Ryokou: Chubu – Chugoku – Kinki – Chubu Part I

Last weekend we spent 3 days 2 nights for our long road trip to 4 prefectures, Tottoriken, Hyogoken, Wakayamaken and Naraken. It was my first time going on a long road trip unlike hubby who had enjoyed such trip already a few times. We started our journey in the wee chilly Saturday morning right after Subuh prayer and reached home passed midnight on Tuesday at 00.15 am. Despite of a few glitches and the weather was quite a bummer, yet Alhamdulillah our holiday was still full of fun. So at least now I have reached 4 regions in Japan, that are Chubu, Kanto, Chugoku and Kinki Regions. Whereas the other 4 regions are Kyushu, Shikoku, Tohoku and Hokkaido. As for hubby he has reached all 6 regions except the 2 regions on the north.

The advantage of going on this kind of trip is you could go to several places all in one go so it is kind of time saving especially when you have short time limit. However of course this kind of trip is quite tiring, you spend more time in the car, you couldn’t cover all attractions at each place because you constantly need to move to the next destination and etc. However, if you have long time limit for example a week, the weather is on your side and you have studied and planned your journey beforehand, I assure you this kind of trip is really worth it! πŸ˜€

So, usually we would spend holiday at one place and visit all the interesting places at the place. But this time, we went to 4 prefectures, which were Tottoriken in Chugoku Region, Hyogoken, Wakayamaken and Naraken in Kinki Region. We managed to only visit all the main attraction at those places because we were constantly racing against times. Although we only visited 4 prefectures but technically we had to pass more than that along our journey. Starting from our home in Naganoken which is in Chubu Region, we have to pass Gifuken – Aichiken – Kyotoken – Osakaken – Hyogoken – Tottoriken – Okayamaken – Hyogoken – Osakaken – Wakayamaken – Osakaken – Naraken – Kyotoken – Aichiken – Gifuken and finally back to Naganoken. So overall the round trip made us passed 9 other prefectures besides our home prefecture.

The map showing our road journey.

Day 1, 28th May, 2011

After Subuh prayer we started our journey and headed straight to Tottori. Kami bertolak dari rumah suasana masih gelap. Sepanjang perjalanan cuaca memang gloomy je. Boleh dikatakan setiap masa drizzling. Sesekali je hujan berhenti. We reached Tottori at about 9.00 am but we first stopped at Nishimatsuya in Tottorishi to buy stroller rain cover and rain coat for Ihsan. Yelah xlarat punya nak kawal, mesti dia pun nak bergerak bebas. Kalau setakat berpayung memang kena hujanlah dia. Then only we headed to our first destination.

1) Tottori Sand Dunes

“The Tottori Sand Dunes (ι³₯ε–η ‚δΈ˜, Tottori Sakyu) are the largest sand dunes in Japan and Tottori’s most famous tourist attraction. Located just outside the city center, they span roughly 16 kilometers of coast along of the Sea of Japan and are up to two kilometers wide and 50 meters high. They are part of the Sanin Kaigan National Park.

The sand dunes were created over thousands of years, as sand from the nearby Sendaigawa River was washed out to sea and eventually redeposit along the coast by the ocean’s currents. Today, the constant movement of the tides and the coastal winds continuously shape the sand dunes and provide an ever changing landscape. “ Source: Japan Guide

There was horse cart. And the horse is very big and smelly. Dari jauh dah bau baja dia πŸ˜›

On top of sand hill with coastline at the back.

Ihsan in the desert πŸ˜€

Actually kami nyaris2 xjadi nak pergi Tottori Sand Dunes ni and nak terus ke Kobe je. Sebab dalam perjalanan memang hujan memanjang. So kami fikir macam mana nak tengok Sand Dunes tu kalau basah2 macam ni? Tapi nasib baik kami ubah balik fikiran and teruskan perjalanan ke Tottori. Turned out memang rugilah kalau kami xjadi singgah sini. Memang cantik sangat2! Macam dekat padang pasir yang sangat luas. Cuma takdelah unta and cactus. Ada kuda je πŸ˜€ Mula2 ingatkan kami jelah manusia yang sibuk berjalan2 masa musim taufan ni. Tapi bila sampai, rupanya ramai je Nihonjin bertali-arus datang. Xputus2. Masa mula2 sampai sini hubby kata, “Ini je ke???”. To which I jawab, “Laa dah nama pun Sand Dunes memanglah pasir je nak ada apa lagi?”. Memang tau dia suka buat spoil πŸ˜›

