Sight-Seeing In Matsumoto

Last Friday hubby took leave from work and we went to Nagano-shi to renew my visa and Ihsan’s and apply for our re-entry visas. We left home at about 11.00 am and arrived there during the noon. But it took just a short time at the immigration office. One of the bestest thing about Japan is everything is efficient and fast. I’m sure one of the biggest factor is because in everything they do especially working, they do it seriously. Hopefully Msia kiter pun soon akan jadi mcm ni lah. Bila tu? hihi ;P After that we made our way back to Matsumoto because we were gonna spend the night there at Nuha-chan and parents’ place. During our journey to Matsumoto we just stopped at kombini for prayer and then went to Jusco near Nuha-chan’s house area to have our very late proper lunch plus actually we were gonna need to kill some times. We needed to wait for Nuha-chan’s father to arrive home from work first before preceding to their house.

Actually our original plan was to spend the night somewhere because we wished to go for sight-seeing and then visit Nuha-chan and parents during our way back home. I wished to go for momo gari (peach picking) and visit himawari park. However, we couldn’t find anything interesting to visit around that area during this time. Even if there were, the places are a bit out of our actual route or the places we wanted to go are still not ready to be visited yet. The peaches in here are yet to ripe and the himawaris are yet to bloom. So we thought we just would stop by at their house to pass the baby crib but unexpectedly they insisted us beforehand to spend the night at their house instead. Saje2 je lah to spend time together.

Anyway, we had a great time at their house. We had warm chat over delicious foods and Ihsan too got to play with Nuha-chan. Well… actually Ihsan was more on minding his own business hihi 😛 But that’s already expected since he is still learning to socialize. On the Saturday, after having breakfast the hosts lead us to Wasabi Koen. The place was nice and it was thronged with people too. We just walked around the place and taking pictures at the same time. Then we had wasabi ice cream and bought a pack of prawn wasabi senbei and wasabi chocolate. We didn’t spend long time at the park because it was scorching hot and we were all already sweaty. After that we made way to a shopping complex and I managed to buy a birthday present for Ihsan. By that time all of us especially the kids were already tired especially because of the hotness. So we decided to get back to their house. We had lunch and pray before finally saying good bye to the hosts.

It was enjoyable indeed. Yelah bukan selalu jmpa org lain. Balik2 tetiap hari tgk muka masing2 anak beranak je. Thank you very much to Nuha-chan’s family for the great hospitality. InsyaAllah we are gonna meet again very soon after raya perhaps 😀 We straightly left for home and arrived at about 4.00 pm. By then I was already knackered because actually I wasn’t really in a good health. I caught some cold since the Thursday before. So after unpacking the stuffs I lied down in the room. I thought hubby would look after Ihsan but he dozed off way before me. Ihsan was playing in the room and gladly not long after that he joined me to sleep.

At Wasabi Koen. with traditional Japanese farming house, I think. Not sure what’s the purpose of that kind of house. But it has water wheel attached on it. Maybe it’s actually a water wheel house.

With wasabi!

The wasabi is planted in rocky soils in clear and clean moving water. In the background are baby wasabis just planted.

Wasabi chocolate.

Prawn wasabi senbei.

On the week before that we had a dip in the river and on the week way before, we went to enjoy matsuri and hanabi down the village. The Ramadhan is gonna arrive very soon next week and by then I don’t think we are gonna be going for sight seeing or anything until the end of Ramadhan. Well… we could. But with the scorching hot weather and by night we are gonna be busy preparing for breaking fast and do what we normally do during the night of Ramadhan, so it will be more comfortable to just spend time at home. However I still feel that I don’t want to miss momo gari and seeing himawari flower. I’m afraid it’s gonna be too late if we wait until after Aidil Fitri Celebration. Talking about Raya now I’m thinking of making Raya cookies soon. BUT… there is big but there. Nah… will think about that later. Puasa pun belum ni apa citer kan?

