Ahmad Izzul Ihsan’s 1st Birthday :)

It has been 10 days since Ihsan’s 1st birthday. But I couldn’t seem to find suitable time to update on this particular important moment in his life. I can’t really put myself into sleep at night since past few days and this is very annoying and surely tiring too. This cause my daily scheduled affected a bit and thus I don’t really have time to blog or blog hopping. However, I determine to get this done by this time.

So, on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 marked 1 year since Lil’ Munchkin No. 2, Ihsan came into our lives. Finally I got the chance to celebrate the birthday of a son. One of the many wishes I had been dreaming to achieve. Although sometimes it still feels a bit surreal because I still couldn’t believe I manage to come this far. But I’m glad for this chance and one of my longing wishes has been granted. Alhamdulillah! Looking back from the day I was confirmed that I conceived of Ihsan. Honestly I felt so relieved and speechless once I saw the double line on the pregnancy test kit. It was really a moment with full of emotions. Because at that time, I desperately wanting and waiting for him. I conceived Ihsan only 6 months giving birth to late Lil’ Munchkin No. 1, ‘Abid. And I’m glad I didn’t wait too long to try again. Because Ihsan brings along plenty of sunshine into our lives since then after the rain 🙂

My pregnancy with Ihsan had been quite an easy one. Although while carrying him, I constantly felt pressured but I was quite calm, focused, prepared and highly spirited almost all the times. Alhamdulillah the delivery process was much easier and surely we came home from the hospital smiling during this time. I must say that it was one among the most precious moments for me to experience. I still can remember the journey of bringing Ihsan home was all so familiar because I actually did experience that beforehand. The time, the weather, the traffic and all was quite similar. Except surely it was fated to be the other way round. This time I could put my baby in the infant car seat where he slept so soundly in it until we reached home. Throughout the journey I could see his peaceful face. I could hold his tiny fingers. I could touch his warm delicate skin and feel his chest going up and down. I smiled all the way back home. There was mixed of emotions in me. Yet I felt so blissful and relieved. Although I’m sure aware this time we were brought to put more definitions into our own parenthood dictionary. It was indeed felt like in a dream 🙂

A few minutes young! 😀

Alhamdulillah for the past 1 year Ihsan has been quite an easy baby. It wasn’t hard taking care of Ihsan. No major thing took place, as far as I can remember. Although of course there were challenges like some episodes of worrying when he got sick, all hells breaking loose when he really tested my patience so on and so forth. But all I could say is everything went on as smoothly and very ordinarily. I think , that’s because we had been quite ordinary parents and child ourselves too. Although I do aware there were some flaws at here and there but I believed and in fact I’m proud that we have tried our best in bringing him up since the first day he was born. There are new things we discovered everyday and being with him made us learned a lot. The past one year has been amazing and we are expecting more happy surprises to come in coming years! 😀

Now let me recap back on Ihsan’s birthday. Months before his birthday and even until the actual day itself, I couldn’t stop re-thinking and re-planning how to celebrate his birthday. I thought of getting party hats for each of us and blow some balloons but at last we decided just to celebrate his birthday in a very simple way. There was only a birthday cake followed by cake cutting session! I put a new shirt on him which actually meant to be worn during raya later during the cake cutting session. We kept singing and wishing him happy birthday constantly too. On the night before his birthday I baked a carrot cake for him. At first I thought of making a sponge cake layered with cream but I changed my mind during the last minute. Because I thought of making a more special cake than a normal one. Furthermore I just made the former kind of cake during hubby’s birthday last month.

Earlier on the day of his birthday we woke up late and he was the one who woke up first. We slept late on the night before. Well, obviously I was busy preparing for his birthday cake. Anyway after awakened by him, we sang the birthday song for him in bed. He was as cheerful as a lark. I always find him the cutest when he just woke up in the morning after sufficient peaceful sleep. I like his smell at that time minus the stinky and loaded diaper of course, his refreshed look, his wide eyes and his smelly mouth. Well, he just smiled listening to us singing the birthday song. Not that he understood what it was but of course because he was happy being entertained, as usual 😀 After that we made ourselves because we already planned to go out to Nishimatsuya to restock some of his stuffs. We just got out for a while and once reached home I directly cooked chicken rice. Furthermore because we were going to receive visitors on that day.

Only after breaking fast we held the cake cutting session. Truly, it was indeed a struggle to get his cooperation. He didn’t bother at all about the cake. All he wanted was just to watch his Baby Einstein videos. He made fuss when I stopped the videos and switched off the TV! We are the ones who were busy trying to capture the important moments. It was kinda funny because we are the ones who were overjoyed whilst the birthday boy couldn’t care less! After some hard works on taking proper pictures and videos which included lots of wriggling and a bit of crying in the middle, we managed to pass the birthday song singing and cake cutting. Phew! I gave him a taste of the cheese topping on the cake. He ate it with weird face. Since he didn’t spit it out so I’m sure he liked it. But that’s all! He didn’t care to eat more. I tried giving him some of the cakes a few times after that but up to this day he didn’t mind at all about the cake. He just ate a bit before crushing the rest with his palm and pressing the pieces on the carpet 🙂

The birthday boy!

The birthday cake!

Carrot cake with cream cheese topping. The recipe is a keeper!

