Thumbs Up To Kuroneko Yamato

Obviously xtau nak tulis tajuk apa 😛 Right now I’am all alone in the house right now. Even Ihsan is out following Jiddi, Jiddah and Auntie Fatin to fetch for Auntie Husna from her school’s hostel in Kajang. Later they are going straight to the Bazar Ramadhan at USJ 4. Although the latter sounds interesting but I didn’t want to tag along because I feel quite unenergetic today probably due to the extreme heat. Today’s scorching hotness really draining me up. It started since last night causing me kept waking up from sleep. Maybe it’s going to rain soon. I hope it’s going to be a downpour. Just now it was storming and I hurriedly took in my dried laundry. But actually the sun still shining brightly outside.

Anyway honestly I have lots of things keep wandering in my mind. That makes me just can’t stop thinking. Thinking until feeling like crying isk isk! Sometimes this makes me so tired mentally and hence physically. Settling down is good but sometimes some things unfavorable are hard to run from. Like it or not you still have to deal with them. When I feel like at a junction, I would instantly reminisce my life back in Nihon. How my life was so bliss! Of course the life was still imperfect but at least I was happy. I hate to make decision when actually I can’t decide which to choose. Before, there were excuses for me to not think about stuffs that I don’t like. But as for now I can’t run anymore. Decision has to be made. It’s not that I’m not happy with my life right now. But this is the process towards achieving happiness. It has to start all over again. Just like how I went through it 5 years ago when I first reached Nihon. Well… I need to remind myself to be positive and never look back. Life must go on. It’s hard to be positive when some times your motivation is low. Maybe I need to find good books and good routine to start with. Wah dah sebulan balik baru nak start ke? 😛 I mean… properly lah this time. Before this on and off je depending on my mood. But most of the times I just loved to procrastinate. So not good right? 😛

Owh yes, all of them have come home. They brought some foods and chrysanthemum tea OMG! I have been salivating over that tea seriously since past 1 week. I was supposed to buy that tea already last week but I changed my mind during the last minute to sugarcane juice. Causing me to keep imagining of that tea every now and then. Yes… I may be craving for foods but NO… I’m not pregnant just yet. We have been busy since before we left Nihon and we just started to breath again recently. By other words we couldn’t concentrate on our plan of expanding the family during last month. We are not in a rush but perhaps there will be good news for us in time to come, InsyaAllah. Tomorrow we are going back to my grandparents’ house on my mother’s side which is also in Semenyih. Because our personal goods already arrived from Nihon last week and will be sent to my grandparents’ house tomorrow morning. We used Kuroneko Yamato moving service and Alhamdulillah we are just beyond satisfied and happy with the service. Barang xsampai lagi esok baru nak sampai dah puas hati haa camner tu? Pandai2 la imagine dia punya service macam mana 🙂 It’s a door to door and it saved us a lot of hassles. Tapi bukan sebab dia door to door tu yang menyebabkan I puas hati. Tapi cara diorang buat kerja tu sangat bagus.

There will be 42 parcels comprising of big and small size all together. I already told my grandmother the number of parcels but I’m sure she will be shocked to see how much spaces in her house will be consumed by our goods. Although her house is spacious but at least a little she must be feeling unhappy to see all the stacks of parcels. I don’t think all of them can be put in one corner so it must be ugly to see the stacks of parcels at a few spaces. But she’s understanding enough and I’m sure of that. Perhaps we can find a house suitable for us as soon as possible. The latest would be until early of next year before we could move into our own house. Anyway… we are going to break fast together with them tomorrow and will spend the night at my parents’ house then later. I’m not sure yet whether my brother will join us. But I hope he would come home tomorrow. Ops before I forgot, Ihsan’s birthday is on coming Sunday! But we are yet to have any plan due to we are still in fasting month and also on Sunday we are coming back here in USJ. I have a thought of making a cake for him but since we are not in our own house yet so I need to pass on that plan. But maybe we are going to order a cake for him and celebrate his birthday twice. First with hubby’s family and later with my family during coming Syawal. Owh I will get some balloons for him too 🙂

3 Replies to “Thumbs Up To Kuroneko Yamato”

  1. happy becoming birthday Ihsan

  2. kami memerah tenaga sendiri je Ina, dari packing, angkat, sampai la bawak ke port….sebab itu tradisi org2 kat sini, maybe juga sebab ramai Malaysian.

    Tekak dah terasa2 murtabak kat Malaysia…hehehhe

  3. Yatie,
    Tq Auntie 🙂

    Kak Su,
    Aah kami pun kalau kaisya xsupport mesti buat semua sendiri juga Kak Su. Alhamdulillah la merasa door to door. Itu pun hubby yg mintak kalau tak xdenya hihi. Haa kita dah merasa macam2 ni Kak Su 😀

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