Last Thursday In Nihon

Looks like I’m gonna keep going to sleep just after Subuh prayer everyday throughout this last week of stay in Japan. Thursday was quite productive I must say although we started late. As I mentioned in my previous entry I was having a bad headache. So I woke up late in the morning at about 10.30 am. Yet, I still felt restless. No doubt because I slept late on the night before. Anyway after waking up, we had breakfast then I straightly cleaning up the house. I just rearranged all the stuffs to a proper conditions at the right place and vacuumed all parts in the house. I couldn’t delay doing that because Ihsan kept picking small rubbish and ate them. Then after that I had my shower, performed Zuhur prayer and had lunch with Ihsan. Hubby had lunch a bit earlier since he needed to go to the kaisya. After having lunch, I put Ihsan to sleep and we both had our nap together. Luckily I managed to sleep very soundly. I guessed I was just so tired from the insufficient sleep and added with the chores earlier. I realized hubby got home and he talked to me about money. But I just continued to sleep. Then he woke me up at 4.00 pm. Ihsan also woke up right after me. Done with Asar prayer then I started to prepare for dinner. While hubby went out again to withdraw some money. He also stopped at the supa to buy some fruits and reached home at about 5.00 pm.

I was done with the cooking at about 5.30 pm and straightly started cleaning up the kitchen before hubby joined later to sort out all the garbage into its respective garbage plastic and clean up the entrance area. I wiped all the electrical appliances like blender, flask, rice cooker, microwave oven and etc. I also sorted out the food stocks and divided them into the right boxes to be given to my friend R-san later. Then I cleaned up the side counter and rack. Lastly I cleaned up the fridge. I stopped to give Ihsan a bath, take my bath and perform Maghrib prayer and Yasin recitation as usual for dear ‘Abid. Later after done with dinner and Isya’ prayer I continued cleaning up the kitchen. I cleaned up the sink counter, threw expired foods stocks, rearranged the stuffs in the kitchen and etc. Done with the kitchen, I continued with organizing household stuffs in the rack at the washing area and ended by cleaning up the toilet. Everything was settled at 12.30 am. Then I have my rest by sitting in front of this laptop while finishing up all the leftovers and a mug of orange juice. The mild sweetness and cold juice tasted so delicious and it gave me a long Ahh~~~ 🙂 But I hope I could lose back the extra weight I accumulated lately from the late night eating during the coming Ramadhan. Phew… now I’m satisfied because there are not many works left. There are things that I noticed we forgot to post along yesterday with the movers. But I still hope we could bring them back.

I need to see whether there is enough place in our luggage for us to bring back all the stuffs by ourselves. So later today I plan to start packing our luggage. Besides that I’m going to iron our clothes and finish up cleaning the entire house by tomorrow except the bathroom. Because that’s hubby’s job. So that on Saturday I could just relax and cherishing every last second of my time here in our home sweet home. I’m sure gonna miss this home which hold so loads of memories. Anyway… I wished I could make schedule entries for Saturday and Sunday because the wifi could be used up until today only. I’m not sure at what time it will be terminated. But my mind just can’t think anymore. I’m running out of words. I wished I could write about our first and second home here in Matsukawa, our visit to Yamanshi previously and during the past Golden Week holiday or talk about hubby’s birthday that held last week. But I guess I just might need to keep postponing until when I’m already in Msia. Perhaps I’m not gonna forget the important plots of the stories. I feel so sleepy right now. And good it’s just time for Subuh prayer. So… until next time.

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  1. dah bangun ke belum ni Ina? ehehehe

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