Ihsan’s 12 Months Milestones

I feel soo lazy to update hence the silence. So now I’m gonna go straight on Ihsan’s milestones as of until August 21st, 2010 but first below are some pictures of him few days before his 1st birthday:

Destroying the flower.

In deep sleep. Aman kejap dunia Mama hihi 😛

Seluar hilang ntah ke mana. Tengok2 je dah xde dah 😀

Muka tengah pikir nak kacau Mama. Memang dia datang kacau pun lepas tu 😀

Ye Ihsan panjangnya cerita. Mandi je lah! 😛

  • He weights about 8.2kg and 72cm of height. Looks like his weight is going up and down like yo-yo. I bet that’s because of his activeness. Although he doesn’t eat too much but I always ensure he eats regularly and gets sufficient nutrients. As for height he doesn’t seem to get taller fast. Still, perhaps he is gonna be taller than us hihi. Maybe I should give him more milk 😛
  • He likes to eat biscuit and bread.
  • I have started giving him fresh milk during breakfast and diluted juice during lunch or dinner. He is still learning to like those drinks. But most of the times he prefers plain water.
  • He has started to walk but only a few steps at a time. He always eager to try but not confident enough to prolong with more steps. But I don’t worry at all since I can see that he is working hard in mastering the skill.
  • He still loves to eat on long straps and label of any kind. I believe it’s gonna be long before he finally grown out of this habit.
  • He stops on whatever he is doing whenever he hears song of any kind.
  • He babbles a lot although I have yet to hear his 1st perfect word. But I could read him since he makes particular babbles during particular times or for particular needs.
  • He likes to scream hysterically continuously without reason especially when excited.
  • He is getting cheekier everyday. Like when he knows I’m angry he would give me a kind of smiling face and stop doing the thing I don’t like.
  • He is kind of lone ranger and not that friendly. He prefers to mind his own business.
  • I can see he is getting independent. I could leave him to play by himself while I cook in the kitchen (of course with supervision from time to time). He also doesn’t demand to be held all the time.
  • He is quite resistant. When we scold him he rarely listen to us or get scared and cry. Even if when we pinch him. But once he cries, he demands a lot of coaxing.
  • He could follow movements when I show him but usually would do it depend on his mood. Sometimes it lasts for a few times or days. But sometimes he refuses to do it at all.
  • He likes to shake his head when he is angry, sad or even excited.
  • He likes to disturb the stove button when I’m cooking. So I need to switch on the fire a few times because he keeps switching it off.
  • He doesn’t afraid of stranger. Anyone can hold him unless he is already not in the good mood.
Hmmm that’s all I could remember at the time. If I were about to write every single thing about him, I’m sure I won’t be able to stop at all 😀

5 Replies to “Ihsan’s 12 Months Milestones”

  1. ihsan nampak montel,berketul2 pehanya even though berat 8.2kg je kan.dia nmpk lg besar dari raziqh,pdhal berat sama je,hehe.makin besar dia makin mirip mamanya,sejuk perut mama yer…

    bab switch off dapur gas tu sama laa dgn raziqh ni,kdg2 hairan apsal laa tak panas2 lg periuk ni,tgk2 api dah padam,hish.mujur tak reti nak on,bahaya sungguh dapur tekan2 ni…

  2. Comel betul last pic tu..
    erkkk semua pun comel, tp yg last tu nmpk cheeky sgt!!

  3. ihsan makin ligat nampaknyer…hehehe..makin comel lagi! rayyan pon jenis tak friendly…maybe blom lagi pandai berkawan..maklumlah, dok dgn tok nenek.sampaikan org dtg nk berkawan dgn dia pon, dia buat xtau jer..sabar jer laa

  4. ala mama Ihsan, kita lupa agi nak snap gambar derang main sama2 byk2, dok kelam kabut pindah randah aritu. meh2 Ihsan kena dtg kamoi lagi ni. dahla aritu tak sempat nak borak lama2 kan dgn layanan tak cukup syok. huhu, gomenne.. jom2 kita plan pegi ultraman museum nak.

  5. Fith,
    Maybe sbb Ihsan xberapa meninggi tu yg nmpk mcm berisi kot hihi. Ntahla. Raziqh banyak tak meninggi? Aah tu la seb baik stove tu ada lock. So kalau xmasak kena lock takut xsedar dia pegi on. Bahaya kan.

    Memang cheeky pun. Kdg2 nk marah rasa bertambah2 sbb geram hihihi ;P

    Itula Ihsan pun agaknya sebab dh biasa berkawan dgn Mama n Papa dia xhairan la dgn kwn sebaya dia. Nanti diorg dh pandai berkawan siap la mesti payah nak ajak balik rumah kan hihi 🙂

    Kiter ada amik gmbr diorg tapi tula semuanya xij. Ada 1 jela yg agak2 ok sket. Paham2 jela sorg ke hulu sorg ke hilir sket nyer payah nk amik gambar. Xleh dok senyap memasing hihi 😀 Alah biasa lah org pindah rumah. Paham je. Tq ye tuan rumah. Nnt ada rezeki kami serang rumah baru plak. Jadi ke dtg sini? Leh kiter wat bbq 😀

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