya kt Msia berbaloi la bergaya dgn baju melayu lengkap 😀

    Haah tau. Kita pn nk tanya Mai tp xtertanya. Kg Mai kt mana? Rumah Baba hubby dekat je dgn Masjid Batu Pahat. Kena masuk jln sebelah masjid tu. Lupa plak apa nama kg tu ke taman ek? (xsure :P).

  4. oo..masjid sultan ismail eh? xde la jauh sgt dgn rumah mai…mai kat blkg bp mall..kampung parit besar..dulu mai pernah sekolah agama kat blkg masjid tu..hehehe

  5. Mai,
    Xsure apa nama masjid. Tp dh dekat dgn stadium. Dekat eh Mai? Masa balik BP tu dh teringat kt Mai. Bestnya kalau terjmpa. Rupanya mmg dh dekat ye hihi 😀

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