Can’t Wait For Tomorrow

We are left alone the 2 of us at home. Hubby went to Tokyo with the trainees during the noon and they will only be back by at least tomorrow evening. The trainees will be going back to Mesia very soon so hubby is acting as the tourist guide who brings them for sight-seeing. They wished to go to Tokyo and hubby kinda felt responsible to bring them. They reached Hachioji in the evening and parked the car somewhere there. Obviously because the parking fee in metropolitan city especially Tokyo is exorbitantly expensive. Furthermore to us, it seems impractical to drive in Tokyo because the traffic light is like at every 100m along the journey. It’s really time consuming to even reach very near destination. Furthermore, no doubt the train line in Tokyo is super efficient. So why bother driving? Unless you have a small baby in tow definitely it’s more convenient to travel by car.

Ops hubby just called and apparently they are at Tokyo Tower, taking pictures. I thought they were already somewhere and about to call off the day. I was imagining hubby at a road side in his sleeping bag hahaha! 😛 He said there are still lots of people there. But they have yet to decide where to spend the night. Actually they don’t have a specific plan. Earlier during the day they went to Shibuya doing window shopping and enjoying the night live atmosphere in the hustle bustle of big city Shibuya. As for tomorrow only then they will be heading to Akihabara, thei main destination. Funny thing is at the moment they will be like homeless people and will sleep at anywhere possible. Hubby could check in into hotel but he couldn’t left the other 3 persons behind. The trainees are on tight budget, so that’s why. I’m sure there are a lot of other travelers like them. Even during the day, we could see a lot of them everywhere. Well looking at the bright side, I bet hubby and the trainees are having a fun and adventurous time there in lively Tokyo. I’m sure there are lots of interesting things to see there. All I wished is they will stay safe, that’s all.

Somehow it struck me just now during the day once hubby left. I started to feel tensed realizing that he will be distant from us. But I tried very hard no to lose control. Or else Ihsan would surely get the wave and that’s the most thing I wanted to avoid. Luckily I’m succeed and Ihsan is already sleeping peacefully. I managed to get everything done smoothly and even played with him. Perhaps I can stay composed at least until hubby gets home tomorrow, plus Ihsan won’t make fuss that testing my patience. Somehow back to what I felt just now, that reminded me of our very long stay in Mesia soon. I might have mentioned a few times before although not specifically (because we couldn’t confirm yet) that will be going back to Mesia very soon. It will be in the middle of October which is next month. And it will be a very long one especially for me and Ihsan. Hubby will be attached to Mesia branch for 3 months and after that he will straightly continue with training course in Tokyo for 2 months. Because of that Ihsan and I will prolong our stay in Mesia for 5 months in total! 5 months is not a joke! That’s nearly half of a year already.

Although I wished I could spend my last 1 year in Japan as optimum as possible but of course I’m happy to go back to Mesia. But I didn’t expect it’s gonna be that long. Plus I prefer staying at my own home with my little family. I find it a bit uncomfortable to stay at my in-law’s or even at my own parent’s house for a very long time. No, I don’t have problems with them and they even more than happy to have us staying at their house. But I just feel that I’m so used staying at our very own crib, that’s all. You know, things like it’s more privacy, our crib is already baby-proofed, Ihsan already got many toys to play with, there are a lot of baby paraphernalia that I use everyday that really help assisting me managing Ihsan, I can wake up whenever I wish, I can do whatever I like, I can do things on my own ways, I can cook using utensils that I’m used with and towards all the teeny-weeny stuffs etc. Maybe because I’m one fussy lady so that’s why everything seems matters to me. In fact I will miss most of the autumn and winter this year! I wanted to roll myself on the snow bed! I wished I could move our crib to Mesia. Maybe I should ask Doraemon or Aladdin’s genie to help me out 😛 Well honestly… actually I think all of that don’t really matter. What bothers me at the first place is realizing that we will be apart from hubby. That’s the top reason that made me feels pressured.

I just realized that hubby is like my support system. So I always feel as like I couldn’t function well if we are not together. Just like earlier today suddenly I felt stressed. It was kind automatic although I didn’t mean to feel that way. It was a while before I could collect my composure. I know it’s just the state of the mind. I know I could survive. Well, I know I can lah actually. But this particular matter is what I’m really weak at the most since like forever. It’s hard for me to change my mind setting and thus not to be emotionally disturbed about this. I know I shouldn’t really think about this too much and just go on with it. By hook or by crook I will motivate myself and program my mind full with positivity later. But as for now I just want vent out whatever I’m feeling inside. I just want to whine and pour out all the negativity. Let me be until I’m satisfied 😀 Sheesh I hate being apart from hubby. Especially now we have Ihsan. Even he might not mind at all but I do mind I have to take care of Ihsan without hubby. Although there will be others who could help out but it’s not the same. Hubby understands his son more than anyone else. That will be easier for me to handle Ihsan. Last but not least, hubby understands me the most too.

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  1. Ina,
    but agree with u about staying at other’s house for quite a long time.masa belum ada rafiqh,blk msia utk bersalin 3months rasa heaven,tp bila ada anak ni penat jugak nak manage dia 24/7 alone.pastu psl babyproof tu,exactly right!rumah mak bapa kita mesti byk khazanah perhiasan kan,fuhhh sgt penat nak control anak.mujur jugak mak fith jenis tak hias rumah dgn benda2 kecik,tp my in laws perghhh hubby yg sakit kepala,haha.
    sabar ye ina.suka atau tak,kita kena lalui jugak kan,so kena tolak diri ke arah positif.good luck,gambatte ne!

  2. Sabarlah dear..i know what’s ur feeling..hehe..

    Akak pun rasa susah bangat kalau hubby jauh.. walaupun kat kampung akak tu banyak lah sangat assistant jaga si Hafiz tapi tetap tak sama kalau hubby ada kat depan mata !!..

    Walaupun ada gak perang2 dingin dalam bab jaga anak ni…hehehe

  3. couldn’t agree more. kita nih sama la ina..xbleh berjauhan ngan hubby..dia gi keje balik lmbt pon dah stress..ngada2? tah laa..xleh aa.. dah anak 2 tp perangai camni gak..

    mmg agak mencabar bila duk kat umh org lain even family sendiri…mcm kata fith laa, umh depa berhias macam2..pastu anak2 kita nih jenis explorer nk try sume..payah nk control… dah dpt umh sendiri,boleh wat sukahati.xmsk pon xrasa bersalah sgt… nak bundle up laundry pon xkesah.kalau dgn org tua,even derang xtegur kita segan…

    i prefer my crib too!xkesah la dia kosong,sepah dapur xberasap 🙂

  4. Fith,
    Bila dh kawin ni especially dh ada anak mmg xleh dinafikan kiter xboleh nak buat keadaan rasa sama macam zaman dolu2 kan. Apatah lagi like me yg since form 1 dh start dok asrama. So ni before balik dh start pk mcm2 n cuba pasang strategy utk mengurangkan kadar stress tu. Hopefully I’ll be able to sabar banyak2!, InsyaAllah 😀 Tq Fith!

    Permata Hati,
    Tq kak. Yup that’s another matter bila dh ramai org keliling kiter tu ramai la jugak yg tukang nk mengajar. Tp kiter ada cara n sbb tersendiri dlm menjaga anak2 ni kan.

    Ntahla Mai ngada2 ke ek? Tak kot. Rasanya semua org ada comfort/essential thing/zone/prority masing2 kan. Like me my hubby. And it is hard to divert this kind of need to something else. Tula ni kalau balik kena pk from A-Z utk ease up everything.

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