I’m Relieve It’s Spring

Ahamdulillah although today is a bit windy but there is still sun shines. The weather during past weekend were also very good. Unlike past Friday which was quite gray and gloomy, with strong winds, raining and it was quite cold. Such atmosphere was surely not really convincing, which always would keep you to stay inside. I admit it I like cloudy and rainy days in Msia but it’s different in Japan. Instead of happy, such weather I experience here is very somber and kinda lower the motivation. Especially when every Friday itself nowadays somehow kinda gives uncomfortable feeling. Honestly, since the March 11th, I don’t feel as happy and as calm as before. Perhaps because I don’t really feel safe and in my mind I keep feeling as like there is something going to happen. In fact ‘something’ is keep happening for example like the latest 7.4 magnitude earthquake last week. This feeling affects our mood if not much at least a little. We don’t really feel like going out although we wished to. We have plans in mind but becoming not excited anymore coming with the plan. Well, I just keep praying that things will get better, Amin.

Anyway last Saturday and Sunday nothing much took place. Owh before that, Alhamdulillah hubby has recovered although he’s still experiencing a little bit of headteacher every once in a while. I suggested him to go have a check at the hospital but he said to wait and see first. And that’s what I don’t like. But I hope the headache will vanish soon, InsyaAllah. Anyway, we just stayed at home on Saturday because hubby needed to go to kaisya to do his work. As I mentioned before, he’s quite occupied at least until the end of this month. On top of that maybe next week he needs to go to Tokyo for 3 days and there’s possibility that I’ll be left at home alone with Ihsan. I hope I could survive the nights without him. Eheh I’m sure we could survive but it’s just unimaginable and already felt so dragged. The nights surely would be the longest ones to end 😛 Owh anyway he’s going to Tokyo again and it’s regarding his previous course training.

While on sundae hubby decided to spend time at home. Then after Asar we went out to second hand shop and got Ihsan a few interesting toys, to the supa for some groceries shopping and lastly to the playground beside the river. We brought ball and tried to teach Ihsan kicking the ball. But as usual he was more interested wandering around, play with the dried grass and the slide. Budak2 zaman sekarang cuba kalau bagi IT gadgets laju je dia. Nanti besar sket ikut Papa main badminton lah belajar jadi sportive sket okay 😉 Anyway, we didn’t stay long there since it was already late. Owh by the way it was only us at the park. I don’t know why the park is always deserted. Not many people go there. Somehow it always feels less fun. Because I believe the more people, the merrier it would be, right? 🙂 I hope there will be more kids at the park then so that Ihsan could mix with others. Owh I got to see the sakura just started to bloom and perhaps next week we could enjoy the fully bloom sakura 🙂

Now a few are already talking about Golden Week holiday which is arriving in about 2 weeks. We have a few plans in mind but haven’t really thought about them yet. Which also means we yet to have a specific plan. Furthermore hubby’s schedule is also isn’t confirmed yet so it’s hard to plan anyway. Especially with this situation in Japan kinda hampered our mood to get enjoy. To add more, we just gone sight-seeing once we reached back to Japan recently. So I think maybe we just gonna stay at home or at least go to the nearby cities only. Hmm we’ll see. But I hope we’ll spend the holiday in a fun way. Lastly, the weather is becoming warmer and much more comfortable I must say. Not too cold and not yet warm. I feel glad and ironically relieve that spring is setting in. The days will be very clear and we’ll see more lively colors. And thus perhaps brings more cheers in our daily life, InsyaAllah 🙂

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