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So it’s Monday again. Last night I couldn’t sleep although I already felt sleepy by the time we got into the bedroom. Both beloveds were already snoring in their sleep while I still kept tossing and turning around. I guess probably because I couldn’t stop my mind from keep wandering around. Especially when I thought of not so beautiful stuffs of course the mind will work even more and left me more awake than before that. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit gloomy. Although sometimes I tried to ignore the feeling and manage to laugh anyway yet the unsettled feeling is still there inside me. I realized it’s because I’m affected much by everything taking place all around me. Some things we couldn’t really do anything about it yet it affects us before we realized it. Whereas some things we could actually work on it yet it’s not easy as ABC especially when there are other factors related. Banyaknyer perkara yang merunsingkan. But actually adakah sebenarnya perlu dirunsingkan pun? Jeng jeng 😛

Owh by the way last night this news really disturbed me. This boy was beaten by his warden teacher who apparently an ustaz (urgh what a spoil to the status!) for 2 freaking hours until coma. And sadly the boy is already dead after hours on life support machine. I really wonder what has gotten into the teacher’s mind? The boy is only 7 years old, for God sake! That’s not a way of giving lesson. I’m quite conventional and I support corporal punishment. Hitting on palms, bum or feet using cane is okay. Even slapping is okay. Personally I don’t mind if that’s what it takes to make my child a good person (yet, nauzubillah! harap2nya anak saya dan bakal anak2 baik2 sahaja, amin!). Of course that hurts but as long as it lasted as soon as the punishment is over and no prolong harm, I’m fine with that.

Anyway for this 7 years old boy who I believe he only reached his mumayyiz age, even if it’s true he was guilty but violent punishment is totally unacceptable at any stages of age! That’s imply uncivilized act! I wished the teacher could use reverse psychology. Or at least he didn’t lost his mind and succumb himself into his rage of emotion. I can’t imagine how the boy had to go through the most painful 2 hours of his life. Earlier last week I was disturbed again by another baby died at the nursery obviously because of negligence. I wonder what’s wrong with our society. Obviously impatient and neglectful person shouldn’t work as a teacher. Sigh! Semoga Allah lindungi kita semua dan keturunan kita daripada kejadian2 yang xdiingini, amin!

Ehhh where am I heading??? I want to blab on other things actually but looks like I’m already slanted far from my main point 😛 Anyway truly hubby has been busy since we came back and this will probably end only on the end of this month. By busy means he needs to work on Saturday and even if he’s not working he still goes to the kaisya on Saturday and Sunday to do his works. Hence this also means Ihsan and I are left lacking of perhatian dan belaian kasih-sayang 🙁 And on top of that hubby is super drained and yesterday already down with headache. Yet the good news is he’s home already by now yay! Hubby balik sebab kepala dia sakit semula so he took half day leave. Tadi dengar bunyi kereta terus angkat Ihsan sambil kami menunggu depan pintu tersengih2. Siap yay-yay lagi LOL Padahal hubby muka dok tahan sakit kepala. Pelik je dia tengok kitorang LOL He’s sleeping now after taking medication although I believe tido2 ayam je sebab banyak gangguan. Tambah2 Ihsan pun dok terlompat2 je excited tengok Papa. Orang suruh tido dalam bilik dia tak nak. Hopefully hubby will get better. And we too could top up our love meter by just seeing, hugging and golek-ing around Papa 🙂

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  1. odaijini to ur hubby. tp lawak la pulak part yg u dukung Ihsan dan sma2 snegih dpn pintu tu ehehe

  2. Yatiey,
    Amin, moga cpt2 sihat tq. Hihi tula seronok hubby ada rumah. Tp xbest jugak kalau dia xsihat hmm.

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