To Work Or Not To Work

It’s 1.25 in the morning and I’m still wide awake. Actually I’ve gone to sleep with hubby at 11.30 pm, the usual time we get into bed. But I couldn’t sleep and keep tossing and turning around. I just couldn’t stop my mind from thinking about stuff. So I woke up and turned the PC ON. Furthermore I thought of fasting tomorrow, so it will be easier for me to take my sahur if I just stayed up. Because the other day it was hard for me to wake up for sahur if I was already asleep earlier on. But I’m sure I’ll be pretty sleepy tomorrow because I’ll only get back to sleep after Subuh prayer. By the way nowadays the day is getting longer. So Subuh prayer is at about 2.45am while Maghrib is at about 7.05pm. So, I need to fast for about 16 hours and a half. Luckily I have only 3 days fast left to pay.

Anyway, on another totally different matter. We still don’t have the exact date on when we are going back for good. Although most probably it will be in between middle of July because hubby will start working in Msia on 1st August. Thus, there’s not much progress at home. I haven’t started packing yet instead I have added a few more stuffs into the already cramped house 😛 There are a few more things I wished to get in order to bring home. But they are not really necessary so I don’t really mind actually. Furthermore lots of money required for our big transition process soon. Moving and bulding a new life from scratch is really a big thing. Honestly, we can’t wait to go back to Msia and keep counting the days. Maybe because we have fully accepted the fact and thus set our mind. So, I think it’s gonna be hard for us if suddenly we are told the date is going to be postponed. It’s really difficult to shift the mind. So, as much as we realized we gonna miss Japan but we think it’s already enough living our life in here.

Since the day we got the news, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Such as where to live, what kind of house we like to buy (but not the soonest lah okay), what kind of second car that’s suitable for us, the money we have, the budgets for all the plans, ways to make money, about Ihsan’s well-being and a lot more! But one thing that surely the most mind boggling to me is whether I should work or not. Honestly, Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah because without I planned on it; somehow Allah has granted something that I’d dream a long time ago. I wished of marrying a rich guy and becoming a housewife. But of course I never thought of that seriously and it just came across my mind as one of my most impossible wish. I said impossible because surely I have set my mind I would be working once after I graduated from university and becoming a successful career woman. In fact I took quite some times to shift my mind and adapt myself into being a housewife, which was very difficult to do. But I realized I wouldn’t be happy if I continue working and living far away from my husband, and that eventually made me got through the phase.

So, without I realized it Allah has planned my life towards this path. I met a husband who’s studying and then working in Japan which eventually of course lead me to choose to be by my husband’s side. Only that my husband is yet a hartawan lah kan LOL 😀 So, since I’d already been living the life as a housewife for more than 5 years and then been given the chance to take care of my own child since the day he was born, I should realized already it has been one of my dreams come true! If I have to choose now, of course I wish I could stay being a stay at home mom (SAHM) because I don’t trust others could understand and take care of my own child better than me. My child well-being is my top priority and of course I enjoy being occupied with house chores, ensuring things at home are organized and taking care the well-being of my husband and etc. I feel satisfied for being able to do such things. Sometimes when I pause and reflect on my life, I really feel I’m so blessed for being given a chance as a SAHM. Although I’m not saying being a SAHM is the best profession to be and I’m not the perfect SAHM either. I always believe there’s always two sides of a coins. Same goes for being as SAHM there are pros and cons and I also have my own time of ups and downs. But at least to me, I’m glad to be one and I’m very happy with my life. I’m maybe not so bothered if I couldn’t stay being a housewife, but it really affected me if I couldn’t stay being a SAHM. So, noticed the difference already? Every mother wants to give the best to her child, including me. Only that maybe our ways of giving the best is different. I really love it being a SAHM. So, why bother working?

However… I realize it living in Msia is very expensive compared to Japan. Although after the conversion, price stuffs in Japan is about 3.7 times higher than Msia. But with the relative same amount of money in Msia we could get more of the same stuffs in Japan. Every month with the relative same amount of salary in Japan, at the end of the day we could still put half of the amount for saving. But when we went home to Msia, we could only save little and we couldn’t really see where our money had gone too. Sebabnya banyak habis untuk basic necessities je, so xnampak sangatlah apa barangnya. Belum lagi pergi jolly katak. Agaknya berapa sen je lah tinggal kalau xberpada2. So, having this thought kind of forced me thinking about working. I don’t dare to see the number our bank statement depleting so we have to find ways of keeping them increase. Furthermore, someday our family members might expand and nowadays raising even a child is already expensive. Because everything is getting expensive and everything needs money. Although money isn’t everything but it’s very important to have secured financial.

I’ve been thinking each kind of job like being a working at home mom (WAHM), being employed and work 8 to 5, doing a flexible business and etc. Each job has it’s own pros and cons. So, I ve been evaluating what are my priorities and which job suits me best and I would enjoy doing it. I prefer being with my child or at least have flexible working hours. I already have a few plans in mind and still gathering resources. I will start slowly after everything else is settled. Hubby’s new routine dah okay, Ihsan dah weaned-off, Ihsan dah boleh pergi nursery (merely the purpose is to let him socialize) and etc, then only I will slowly start doing what I’m planning to do. Actually I don’t have specific plan pun but I still hope everything will run smoothly and easy for me. So, getting a real job and being employed is the last option in the list. If I needed to opt for this, I hope I have the courage to be one. Bukanlah xyakin yang I mampu buat. Boleh je. Cuma I think I’ll be happier if I could at least continue as a WAHM. Well, we’ll see. I pray that Allah will lead towards the best way for me and hopefully things will run smoothly. And also I’ll keep praying someday my husband would be filthy rich LOL 😀 InsyaAllah… Eh free je berdoa pun bukannya kena bayar. Xsalah pun berangan kan. Mana lah tau Allah lorongkan jalan untuk kita berusaha ke arah tu 🙂

