Sakura Hanami 2011

It’s Golden Week holiday here in Japan. As stated in website Golden Week holiday is a collection of four national holidays within 7 days. In combination of well-placed weekends, Golden Week becomes three busiest holiday seasons, besides New Year and Obon week”. So according to the calendar, the string of holiday has actually started yesterday, April 29th until May 5th. However for us, technically the holiday will only start tomorrow afternoon. It’s because hubby was still working yesterday, today and half day for tomorrow. Actually for tomorrow he just needs to settle a few more works that unfinished today. Not only that, he is going to start working already on April 4th. Well… of course I don’t like the feeling being stuck at home just like any other weekday when most people are enjoying their holiday. Although actually we don’t plan to go holidaying anywhere but at least I wished hubby could spend time at home with us. But coincidentally he is tied with workload at the moment. Sigh 🙁

Anyway, since hubby is going to have 3 and a half days holiday from work, so we have planned for a few outings. Firstly, maybe tomorrow we are going to Nishimatsuya, Daiso just to find a few stuffs and grocery shopping at the supa. Furthermore it’s going to be raining tomorrow for the whole nation. So we are gonna spend time indoors only. As for Monday, probably we will just stay at home or go the playground nearby. Owh this reminds me that I need to dome some sewing work. A few of hubby’s clothes need to be altered. Plus we also have a a few stuffs to settle at home. Then on Tuesday, probably we are going to Yamanashi to visit ‘Abid’s place and stop by at Heidi’s Village on the way back for hanami. Lastly on Wednesday maybe we will bring Ihsan to Iida zoo at the nearby city. The last time we went there was I don’t know… might be more than 2 years ago. By the way it’s just a small free entrance zoo. Hubby doesn’t like it there because he said the zoo is stinky. Well, I told him of course because the zoo isn’t a perfume shop so that’s why it doesn’t smells nice 😛 Anyway, since the weather is still chilly so I think it’s quite comfortable to go to the zoo. I want Ihsan to see the penguin especially. I’m eager to see his reactions towards the animals. I bet he will enjoy it there 😀

However all the plans are just plans and we will see how thing goes. Perhaps the main factor, the weather is gonna be on our side or else we might need to do some changes. By the way, a fortnight ago we went for sakura hanami at the Yotagiri Park nearby our house. At first we thought of enjoying the sakura at the riverside downhill of our housing area. But the place was small and a bit cramped with people picnicking. So we headed to the former park although a bit distant. The park is big and many people were picnicking, barbecuing, or simply resting, or just strolling around like us. We spent time letting Ihsan playing at the playground provided there. He enjoyed playing with the sands, climbing the stairs and going down the slide. We took a lot of pictures with the sakura at the same time. There’s also river beside the park and Ihsan refused to come out of the water when it was time to leave. The water running down from the mountain was of course undoubtedly icy cold, yet feet dipping wasn’t enough for him. If hubby didn’t hold him I’m surely he would throw himself into the water 😀

Full-bloomed sakura flowers.

Fallen sakura petals.

Cheeky boy 🙂


Actually the sakura at the Yotagiri Park wasn’t fully bloomed compared to at the riverside’s near our home. Then on last weekend we thought we could enjoy the remaining of sakura. Unfortunately due to the strong winds and series or rainy days before that, only a few sakura flowers left on trees and almost all the trees already grown with leaves. The ground was fully covered with fallen sakura petals. Just so you know full bloomed sakura tree only has sakura flowers and no leaf at all. But this most beautiful peak of sakura tree cycle usually lasted for a week. So, I guess this is my last chance seeing sakura in Nihon. I wished to see other type of cherry blossoms which I have yet to experience even once. O fcourse I have seen a few but what I mean is yet to take picture with them. Although I have been here for nearly 6 years. Perhaps who knows luck will be on my side next year just right before we leave Nihon, InsyaAllah 🙂

3 Replies to “Sakura Hanami 2011”

  1. wow ina, dah 6 thn ek kat situ…so nxt year balik for gud?

  2. sejuk mata memandang..bile abg ihsan nak bawak aiman jejalan sini?huhu

  3. Kak Kim,
    Nearly 6 years. InsyaAllah plan nya mcm tu tp xtaula kalau berubah 🙂

    Aiman kena la dtg dlu kalau tak mcm mana nak bawak jln2 😀

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