Autumn 2010 Is Finally Setting In

Brrr! It’s so chilly! It has been raining since Wednesday but luckily the rain had stopped during yesterday’s evening. As of now it’s quite windy outside. The weather has changed quite tremendously. Only on previous Tuesday the weather felt so hot and I just thought seemed like the autumn would be very late this year. Bow after 2 days it looks like the autumn is finally really setting in! I brought Ihsan for a walk outside just now and he was gleaming and happily walking around. We enjoyed the sudden gush of wind slapping our faces. I showed him how to kick a rock too and he really enjoyed that. At one point he wanted me let go of his hand and walked fast although wobbly. But I still guarded him closely because I was afraid he would fall onto the ground. There’s full of stones there. Previously when it was hot I rarely brought him outside because I felt lazy to keep changing my clothes before and after the walk. It’s quite a hassle what with the hot weather. I would always end up all sweaty at the end. But since it’s cold now, I’m already fully covered and only need to put my scarf on before going outside.

By the way only on last Wednesday I started to reorganize all the clothes in the cupboards although 50% more have yet to be done. But I haven’t really put aside all the summer clothes since I thought it’s gonna take some more times until it will be really cold. Even we still used the aircond on that day. But wow now I find myself all covered up with sweater and socks. Even it was so cold in the morning that I thought of wrapping my head and ears with beanie and heating my feet in front of the heater! Looks like I need to get done reorganizing the cupboards all over again fast. Especially not forgetting storing the fans and taking out the heaters and kotatsu instead. Owh it would be nice to keep warm under the kotatsu 🙂 Hihi bila panas sibuk nak aircond bila sejuk xtertahan2 pulak nak keep warm 😛 However, the funny thing is Ihsan still sweating a lot that he drenched his hair and pillow while sharing thick woolly blanket with us. Like yesterday when we were having our day nap, I couldn’t sleep because my feet felt so cold as like the coldness trapped inside me although I was all wrapped up in the blanket. Then when I needed to bf Ihsan I felt that he was really warm! So curled my feet and hands around him. I felt as like sleeping beside the heater and it was nice! hihi 😀

Anyway on last weekend we didn’t go anywhere since hubby went to Tokyo and only came back on Sunday night. Luckily Monday was public holiday but we just went for grocery shopping in the evening because hubby only wanted to catch some sleep and rest. Then on Tuesday suddenly hubby took leave because he said he wanted to again get some rest. But we also went to the skin specialist during the noon to get Ihsan checked. On Wednesday hubby started working as usual and I also decided to start reorganizing the clothes in the cupboards. That’s actually one of the things listed in my To-Do-List before going back to Msia. I found out I got many things to do but I don’t want to wait until it’s too late for me to get everything done. Since we are going back for quite a long time so I want to leave the house in order. However on Wednesday after coming home from work, hubby told me the latest news regarding this. His attachment to Msia and thus his training course might be delayed. Now what?! 😛

Hubby said because of the machine operation yad yada yada we might be going back to Msia during early November until March 2011. Then he might continue with his training course from April 2011 till May 2011 in Japan. Only then Ihsan and I might go back to Japan that is on June 2011! That’s total of 7 freaking months staying in Msia! For the fact that we are planning to go back for good on August 2011. Why not say if we (Ihsan and I) just go back for good already this coming November?! Furthermore June till August is summer in Japan and I think I don’t mind to pass that. Sigh… Owh don’t get wrong. I’m excited about going back in fact I felt a bit disappointed when hubby said it might be postponed. But I already panned long ago how to spend our last autumn, winter and spring in Japan. Plus I’m having mixed feeling too about going back for so long. If it’s only 1 to 3 months, that’s still okay. But if it’s more than that of course it’s not gonna be so comfortable living in others’ houses. Actually I have started to find some solutions in easing us during our stay in Msia soon. Like, I have surveyed for baby car seat, toys, fence etc for Ihsan since it’s gonna be problem to bring everything from here. But if it’s 7 months stay, I might need to consider more than that and change my plan instead. Because I have many things planned for Ihsan like toilet training, self eating, Al-Quran reciting and etc.

Adoi banyak nyer nak kena pikir. At this point of time the more I’m thinking of this matter the more I feel like releasing of my stress. I don’t really bothered about it anymore but more towards accepting the fact and get ready for it. After all, what choice do I have anyway? By the way yesterday I got a plastic bag full of foods stocks from the trainees’ houses. They all have gone back to Msia already last Tuesday. So yesterday the obachans came to clean the houses and knock on my door to tell me to take the foods. So I went over there to choose which I wanted including some which has been opened. I took almost everything except a few which has expired or not in good condition anymore. As much I need to clear my own food stocks but I couldn’t let the new foods stocks being thrown away. Obviously no one would want them and that’s gonna be a very big waste. I didn’t want to give bad impression to the obachans too. Anyway, I already have a few targets in mind to give away some of the foods to 😀

There are so many things tossed inside the plastic bag. Siapa nak? 😀

There are rice, cooking oil, sugar, salt, curry powder, turmeric, tea sachets, chicken stocks, sup bunjut, dried chillies and many more.

