Last Tuesday In Nihon

It’s 1.00 am in the morning. So yesterday was our last Tuesday in Nihon. Nothing interesting took place except just ordinary stuffs regarding going back for good. I’m already so sleepy but I don’t want to miss updating the blog. Furthermore I’m using laptop so I can type faster without worrying of making noise. I usually type very roughly. Hubby always says that I damaged his keyboard. Because when I type, the sound of my fingers tapping on the keyboard could be heard loudly from afar 😛 The desktop has been sold off to second hand shop so I’m forced to use the laptop. Actually I’m more comfortable with the desktop because the monitor has big screen and the desktop can be left ON for 24 hours. But we both don’t usually do that with the laptop.

Anyway as I said in the previous entry, hubby went to Nagoya in the wee morning of Tuesday right after Subuh prayer. So actually right after updating my blog, I performed Subuh prayer and straightly woke hubby up. I waited for him to leave before going to sleep. Then I only woke up at about 10.00 am. Hubby reached the port at about 7.00 am. After done sending the car, he left to Matsumoto. But his bus was at 12.00 pm. So he reached Matsumoto at about 3.30 pm. Once reached Matsumoto he rushed to the office and settled some more stuffs regarding car. Then only after that he got on the train and reached Matsukawa at about 9.20 pm. He got home at about 9.30 pm. He looked so obviously exhausted. Well, it was a very hot day and he needed to do a lot of walking right after sending the car. Luckily I remembered to put 1 spare shirt into his backpack and he could make a change because the one he was wearing earlier was drenched with sweat. My handset has been cut off last Saturday. So, hubby just emailed me from his Iphone and I kept checking my mail to know his status. I didn’t get to ask anything since he was so tired. He took his bath, did a bit of his stuffs and straightly went to sleep.

As for me, today I did some more organizing, separating and checking all the things. I thought I have done a lot but there are still stuffs keep coming for me to work on. I also tried packing all the other stuffs into our luggage because I wanted to estimate the weigh of our luggage. I don’t want for us to bring back heavy luggage and I’m scared we would be going over limit. Because I’m so sure there would be unnoticed stuffs appearing suddenly later and that would take some more space in our luggage. But the problem is I really don’t know what else to take out. I tried to put only important stuffs into our luggage and left the rest for the shipping. Worst scenario might be we need to post a few stuffs by air mail. Actually, I bought a few Japanese foods and combined with a few more foods that I brought from Msia so those are the things that already consumed some weight. I need to bring them back home because of course I want to eat them later and another half of them are our supplements and Ihsan’s. I thought we could ship them together with our stuffs but the forwarder officer already told us foods and a few other stuffs are not allowed. Hmm we will see how.

So just now I have just finished putting sticker onto the stuffs that ready to be packed. I just put on the white sticker without writing any note. There are a few places which I just put 1 sticker representing all the things put in that area. It’s a hassle to lable even the very small things. Honestly there are still a few things I haven’t sorted out like the shoes in the shoe cabinet. I need to ask hubby which shoes he doesn’t want and etc but he wasn’t around. But we can still do that tomorrow right before the forwarders come. Like hubby’s tool box… pun xkemas lagi. I xsentuh pun because I thought dia memang nak kemas macam tu. But he assumed me to kemas rupanya. Mana lah I tau. Xde wayar bersambung dari CPU dia ke CPU I so xleh lah main assume2 je. I ni jenis kena detail and organize. Nak buat apa2 kena cakap jelas2 apa benda, pukul berapa dekat mana. Kan senang macam tu? Xpelah itu esok dia buat. I’m also already very tired. Malas nak fikir benda lain. My worry with luggage pun xsettle lagi hihi 😛

Tadi petang my friend R-san came and she brought kangkung that she bought from supa. Dah selamat masak kangkung goreng sambal belacan. Sedap! Sempat lah sembang2 sekejap dengan dia. Lastly I cakap lah I dah nak balik. Rasa xsangka time flies. She brought his youngest son along. I cakap dulu T-kun ni kecil je macam Ihsan sekarang ni. Now T-kun pun dah besar dah sekolah. And she said yes lah. Sian dia nanti xde kawan dah kat sini. She is a good friend. Although I realize I don’t really be a good friend for her… like jarang sangat pergi rumah dia etc. But I’m sure going to miss her. She is already like a big sister to me 🙂 Okay lah nak tidur. Esok kena bangun awal. Forwarder datang pukul 10.00 am. Pergh malasnya! 😛

4 Replies to “Last Tuesday In Nihon”

  1. jangan malas2, cpt kemas ehehehe

  2. ni gaya nak update blog tiap2 hari ni,hehe.best2!
    betul tu ina,makin kita kemas,makin byk pulak yg keluar kan,haha,tu yg fith takut tu bab kemas2 ni.esp brg yg nak bawa blk sendiri tu,rasa mcm sikit tp nanti jd byk pulak,klau terlbh muatan adehhh kalut.kat nihong pos pakai laut pun mahal boleh survey yg international kuroneko dll jugak kot…
    ooo tak boleh bawa blk foods dlm kontena ek?taktau pulak…

  3. salam ina
    harap2 dah selesai dah kemas-mengemas ni.
    mesti cepat je kan forwarder nihon buat kerja2 dieorg:)
    btw, kami dah jumpa dgn nisah & family, thanks sangat2 introduce kan.
    sayang betul tak sempat nak jumpa ina & family:(

  4. Yatie,
    Baiklahhh hihi 😀

    Hoho hajatnya begitulah. Tp xtau lah kan. Kiter tggu dan lihat 😛 Tula sbnrnya malas nk post2 plak bagai. Mahal plak tu. Actually forwarder/mover yang kami guna ni Kuroneko Yamato tu lah. Dia lah ckp lately foods dia xbagi hantar sekali sebab takut kena tahan kastam. Sebab nuclear leakage tu lah certain negara strict about this. Takut ada org borong byk2 utk jual ke kan. So takut sebab foods tu je brg2 semua tersekat. Ini pun diorg yang pack so xboleh lah nk sorok2 seludup. Kalau pack sendiri ada chance kot. Tp kalau guna service post hantar parcel biasa tu boleh lah kot sebab sikit and obviously untuk kegunaan sendiri. Kiter pun xsure. Tp foods kami pun sikit sgt je sbnrnya tp xberani lah dah dia cakap xboleh.

    Salam Dayot. Forwarders dh ambik brg2 so tinggal nk kemas rumah yg bersepah ni je lagi hihi. Alhamdulillah dah jumpa ye. Bestnya! Waaa nk join jugak sobs! 🙁 Huuu xpelah xde rezeki. Kami tggu family Nisah n Dayot blk Msia someday kiter jumpa nak? 😀

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