Ihsan’s 1st Fever

I planned to update on his Ihsan’s 13 months milestones. But I think I’ll get back to that later. Furthermore I’m lazy to upload the pictures. Anyway, Ihsan is having slight fever. Although actually now the temperature has subsided to 37.0 degree C yet the baby is still not emotionally healthy hihi 😛 He has been cranky since the whole day yesterday. In fact I nearly lost it in the evening while cooking dinner. I already noticed that he seemed warm a bit than usual but ignored the feeling. Only after hubby came back I mentioned to hubby before hubby took his temperature. It was 38.1 degree C, confirmed he’s having slight fever. After that hubby hurriedly called the clinic but it was already late and the doctor wasn’t available. So he rushed to the pharmacy instead and brought back a pack of Anpanman forehead stickers and a bottle of strawberry flavor medication for fever. But Ihsan kept pulling off the sticker from his forehead and I needed to use the force method to give him the medication syrup since he refused the civil way.

At the moment as I’m typing this he’s sleeping on my lap. Since yesterday he keeps whining and crying on and off. But he remained active although seemed a bit moody. He climbed and walked at every here and there. He even managed to laugh in his cry hihi 😛 Obviously because we tried to make funny as an effort to cheer him up. But the tiring part of course to listen to his non-stopped fussing. He also wanted to be pacified all the times especially while sleeping. So I felt cramped here and there because I couldn’t move or else he would cry suddenly if I stopped nursing him. I wonder what’s the real cause. It might be because of the weather. But I suspected because there’s new teeth coming out. Because he keeps drooling so much and drenched his clothes. He even keeps chewing on his new wristlet that I bought him. It’s okay. As long as if that can help you get healthy fast. I’ve also consumed lots of supplements. So drink your milk a lot okay Ihsan. I will keep pampering you although my legs cramped because obviously you are heavy. Anything to comfort and satisfy my big baby ;P

Poor my bayyybeee! Btw that’s Papa at behind and excuse the kain batik also. I use that to cover the couch because Ihsan likes to bite and eat the fury couch cover.

Truly, this is the first time he caught fever since he was born. Before this he still got his body a bit warmer than usual, a few colds and coughs, a few diarrheas and the worst were nappy rashes. Alhamdulillah he never fallen sick badly. So I guess his record isn’t that bad. Perhaps Allah will always keep him healthy and protect him from any harm, Amin. Anyway I should have taken his temperature much earlier yesterday. But I knew it wasn’t anything so bad might be that’s why I didn’t. Owh earlier yesterday during the Subuh prayer hubby nearly stepped on Ihsan while waking up. Gee the split second incident was so terrifying. Yet Alhamdulillah Allah secured him from any hurt. Lesson learned. Next time we should be more careful, more alert, and never take things for granted. Huh! what a day for Ihsan. Yet, speedy recovery, baby! 🙂

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  1. get well soon Ihsan..sian tgk pic dia nangis tu..mesti dia x selesa

  2. ala ciannya ihsan…kira kuatla badan ihsan jrg demam…kalauhaikal…selalu ja demam zaman kecik kecik dulu…sekarang baru ok sikit…semoga ihsan sihat dan cergas selalu

  3. cepat2 sihat ye ihsan.
    klau kat nihong mmg budak susah jatuh sakit but once blk msia perghhh.klau ina bawa ihsan gi klinik ni mgkn akan dpt ubat yg masuk ikut bontot tu,bila suhu badan cecah 38.5darjah c kita masukkan ubat utk cepatkan suhu turun.ubat ni pntg jugak utk stand by esp masa kat msia.tp ada je jual kat farmasi msia,hehe.

    take care ye…

  4. la ihsan deman ke time kita borak2 tak hengat semalam? gomenne ihsan. odaijini..
    ihsan demam sayang nak tinggal nihon ni, ihsan nak main yuki. mama, sila beli tiket time winter untuk ihsan golek2 main yuki..

  5. salam ina,

    takdela ina, ibu aina ni balik utk bersalin je..insyaALLAH thn depan dtg sini balik…kemudian lg sthn lebih je kot lg, bru balik for good..insyaALLAH..

    alahai bb ihsan demam yek..demam nak besar ni..lg pun cuaca skrg tak menentu…nak tukar musim tu…cepat2 sembuh ye ihsan..

    ina dah nak balik for good yek..alahaii tak jumpa kite lg..tkpe, insyaALLAH jumpa kt msia nnti ker..take care ye ina..:)

  6. alahai kesiannya ihsan… x senang hati tengok anak sakit kan…

  7. Yatie,
    Aah asyik nangis je maybe sbb xsedap badan kan. Tq Yatie.

    Yeke Norlin. Sama la Ihsan ni pn even xdemam tp selsema n nappy rash berkali2 juga. Tq ye Norlin.

    Tula kt Msia warm kan. Ritu balik jap2 selsema si Ihsan ni. Hopefully balik nnt ni xdela sakit2 sgt, Amin. Fith sebut baru teringat ubat masuk ikut bontot tu. Ni dh mula kena demam ni lepas ni nk kena standby la. Seb baik yg 1st time ni xtinggi sgt suhu n cepat je kebah. Btw tq ye Fith.

    Masa tu baru nak mula demam la tu agaknya. Seb baik xlama demam nya. Haa tula bukan Ihsan je. Mama Ihsan lagi la nak main yuki. Ntah sempat ntah tak. Kalau xsempat tahun depan2 la melancong ke Nihon. Dah ada AA ni murah sket kot tiket hihi

    Salam Kak Aisha. Oyeke balik bersalin je. Moga selamat pegi balik semuanya ye. Kami ni pun tahun depan baru balik for good. Ni balik sebab hubby ada keje kat sana. Tapi lama jugak. Kira macam percubaan balik for good la ni hihi. InsyaAllah ada rezeki kiter jumpa nanti. Sempat lagi 🙂

    Aah Ida susah hati tengok anak xsihat. Moga2 cepat la sihat.

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