Masa dekat sini sampai2 je Ihsan dah xtentu arah. Yelah nampak pasir terbentang luas. Dah macam masuk syurgalah bagi dia. Sibuk nak duduk and ramas2 pasir. Xlarat nak sekat2 dia kami pun biar je. Memang xsia2 bagi dia pakai baju hujan. Kalau tak harus dia dah salut badan dia dari kepala ke bawah dengan pasir. Tapi bila pakai baju hujan cuma kasut, socks and leg warmers jelah yang kotor. Itupun banyak juga pasir masuk dalam baju. Masa dekat sini kami berjalan panjat bukit pasir. Nampak je bukit tu macam rendah tapi bila berjalan and memanjat wahhh penatnya bila nak sampai ni?! Semput okay! Tinggi rupanya. Oasis pun ada kat kaki bukit tu. Nampak je macam dekat tapi bila nak pergi barulah terasa eh jauh juga rupanya. One time masa Ihsan tengah jalan atas bukit pasir tu suddenly dia jatuh terlangkup. Yang funny nyer kitorang tunggu dia bangun tapi xbangun2 kaku je. So I pun angkat. Sekali rupa2nya lidah dia terjelir2 tengah menikmati butir2 pasir kat kat pipi dia. Nasib baik xmakan. Memang expression dia masa tu buat kitorang xboleh tahan tergelak2 πŸ˜€

Masa ni hujan sekejap2 berhenti. Suasana pun penuh berkabus sampai menutup pandangan. Memang dingin and cantik sangat. Dari atas bukit tu boleh tengok laut luas. Tapi warna kelabu jugalah sama dengan warna langit mendung. Cumanya kalau hari cerah rasanya lagi cantik sebab boleh tengok contrast warna air laut yang biru and pasir yang kuning. Kami xturun pun ke tepi laut sebab perjalanan masih jauh. Lepas puas bergambar kebetulan hujan pun dah makin lebat. Sempatlah ambil gambar dengan sand sculptures, basuh kaki dan kasut and beli souvenir. Itupun masa ni ramai je visitors yang baru datang. Btw, kalau korang datang sini boleh bawa boot dari rumah. Tapi kat situ pun ada disediakan boot untuk disewa. Sebelum bertolak terus ke Kobe, kami singgah Nishimatusya tu semula. Sebab nak beli sandal untuk Ihsan. Kasut dia dah basah Papa basuh sebab penuh dengan pasir πŸ˜€

2) Kobe Muslim Mosque

Kobe Mosque (η₯žζˆΈγƒ’γ‚Ήγ‚― Kobe Mosque), also known as Kobe Muslim Mosque (η₯žζˆΈγƒ γ‚Ήγƒͺγƒ γƒ’γ‚Ήγ‚― Kobe Muslim Mosque), was founded in October, 1935 in Kobe and is Japan’s first mosque.”Source: Wikipedia

The oldest mosque in Japan.

Kami terus ke sini sebab nak solat. Hari pun hujan makin lebat so lebih selesalah solat kat sini. Lagipun I xpernah sampai sini lagi. Tapi hubby dah pernah datang. Kobe Mosque ni adalah masjid tertua di Jepun. Masa tahun 1995 ada earthquake yang sangat kuat di Kobe dengan magnitude 6.8. Ramai orang mati dan bangunan rosak. Tapi masjid ni miraculously survived walaupun bangunan sekeliling dia semua runtuh menyembah bumi! Masjid ni cuma mengalami kerosakan minor je. Boleh baca kat sini and ada gambar masjid tu masih kukuh lepas earthquake tu. Kami sampai sini dalam pukul 3.15 pm. I naik solat dulu. Dalam nak cepat2 kena interview dengan makcik Turki. Dia pun xpandai sangat English, Nihongo lagilah tak. So jenuh masing2 berteka-teki. Dalam dok xfaham tu sempat lagi dia tunjuk gambar family dia. And bagi jajan kat I LOL πŸ˜€ Last2 dia ajak I pergi jumpa menantu dia.

Rupanya menantu dia tengah ajar new Japanese muslimah Al-Quran kot. So menantu dia pun translatelah. Rupanya makcik ni datang melawat anak, menantu dan cucu2 dia. I assume anak dan menantu dia lah yang uruskan masjid ni. I pun dah sembang sikit2 lebih kurang, cepat2 minta diri sebab segan xpasal2 je ganggu orang dalam majlis. Lagipun hubby and Ihsan tengah tunggu dalam kereta. Lepas hubby solat kami bergambar sekejap di luar masjid.

