Saturday Blab

It’s sunny and windy Saturday but it feels just like any other weekdays for Ihsan and I. Hubby is working today so we are bound by the same routine. I have plans in mind but looks like we need to squeeze all plans towards tomorrow. I wish I could get my plans settle by tomorrow. Owh I’m just so eager! It’s nothing biggie actually but I’m just excited. Okay-okay actually we are going to hunt for Ihsan’a study table and chair. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time but the limited space in house keeping my idea postponed. But I’m not going to put it on halt anymore. I’m planning to make some improvement in Ihsan’s routine. Perhaps this is going to give him more benefits.

Anyway, yesterday was 1st April which meant the beginning of a new year according to Japanese calendar has just started. Since I’m a bit late at starting my new year’s mojo last 1st January so I should start already by now instead. Getting starting on things is very hard for me especially when you are the Procrastinator Queen 😛 Owh… just so you know, I tend to do things halfway too that’s why I got many objectives not achieved LOL! 😛 However this time I should really disciplined myself. I’m going to make list of my resolutions as well as the short and long term targets. Eh baru nak list down ke? 😛 LOL No lah, I already have them in mind but writing them down will give a clearer view and at least I will feel ‘forced’ to work on them and ‘guilty’ if I don’t kan? Good idea, right? 😀 And one more thing I realize is in my case I should never even give myself take a pause or else there will be the possibility for me to suddenly ‘forget’ and abandon what I’m doing. Or else, I’ll have to start all over again.

Now on a different story, the past few days I’ve been feeling my motivation up and down like a roller-coaster. Especially when it’s nearing the time of the month so it makes it hard to control the emotion. So I easily snap when things don’t go my way. And there are so many things that making me annoyed! Sigh… Anyway… to cut the story short I found the famous Cikgu Shida videos on YouTube. When I was in Msia my mom really made a big fuss on her. She dengan penuh semangat dan gayanya bercerita about this particular Cikgu Shida. I tried to watch her videos back then but couldn’t might be because she privatized her account for a while. Then, yesterday I got to see her and I had a good laugh! She is so hilarious! Okay, I’m not going to criticize her but personally I kinda salute her for her confidence. She’s so dare and brave to make such thing herself. She doesn’t care about what others thinking of her. But I envy her self-esteem (on the positive side). Although neither this means I’m against what’s she doing nor I support her.

Then, from cikgu shida I stumbled upon Paku and Belacan and Bed Bradshaw, Americans who can speak Malay. As for Paku and Belacan their videos are nonsense yet entertaining while Ben’s many of the videos he taught American slang to Msians. Watching their videos was kinda a slap on the face to me and has somehow given me the new determination to work on my stuffs. Owh I’m not gonna elaborate them here. No-no. It’s nothing regarding Malay. My Malay is good and I’m proud of that. It’s other thing okay. Although I know there are Msian who can’t speak and write in Malay. And not even proud with Malay language at all. Shame on you! And don’t call yourself Msian. I suggest these people go get themselves other citizenship.

Hmm that’s my babbles for today. Go search those people on YouTube if you need something to lighten you up. I should stop. I don’t know why Ihsan keep climbing on table, chewing on stuffs and owh why must he needs to keep bothering me! Ihsan bagi la Mama chance sekajap je. I need a break!

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