Please Wish Us Luck

Finally I think now it’s the right time to reveal what I have been fussing about in the previous entry and end the guessing game already. The matter that somewhat has been a mind boggling one since last past fortnight. Actually only now I feel ready to spread the news. So, it’s just that… we are gonna back home to Msia for good very soon! 😀 Before this I have mentioned somewhere that the original plan was for us to go back in August 2011, which is this year. However after coming back to Japan from long holiday (for me and Ihsan) or so-called outstation (for hubby) in Msia, we decided to change the plan and delay the date to March 2012 which is next year. But suddenly right after the recent Golden Week holiday, we got the news that we need to go back to Msia soon due to unavoidable circumstances. Actually we could stick to our revised plan but still somehow it doesn’t feel so right to proceed with the plan. Which then forced us to go back to our original plan. So, most probably we will be going back in middle of July since hubby is going to start working on 1st August.

Honestly at first we were rather shocked and a bit upset to accept the news. Although we already knew all the details about going back for good but we didn’t expect that we have to proceed with the plan not at the time we wished. That’s what what made us feel quite hesitated since we still have a few targets to achieve and there are a few holding-back reasons. Which they could be realized if we delay the date until early spring next year. So, we feel as if we are forced to go back although actually nobody is forcing anybody. However, accepting the news is somehow it feels like the correct thing to do. Truly, we feel mixed inside, so it isn’t totally the feel of disagreement that we have. Deep inside we feel quite relieve for we are finally going back for good and we are going to start settling down soon! There are still lots of goodness that we can never find in Nihon except in Msia itself.

Settling down in Msia means 1. we can start our firm life root in Msia and preparing for the future days, 2. we can spend more times with families especially realizing that our parents are getting older each day so it’s good to be nearer to them, 3. more suitable environment to expand the family and as well as children development, 4. Msia offers more life to us since everything is so familiar, 5. it’s very comforting and relieving to know that during our ups and downs we are no longer alone, 6. Msia is Islamic country which is very important to us, 7. many more to list down and etc. Although at the same time we feel so heavy to leave Nihon since especially we are so used with life and culture in Nihon. Everything is so comforting and we feel so secure living in Nihon. There are many things that we will surely miss because there are things that we can never get in Msia. Yet, we still have to go back to where we belong to and live with the flaws. Although Nihon itself is also imperfect, I know some people might not bother going back to Msia ever. But it depends on what are the top priorities you put in your life. And everyone has different priorities.

I have waited 2 weeks to come to the term and fully accept the fact that we are going back to Msia. In within past 2 weeks I stayed up late and only sleep after Subuh prayer. Thinking about so many things that we will gonna miss soon as well as the new things we have to face in the near future. Nihon is very meaningful to us and has somehow set a place deep in our hearts. Yet, I’m gonna reserve that in another entry. Anyway, recently we started to think about so many things regarding to settling down like house, car, job, money, money, money and lots of other stuffs. So being me, I hate to be clueless so as usual I started gathering so many information regarding everything. Now I feel myself at ease for at least I have armed myself with necessary information. Life in Msia isn’t the same as our life in Nihon and there will be a lot of uncertainties. In order for us to complete our life one by one we need the knowledge to run the strategy.

By the way, Alhamdulillah we are grateful for the path that has been set upon us. Although it was kinda a bit so, but we didn’t actually mean to be ungrateful or trying to disagree with our fate. It was just that we are shocked. We already knew the plan except the time wasn’t as we hoped, that’s all. Honestly, our life ahead going to turn 180 degree from now. So many things will change. I don’t think hubby is going to bother much about it. But for me, it’s going to be big and I’m nervous with the days ahead. I just hope everything will run easy and smooth for us and at the end of the day we going to be smiling, feeling blessed, InsyaAllah. That’s why I said earlier it was kind of mixed of emotion when it come to this news. As well as we could shout ‘Yay!’ but at the same time there is ‘Yikes!’ coming out. So maybe I should shout ‘Yayikes!’ instead? 😛 So, that’s it.

And no I’m not pregnant yet if that’s you earlier guess 😛 In fact we are still on family planning 🙂 If it happened that the entry was actually meant of me being pregnant, it wouldn’t go that way. The entry definitely would be asking everyone to lompat-bintang with me 😀

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  1. hehe… saspen jer dowh… tapi betul gak.. dah lama ko kat sana kan… mesti cam tak best jer nak balik mesia… takpe.. slow and steady… hope everything goes smoothly…

  2. aku sedeh blue font with numbering tu never mention about friends in Msia. xyah blk lah cmni. ngeeeeeee ;D

  3. kekadang susah nak terima perubahan kan?? kite pun dilema nak tinggalkan kulim ni..dalam malaysia je pun nak pindah tu pun rasa reluctant jer.. ni kan pulak macam ina yang jauh kat sana, so much memories kann?? take it slowly. ada hikmahnye kenapa dipercepatkan. rancangan Allah sebaik2 perancangan kan?? 🙂

  4. Mash,
    Hihi ko ingat apa ha? Actually best jugak finally nk blk Msia dh. Cuma life xsama. Kena gambatte mulakan hidup baru.

    Kak Ina,
    Eh bolehla dh nama pun lahir kt Msia. Kalau blk bercuti je mmg payah. Lps ni insyaAllah la sng sket nk berjanji berjmpa 🙂

    Point no. 4 tu termasuk skali la tu. Msia offers more life, ada kawan2, mknan, hari raya, pasar malam n etc hihi.

    Bila dh dlm comfort zone mmg susah nak terima perubahan. Memory pun byk sgt. But insyAllah byk hikmahnya balik ni. Lambat laun nak tanak kena balik juga sbb kami mmg tanak menetap terus kt Nihon ni.

  5. Bestnyer dah boleh balik….kak su masih berteka teki, harap2 bole ler balik end Aug ni..duduk jauh ni, satu je…kalo kita sedih ke, susah nak cari org nak cerita.Nak cerita kat family kat msia, nnti diorg yg risau lebih pon susah…

    good luck!! nampaknya takde rezeki nak jumpa kat Nihon, kita jumpa kat msia je ler one day nanti!!!

  6. ina..all the best with the house cleaning n all. byk keje nk kene buat tu. + ade ‘tukang kemas’. buat sikit2 slow2. nnt bile dh dkt nk blk lg stress. enjoy nihon while u still can! muahhss utk ihsan:-*

    btw, msia best la! utk housewife best la..sbb xdeal dgn org. ihiks;p

  7. Kak Su,
    InsyaAllah turn Kak Su pn akan tiba 😉 Slalu terpk kalau g Nigata bolahla jmpa Kak Su. Hmm xde maknanya la. Kiter tggu akak kt Msia ye 😀

    Mmg la Msia pn best Fadh sbb tu kena blk settle down. Kita lagi suka jd SAHM kt Nihon. Kt Msia jd SAHM byk pressure dr luar, at least to me la. Owh btw xtau la nnt kt Msia berpeluang lg ke tak nk jd SAHM sob sob!

  8. Salam Ina 🙂

    Selamat kembali ke Msia 🙂

  9. Leeds,
    Tq Leeds 😉

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