3)Meriken Park

Lepas tu kami terus bertolak ke Kobe Port. Nasib baik dekat2 je jaraknya dengan masjid ni. Masa ni hujan dah makin lebat. Di Kobe Port tu selain kami ada lah beberapa orang berjalan2 kat situ. Maybe diorang pun datang dari jauh kan so hujan2 pun kenalah pergi juga sebab dah sampai kan. Papa pegang payung and Ihsan. Although Ihsan pakai baju hujan tapi dia nak jalan ikut suka hati dia je. Dia suka sangat tengok simulation earthquake tu. Tapi yang funny nyer mengekek2 dia gelak tengok video tu. Salah konsep betul budak ni πŸ˜€ Kitorang pula nak cepat2 ambil gambar. I la kesian berbasah2. Adatlah jadi photographer. Kamera pun sama basah. Nasib baik ada napkin Ihsan boleh cover kamera. Disebabkan cuaca macam tu, we walked around Meriken Park je. Tengok Kobe Tower, Kobe Maritime Museum, and Earthquake Memorial Park. Daripada Meriken Park tu boleh nampak Kobe Harborland yang ada Canal and Mosaic Garden.

The original damage by 1995 Hanshin Earthquake.

Kobe Tower and Kobe Maritime Museum.

Sebenarnya di Kobe Port ni ada macam2 tempat menarik. Dekat2 Kobe Port ni juga ada Kitano-cho and boleh tengok mansions pelbagai negara. In fact masa dalam perjalanan dari Tottori tu, kami lalu Arima Onsen, Mount Rokko, Nunobiki Herb Park and etc. Tapi xsempatlah nak singgah semua unless kalau destination nyer hanya Kobe sahaja. Certain tempat tu kalau nak singgah pun berbayar and xworth it lah kalau nak tengok kejap2 je. Anyway lepas dah bergambar lebih kurang, kami pun terus gerak ke hotel di Osaka. Kami booked Sun Route Hotel Kanku di Izumiotsu, Osaka. Daripada Kobe, jarak dia lebih kurang 50km je. Masa ni hari makin gelap. All of us pun memang dah kepenatan especially Papa. So kelam kabut sikit masa ni.

At the hotel lobby before checking out.

Before sampai hotel kami singgah makan dulu di restoran sushi somewhere around Osaka. Lepas tu terus gi hotel and checked-in. Kami dapat bilik tingkat 17. Sesekali terasa bergoyang mungkin sebab angin kuat di luar. Lagipun bangunan kat Nihon ni plak biasalah ada spring apa bagai so haruslah rasa gerun bila rasa goyang2 tu πŸ˜› But honestly sangat puas hati dengan Sun Route Hotel ni. Rasanya ni kali ke 2 kami dok di Hotel Sun Route tapi first time dulu di Nagoya. Hotel ni selalu ada promotion and all. Kali ni pun kami dapat harga murah tapi bilik deluxe twin room. Agak besar compared to standard bilik hotel yang selalu kami gi. Yelah bilik2 hotel kat Nihon ni kan selalunya kecik2. So I memang suggestlah kalau korang nak berjalan2 cuba check out Sun Route Hotel yang berdekatan dulu πŸ˜€

Anyway gambar ada banyak dekat FB boleh tengok situ jelah ye. Okaylah, I will continue with the second part of our ryokou in next entry soon πŸ™‚

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  1. wow byknye ken akak redah…..kite pernah merasa p tokyo..imagine dr kagawa mmg penat giler…bawak kete 12 jam mmg nk patag pinggang..cume xsempat nk menikmati buah apple kt nagano sbb da smpi malam..ntah bile laa lg nk p bhgn atas nih…kite byk ke bhgn bwh jek…balik nnti plan nk jalan pon da xtau nk p mane..sbb byk tmpt kami da p 2 3 kali…harap2 obon festival ade la tmpt best sikit boleh pg…coz time tuh jela ade mase nk jalan panjang..tp bulan pose la plak….huuuhhhu da start packing ke kak?

  2. Sabar,
    Xstart packing sbb date pn xconfirm lagi. Ok lah tu Sabar dh jalan2 separuh Nihon ke bwh. Tokyo pn dh smpi. Tempat2 menarik mmg byk kt area2 tu. G la Hokkaido nnt amik pakej ke hihi. Tmpt kitorg ni mmg penuh dgn kebun apple. Ntah2 dh dkt dh haritu. Tula xtau kalau tak leh singgah rumah. Aah Sabar blk nnt dh nk puasa. Kena la plan betul2 mana je nk g berjalan πŸ˜€

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