Yesterday I found many friends racing to buy the Air Asia promotion tickets to Japan. I wished I could do that too so that I would have company to go back to Japan soon instead of traveling with Ihsan alone. But I couldn’t mind about buying the ticket at all because our date have yet to be confirmed sheesh! Hopefully cepat2 la bosses ni confirm already. Nak cerita kat orang Msia pun senang. If not selagi tu la dok tanya bila nak balik. Penat nak jawab hihi 😛

9 Replies to “Autumn 2010 Is Finally Setting In”

  1. hai ina,

    lama x comment kat blog ina nih..hiks.
    hah yelah..kak kim pun salah sorang yg menangkap tiket g japan..leh la g serang umah ina nxt yr..hehe

  2. wahhh mencabar sungguh ni.kalau fith,fith pindah terus dah kot,blk for good,haha.balik msia cari rumah sndr,boleh start set up bisness terus,tp tu laa hubby plak takde yer,huhu.sabar je laa ina,redah je apa yg mendtg.all the best ye dear!
    mmg byk benda nak kena fikir bila bermastautin lama2 kat msia.mati kutu jugak kalau takde apa nak buat.hopefully semuanya baik2 aje nanti…

  3. Macam tu ler tiap kali kalo ada orang yg balik Msia…rezeki melimpah2..Gambo Ihsan pakai baju melayu takde ke?

  4. alamak nak balik bln 11 dah ke? nanti jom plan pegi umah zura bln 10. 2km dari umah dia ada taman ros yg sgt besar. aritu ondaway balik kami singgah tapi takleh masuk. autumn plak dia buka balik.

  5. Kak Kim,
    Dapat ye bli tiket. Best la dia jln2 Japan nnt. Kak Kim dtg masa bila? Tp jgn dtg rumah kiter. Kitorg balik Mesia. Xd org kt rumah hihi.

    Bab cari income dgn cari rumah tula paling stress setiap kali pk hoho. Kalau balik for good harus la kena pk jugak2 xleh ngelat2 dah. Tp tula xconfirm lagi xtau la cmner. Hopefully semuanya ok2 je nnt. Btw penah baca dlu pasal Fith buka peluang bisnes. Leh la roger2 Fith nnt 😉

    Kak Su,
    Aah Kak Su. Tp pening plak pale cmner nk mengabihkan stok2 tu sumer. Nnt kiter letak pic Ihsan kt entry raya 😉

    Yeke bestnya. Apa nama tmpt tu? Tp asyik xconfirm lagi ni susah plak nak merancang2.

  6. maacam faham jer situasi ina…mmg betul la tu, payah duk umh org lain lama2 even mak kita sendiri…nak beli rumah pulak, bukan mcm beli kasut(even kasut pon mai cerewet sbnrnya).byk keputusan besar kena buat which need a lot of thinking…tp doa byk2 n fikir positif..mai doakan semoga jalan ina n family dipermudahkan…

  7. ermmm pening jugak kalau noli jadi ina pun..kalau noli mungkin balik terus ja november ni…hihi tak yah ulang alik dah…tapi tula kan byk benda nak kena fikir…dgn barang barang lagi…ada anak ni barang barang macam semua penting…hihi..nak kena berangkutr sana berangkut sini…noli doakan ina dapat buat keputusan yg terbaik…dah dapat keputusan senang sikit…kalau nak balik terus kena fikir packing la (penatnya)…kalau tak ,ok juga datang sini balik …kat malaysia walaupun tak duduk rumah sendiri betul betul takpa..dah lama mesti boleh ikut rentak punya…gambatte untuk ina dan ihsan….untuk papa ihsan sama…

  8. counting days to novembahhhh… 😀

  9. Mai,
    Betul tu Mai memang perlukan a lot of thinking because banyak benda nak kena consider. Expecially bab2 rumah ni kan. Akan datang ni rasanya kena stay rumah parents or inlaw jela dlu. That’s d best option at d moment.

    Kiter actually xplan nak balik terus. Seboleh2nya nak manfaatkan peluang yg ada enjoy life kat Nihon. Most important thing is nak kena g visit kubur ‘Abid n bawak Ihsan sekali. Tahun depan Ihsan dah besar sket. Nanti dah balik terus xdapat g dah. Jadi InsyaAllah akan cuba jugak balik ke sini even sekejap saja. Lagipun xsuka berpisah dengan hubby lama2. Nanti kiter depress. Dah penah lalui dah hihi.

    Counting days nak jmpa aku ke? Aku skip terus counting bila nak balik Nihon je haha

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