10 Replies to “To Work Or Not To Work”

  1. all the best to u Ina. nanti mesti u rindu all the good things about japan kan

  2. beb, it’s good that u hv think about this all over again n again. xdela termangu dpn tangga kt Msia xtau nk buat ape nt. tp jgn smpai stress pulak tau! rezeki ada di mana2, insyaAllah..

    btw if u decided to work (referring to our chat previously) it’s good actually. psl keje bole blaja, jgn risau. tp nk handle manusia ko kne bnyk sabar. ingt x aku nangis2 chat dgn ko masa mula2 keje dlu? azab tauu =(

    anyhow, keep on praying. insyaAllah tuhan permudahkan segalanya for u n famli. amin!

  3. ina,
    fith sampai skrg mmg tak pernah terfikir blk msia nanti nak keje.sbb sejak kecik dulu lg mmg taknak keje,nak jd fulltime housewife.sbb suka gila biz so rasa2nya nanti pun buat biz jugak kot bila dah blk for good.taktau kenapa,mmg takde lgsg dlm fikiran ni nak keje,teruk kan?hehe…
    takpe ina,mana2 pun ok,as long as u happy,insyaALlah ada kebaikan dari segala sesuatu.all the best ya!moga dipermudahkan cari kerja…

  4. Yatie,
    Tq ye. Mesti rindu punya sbb dh lama dok sini mcm2 kenangan ada 🙂

    Tq Lisa. Nak xnk terpaksa fikir sbb husband aku belum jadi hartawan lagi haha 😀 Tp tula setiap keputusan tu ada pros and cons dia kan. Aku kena bersedia and expect lah all the possible circumstances bila dah buat keputusan nanti. But I hope I can be a successful WAHM.

    Tq Fith. Btw kalau Fith baca betul2 kite belum putuskan nak kerja ke tak. Kita nak jadi WAHM sama macam cita2 Fith tu. Buat business or kerja sendiri dari rumah. Kerja makan gaji tu pilihan akhir lah kot sebab seboleh2nya nak jaga anak dgn tgn sendiri. Moga Allah tunjukkan jalan yang mana terbaik untuk kita.

  5. aku pn sbenanye menghitung hari jgk ble la agaknye papa faheem akan jd hartawan jutawan dan sebagainye. serious aku xmau keje dh pastu! hahah

  6. ina..macam noli sebabb dah merasa jadi full time housewife..rasa best sebaba banyak masa dengan anak anak…tapi jauh dalam hati harap sangat bila balik malaysia adalah peluang pekerjaan walaupun dah agak lewat…terfikir juga pasal berniaga, tapi kurang pandai bab bab ni…ermmm tengokla rezeki macammana….tapi nak sangat pegang duit hasil sendiri…kepuasan dia lain kot…harap harap Allah beri jalan….yang penting bahagia, anak anak dan famili bahagia,…tu no satu kan…

  7. kak ina….kite bisnes jela nak….bisnes dr rumah..saba mula2 start bisnes mase sebelom grad..ofis hanya dalam bilik tido shj…tp complete dgn fax machine..lame2 besar ade ofis dan pekerje sendiri…who knows…skg ni saba pon tgh duk pk mcne life kt kl….otak saba hny tau bisnes..bisnes…bisnes….so saba plan pon nk bukak bisnes jgk kt kl..even jual coklat pon…hati senang sbb rumah tangga terjaga….

  8. Lisa,
    Hihi xpe keje dlu puas2 nnt anak dh ramai boleh berenti 😀

    Betul, family no 1. Tapi kita mmg fikir kalau balik Msia mesti cari jln utk buat income. Cuma masih fikir kerja macam mana yg sesuai dgn jiwa kita, kerja sendiri atau makan gaji. Dua2 ada pros n cons. Kita pun setuju pegang duit sendiri pun satu kepuasan juga. InsyaAllah bidang yg Norlin ambik tu xsusah kot nk cari kerja. Lagipun kalau sector research or education byk guna. Tambah2 Norlin ada master 🙂

    Wah bestnya. Nanti share la cerita pengalaman bisnes Saba. Saba buat bisnes apa? Boleh bagi tunjuk ajar kat akak. Akak pun minat sangat bisnes cuma xpandai sangat. Dulu study pun amik course IT tp minor in business management. Dulu pernah juga wat bisnes jual accessories swarovsky n mutiara masa belajar. Tapi setakat gitu2 jela hihi 😀

  9. wahhh ina dah nak balik ye..tulah, sejak duduk jepun dan jg anak ni dan nak balik msia for good nnti, mmg pikir nak keje ke tak..dr hati mmg taknak keje lg, at least keje dr rumah je, cam ina kate tkde saper leh jg anak kite lebih baik dr kite..tkpela ape pun saya doakan yg terbaik utk ina dan sekeluarga..take care ye ina..:D

  10. Kak Aisha,
    Aah InsyaAllah dh nk blk dh kami ni. Settle down kat Msia plak. Lambat laun pun tetap kena balik jugak. Tq ye for the doa. Kak Aisha sekeluarga pun all d best meneruskan hidup di Nihon ni. Xlama dh nk blk for good jugak kan? 🙂

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