For his birthday present, I managed to get him a new book on the past couple of weeks. The book is in Japanese and it’s about counting 10 caterpillars. I think the book is very interesting because besides it is colorfully illustrated, they are actually 10 appeared caterpillars in the book and the last page got pop-up too. Honestly in my mind there is list of stuffs that could be a great birthday present for Ihsan but later I thought, I should make book as compulsory birthday present every year! Furthermore we still can get the other things during other times. By the way I wished to get Ihsan a potty training set, a push car, educational CDs and etc later. Papa, please take note 😀 Owh by the way, Ihsan also got advanced birthday present of jinbei which he wore during hanabi matsuri previously if you noticed. It is actually from our friend in Hiroshima. Thank you Kak Sophea, Sarah-chan and Mahdi-kun. Also after celebrating Ihsan’s birthday, we got visitors from Shizuoka, Uncle Neko, Auntie Ida and Nabilah-chan. They brought shape sorter set for Ihsan. Thank you too! Now, we both are planning to celebrate Ihsan’s birth once again coming soon in Msia with the families, InsyaAllah.

Compulsory birthday present – book!

Anyway I always feel that Ihsan’s presence has brought up our hope once again. He brings a lot of smiles into our lives. Although definitely he never can be the replacement to his late elder brother. But at least he has helped us ease our missing towards ‘Abid. I’m grateful for the blessings of both sons towards me. I love them both dearly. And if it hasn’t been fated to be this way, I might not have a baby angel waiting for me in Jannah and a cheeky fast growing baby that never fails to fascinate me every day both at the same time! Alhamdulillah Ya Allah… for You know what’s best for us and Your plan surely is the best always 🙂 In my prayers every day I never stopped praying for my sons. And for Ihsan, I pray that he will grow up being a good person to himself, his siblings, families, friends and society. May Ihsan be a Soleh son who will never forget praying for us always and as a good caliph to Allah. May Ihsan will always succeed in whatever good deed he is working on during his life and blessed until the hereafter. Only all the best wishes to my Ihsan. InsyaAllah. Amin. Happy very 1st birthday baby! 😀

“It has only been 1 year. We are sure looking forward for more years to come being with you. Celebrating more birthdays with you and surely there will be more adventures coming along the way in between too. May Allah lend you to us a long as He can. And may Mama and Papa could breath as long as at least until we could see you grow up being a faithful Muslim who is succeed in life and perhaps until the hereafter. For that, may we are always being under His blessings and guidance all the time in nurturing you to be one. InsyaAllah. Amin. The journey we had to go through wasn’t easy until the day we got you. For that, we really cherish and grateful for your presence into our lives. Mama Papa loves you whole-heartedly more than words can say.”

11 Replies to “Ahmad Izzul Ihsan’s 1st Birthday :)”

  1. emosional sket baca entry ni. i had a miscarriage once, before aisyah was born, and altho it was NOTHING compared to your grief of losing dear ‘abid after birth, i can somewhat relate to this post.

    happy bdai Ihsan. besar nanti bahagiakan ibu dan ayah ye. they love u soo much 🙂

    aunty oyis

  2. otanjoubi omedetou
    dah besar dah dia!!!!!

  3. hepi bestday ihsan 🙂

  4. happy birthday ihsan yg comel!!

    igt dulu masa ko balik mesia,ko bgtau ko peknen!dah pon setahun ihsan ni eh.cpt sungguh masa berlalu….=)

  5. happy birthday to ihsan!dah setahun pun kan,jap je lg dah 2,3,4tahun,hehe…moga jadi anak yg soleh,moga bakal menjadi mujahod islam yang terbilang…

    cantik kek ina buat,nampak sgt sedap!

  6. Kak Oyis,
    Kdg2 bila tgk org yg lebih hebat ujian dia, I feel ashame of myself and I thought I should be stronger. Btw tq Aunty Oyis! 😀

    Kak Fid,
    Arigatou gozaimasu! 🙂

    Tq! 😉

    Kak As,
    Tq Kak As! Tulakan cepat je. Rindu dgn dia yg kecik2 dlu tu 😀

    Amin! Tq Fith! Haah tu la tau2 je esok2 dh ada adik 3 4 org (wah2 :P). Mmg sedap pun kek tu Fith. Nnt2 kiter letak resepi leh la cuba 🙂

  7. selamat harijadi ahmad izzul ihsan.aunty doakan semoga ihsan menjadi anak yang soleh yang dapat menjaga kedua ibubapanya dan keluarga menuju ke syurga.goshh…mereka nie membesar dengan sungguh pantas laa.dari bau baby yang wangi mangi dah jadi bau peluh main.wlaupun bau peluh tapi tetap wangi dicium.lots of love from aunty,uncle and nabilah =)

  8. ihsan,happy birthday!!
    aunty sangat lambat wish..
    semoga jadi anak yg soleh & bijak;-))
    cepat blk mesia boleh main dgn qays!!

  9. happy belated birthday baby ihsan! cepatnyer rasa masa berlalu..semoga Allah kurniakan segalanya yg terbaik buat Ihsan.

    kawaii ke-ki dane! pandai mama ihsan buat.

  10. Ida,
    Tq Aunty Ida, Uncle Neko n Nabilah for d wishes. InsyaAllah mudah-mudahan mcm tu la. Betul tu Ida. Skrg ni sekejapan je dh masam sbb kuat melasak. Kena tggu bb baru la baru dpt cium bau bb yg wangi tu hihi 😀

    Tq Aunty Kme! Amin moga dimakbulkan! InsyaAllah soon Ihsan boleh jmpa n main2 dgn Qays ;D

    Tq Mai! Amin! Kek tu Ihsan tampr sket tsk tsk! Seb baik dlm gmbr xpasan sgt tang terpeleot tu ;P

  11. happy 1st besday ihsan….

    dah beso ihsan..kejap je dah setahun….

    ihsan jadi anak yg baik pd mama & papa…insyaAllah

    big2 hugs to u little ihsan…muuuuaahhh

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