Shifting Back To Normal

It has been nearly a month since we came back here on last 3rd March 2011. I should say that so many things had taken place within those period. Yet here I am only decided to make an effort posting something in this abandoned blog. As usual it’s not that I don’t have the like to update but maybe I should just say I haven’t been in my blogging-self mode yet. Furthermore that a lot have changed too since my last entry. Among of them are firstly I refuse to stay up late at all because I think it’s not good for my health, daily routine and beauty (LOL – yelah umur dah meningkat ni kenalah jaga sikit :P. I hate dark circles!). While the second reason is because nowadays I have little private assistant who always insists to help me with the typing and all (pantang tengok Papa Mama baru je datang dekat dengan PC or open the laptop dia dulu dah datang tersengih2 tanpa dipelawa). As I’m typing this, he’s here beside me and I really need to gambatte in finishing this entry. Oh wow he’s already upgraded himself on to the table. Good!
Thus, I’m still re-adapting myself back to our normal life. But it’s so hard especially when it’s so cold that always makes me so difficult to make a move. Just so you know it’s still snowing once in a while in here. Anyway, I’m slowly trying to work the schedule in order to make everything runs. I have many objectives I need to achieve. So I hope I can make myself productive to the optimum level ASAP. Owh not ‘that’ productive ye. Not yet kot dalam masa terdekat ni LOL 😛 Honestly I don’t really know from where to start. There are so many things I wanted to share but I believe almost all of them have gone outdated. But since just the other day hubby made a comment, “Ala takde cerita baru ke?” while he browsed my blog. Sibuk je kan? 😛 Only then I determined to make and update.

Truly, the past previously days had been quite depressing, unmotivated, worrying days for me. I have no mood in doing anything and kept procrastinating stuffs. But some things still need to run so I have no way to ignore them. But I worked on them quite slowly. Ihsan was on high fever 2 times in 2 consecutive weeks. And I don’t know, there are a few issues with this little boy which a few times he drove me up the wall. He turned me into Banshee! Of course that was upsetting and stressful for me. But he is slowing down and perhaps I can resolve things with him one by one. Maybe it’s the Terrible 2 symptoms? Uh-oh! 😛 And not forgetting the other factor which I guess most of you already knew why. Yes, the massive earthquake and terrible tsunami and now the still unsettled nuclear leakage. The significant 11th March 2011, Friday was indeed an adrenaline rush, surreal, sad, heart-wrenching and it’s beyond words for me. Speechless. Until today I’m still haunted by the shaking feeling and I keep looking at my hanging lamp to see whether it’s swaying or not. Sometimes it’s really the small shaking but half of the time is only my feelings. This is so not good mentally and emotionally.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah we are safe from any danger. What we experienced was only the pieces of the natural disaster. My heart goes out to all those who affected. I had been watching TV non-stopped for the first 2 weeks and I got to see although a few of them were miraculously a happy ones but most of them are heartrending stories. Somehow I’m not regret wathcing TV because I learned magic values from the victims. I should say I’m impressed and moved. But too much exposure to the aftermath isn’t good either. So, enough of too much TV. Now I’m just trying to limit myself updated with the nuclear reactor issue so that we could take preventive steps in our daily life. Sigh… that’s another thing. I know it’s never easy but I keep praying for some miracle to happen and it will settle fast. Even though the we are quite distant from the nuclear plant and the nuclear substance detected very low. But I’d rather choose not to take any chances at all if I could. Especially when we have a little child with us.

Complete 1 little family again – All the best to us for the days ahead.

In the meantime, I’m praying for everything to get better as per normal. And it’s entering a new year according to Japanese calendar come this April. Perhaps I’ll be highly motivated enough to endure coming days and get to work on my resolutions. Yosh gambare watashi! (I know hubby is surely laughing or at least smiling when he reads this. Tak suka tau! :P).

7 Replies to “Shifting Back To Normal”

  1. fuhh fuhhh fuhhh.. bnyk btol spider web kt cni. ngeeee.. 😀 pagi td pn dgr brita few places still shaking with 6.8 magnitude eh? huhu.. always take care beb! hugs ihsan the manja boy for me too! =D

  2. haha sam ewith me dulu2, bila x update hubby tanya “kenapa tak update blog? abg nk baca”

    kind if weird. now that i rajin updating my blog, dia pulak komplen kui3x

  3. at last,update jugak yer,rindu tau,hehe…
    ina,take care,gambatte ne!insyaAllah tak lama lg dah masuk haru mood back to normal laa tu kan…

    dah besar dah ihsan,makin comel!

  4. Lisa,
    Aha aku pn xtau pasal latest shake 6.8 tu. Baca berita baru tau. Rasanya xampai xkuat kot kt tmpt aku so xsedar. Okies, kiss2 for Faheem tu tau! 😉

    Betul tu. Bila I dah update nanti macam2 dia comment. Suruh comment kt blog xnak plak hihi 😛

    Alaa rindu jugak nk baca blog Fith tau! Tula tq Fith ye. Xsabar dh ni tggu haru. Fith pun moga makin sihat nnt boleh kembali rancak berblog hihi 😛 Dh lama xbaca cerita 2R. Mesti dh pandai mcm2 😀

  5. lama nya nak tunggu cerita baru ni muncul..hehehe

    take care dear

  6. rindu betul nak baca entry ina..(kalau nak kata blog bersawang takleh sebab blog kite pn bersawang gak, ahahahaaa..) nak wat camne kan ina, tanggungjawab yg lebih besar perlu diselesaikan dulu.
    kite doakan ina sekeluarga di sana sihat walafiat dan sentiasa di dalam lindungan Allah.
    take care!

  7. Permata Hati,
    Haah kak. Ni baru slowly berblog balik hihi. Apa kabar Abrisan n Hafiz? Akak pun take care ye 😀

    Hi Ainul lama xdgr citer. Sorry xsempat nk msg2 ke apa ke. Haah tula Ainul. Kiter pn skrg masih tercari2 masa utk diri sndiri. Update ikut dan je. Take care gak kay.

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