Owh talking about coming Ramadhan I feel the need to do some preparation too. Although I’m not actually sure just what I need to do anyway. But I think at least I should clean the house. Which means, wash the curtains and wash the toilet until gleaming. Well… I think that’s all. There are other things but I think we don’t have much time because Ramadhan is just so around the corner! Btw you might be wondering why I must wash the curtains because usually we heard people wash curtains right before Raya arrives. Well… suffice to say I just want to laze myself from any extra house chores during Ramadhan because I just want to sit still (yeah right) and make full use the time of holy Ramadhan, InsyaAllah! Harapnya lebih baik la dari tahun2 lepas. And not forgetting we are not gonna celebrate Raya at home. Even if we do make preparations for Raya saper sgt la yg nak dtg beraya pun ;P Furthermore it’s not the same celebrating Raya abroad compared to in Mesia. Even if we are in Mesia, I prefer to celebrate the day moderately. Guna apa yang ada je dah la xyah membazir. Wah bini saper ni baik nya! Tapi betul lah we all ni simple je ;P

Tonight there’s gonna be hanabi somewhere near the village. Hubby thought of bringing us there. Perhaps everything is gonna be good (my mood will be good, my baby will be all good, I can settle everything especially with the cooking early and the weather is gonna be good too), hence we can fully enjoy watching hanabi 🙂

7 Replies to “Sight-Seeing In Matsumoto”

  1. absolutely right!
    bulan puasa ni kita dok diam2 je laa dlm umah.panas2 ni cari pasal je klau keluar,hahaha…

    wah2 biskut raya,nanti klau buat sila share resepi yer,hehe.1 aktiviti sihat di kala kita terperap dlm rumah,ie berlatih memasak,hahaha…

    sedap ke aiskrim wasabi,coklat wasabi?err cannot imagine the taste.fith suka wasabi tapi kalau manisan yg perisa wasabi ni,tak terjangkau fikiran camne rasanya.must try ni kalau jumpa!

  2. choco wasabi? sedap ek? cam menarik jek.. nak kena carik gak ni..
    buat biskut jgn lupa tepek resepi tau.. bestnya dah nak raya.. oppss puasa pun belum, over plak..

  3. Fith,
    Panas sgt nk kuar kan. Kalo xpuasa leh benti2 sambil minum2. Ok la not bad aiskrim n coklat wasabi tu. Memula mcm xleh imagine jugak. Depa buh sket je xdela sampai leh terasa pedas wasabi tu. Kalau jumpa nnt jgn xcuba plak kt Mesia sah2 xde hihi. Ok kalau kiter wat kuih nnt kiter share resepi yer. Jgn nnt kiter share gambar kuih ‘terbang’ je dh la hahaha ;P

    Oklah boleh tahan coklat wasabi tu dia manis betul. So dia cover la rasa aura wasabi tu hihi. Haa Murni buat kuih apa tahun ni? 😀

  4. wasabi?? TIDAK!! heheh..xleh wasabi,berasap hidung nnti.
    mai pon plan nk wat biskut mcm byk dugaan jer..maklumlah,org nomad la katakan..xkan nk angkut oven kasik nomad sekalik..heheheh… mungkin aktiviti hujung minggu dlm bulan ramadhan nnti… ganbarou!

  5. Mai,
    Wasabi la sedap Mai! hihi 😀 Rasa xlengkap je kalau xde wasabi. Tp kalau coklat wasabi tu rasa mcm pelik gakla memula nk mkn. Haa kiter kalau kt sana buat kuih tunjuk2 je hihi ;D

  6. salam Ina…miss u dear… lama tak update ngan Ina..tak pe..jd silent reader je…at least tau juga perkembangan cik adik kat sana..

    Salam Ramadhan untuk Ina & family… moga tahun ini lebih baik dr sebelum nya..

    makin comellah hero Ina tu…hehe

  7. Permata Hati,
    Salam kak. Miss u too. Tula kan dh lama xsembang. Kiter tgh2 mlm baru ada chance nk berpoya dpn pc lama2. Waktu2 lain tu sambil2 jela. Salam Ramadhan utk akak sekeluarga juga. Sama2 kiter manfaatkan Ramadhan kali ni sebaiknya InsyaAllah 😀

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