Ihsan’s 11 Months Milestones

Ihsan turned 11 months young on previous July 21st, 2010. As usual, time didn’t permit me to blog or at least I was stuck with words hence the delay on the update hihi 😛 Anyway, I really can’t believe it he’s gonna turn 1 very soon! 😀 Now without further ado, I’ll just go straight on his milestones but before that; enjoy his photos in the past 1 month:

Ihsan’s 1st hanabi.

Ihsan’s 1st matsuri in Matsukawa village. Xsure plak apa nama matsuri tu 😛

Ihsan with books! Books borrowed from the library and including one book present he got from the city hall since he has passed 9 months old, Alhamdulillah 🙂

Ihsan mandi sungai.

Ihsan reading Alif Ba Ta.

  • Ihsan is now 70 cm tall and his weight is starting to increase again after being stagnant and even decrease a bit since the past 2 months. So he is now about 8.1 kg. The funny thing is… I can see that his weight mostly go straight to his tummy. His tummy growing big very fast compared to other part of the body. Now I have a ‘buncit’ baby in the house hihihi 😀
  • Ihsan’s appetite is getting better. Nowadays he always interested with foods and eats regularly. He likes to try on new foods and not being so fussy anymore. Since the past 1 month his appetite is slowly back to normal, Alhamdulillah.
  • He has 5th teeth coming out from the bud. So I can see him chewing on his finger sometimes.
  • I still feed him with blended food during heavy meals because obviously he still doesn’t has many teeth yet to help him chewing. Plus, it helps making feeding time shorter. But I do give him finger foods in between meals for him to nibble.
  • Ihsan is becoming more spoilt from day to day. He really loves to be pampered. When things doesn’t go according to his way he will nag, get angry, scream or cry very loud. If I don’t coax him fast, he will sulk and it takes long and hard time to sooth him.
  • Nowadays he is mastering the art of throwing tantrum!
  • He still prefers Mama than Papa. I’m like his ‘bantal busuk’ and he is addicted to me. He loves ‘wrestling’ on me, bite me, hanging on my back, pulling and eating my hair, rolling on me, hitting me, snuggling and nuzzling me and so on.
  • I can’t be gone for long time or else he will start making fuss. So although not all the time but usually I will cuddle, hug, kiss and rub him first before leaving him. So that he will have his secure meter lasts long enough until I get back to him.
  • He is like my ‘shadow’ because he follows me wherever I go although not constantly.
  • He can’t see me sit peacefully because he will keep coming to me for attention or at least I have to join by just sitting next beside him.
  • Ihsan now can stand by himself although he is yet to make his first move.
  • He loves if I bring him for a walk outside the house. He insists me to put him down and walk him (tatih).
  • He was down with cold last 2 weeks and we had 3 consecutive restless nights. Papa brought him to the clinic on the weekend. It was his first outing with Papa alone and they survived it 😀 Due to the cold, he also got mild diarrhea and painful nappy rash. But Alhamdulillah it all fully healed after a week 🙂
  • We brought him to see his first hanabi when there was matsuri held in this village last 2 weeks. He wore jinbei on that night 😀
  • Last week we brought him for a real dip in the river. He loves it although most of the times he seemed silent all the times obviously because the water was cold! 😛
  • He loves book so much that a book can make him occupied quite longer than on his toys and I enjoy reading for him.
  • Nowadays I no longer back-carrying him while cooking obviously because he is getting heavier and he also refuses to sit in the carrier. So I let him roam freely from the living hall to the kitchen while I cook. But not all the time considering for his safety and the type of job I’m doing in the kitchen. If he is in the hall, I will ensure he sits on the couch so that I can see him from the kitchen and I will keep checking on him constantly.
  • Nowadays he likes to push the stove starter buttons. So I have to always remember to lock the stove button for safety. He also enjoys using the mouse scroll, and hitting the left and right click button with his fingers. The latest, he likes to play with the fan button.
  • The first thing he does in the morning right after opening his eyes, if not my hair, he will turn to the traditional Japanese paper window and play with it. Now there are already 2 big holes on the paper window. I can see that I no longer bother anymore. Xlarat! 😛
  • He likes playing with mirror obviously because there’s his image on the other side ;P
  • He shakes his head especially when there’s things he doesn’t like.
  • His long time habit is still there that is picking on small and fine thread-like things lying on the floor and eat them especially hair! He also bites on the couch cover that is a little bit fury.
That’s I could think of right now. Next month is gonna be update on his very 1st birthday, InsyaAllah. Owh my baby is not gonna be so baby anymore! YIKES!

6 Replies to “Ihsan’s 11 Months Milestones”

  1. Alhamdulillah selera Ihsan dah ok balik. makan byk2 yea sayang,kang leh geng ngan papa tu.. hihi.. nanti dtg raya umi mur buatkan cupcakes comot kat Ihsan yea..

  2. wahhh buncit ker?mesti cute,mcm teddy bear.nanti bleh buat bantal,hehe…
    kejap je ihsan pun dah nak setahun.tak lama lg bayang2 mama ni bergerak lg3 pantas ler.dan hbs laa mama pasni lg kena wrestling laa,hihi…gambatte ne!

  3. eh faheem pn buncit la. memule tu aku wat dunno je. tp ble dgr mak aku bebel2 (die ckp toksu faheem asyik bg susu jek) aku pn da start risau. faheem mmg kuat susu. sbb tu ke die buncit eh? tp xde ape kn.. besela tu kn???

  4. Murni,
    Wah ni yg xsabar nk g serang ni nk mkn cupcakes n kuih raya Ummi Murni hihi. InsyaAllah xde aral Ihsan sampai ye 😀

    Haah Fith. Hari tu Jiddah Ihsan dh blikan baju raya tp terlebih besar. Bila bg ukuran sbnr bdn Ihsan kt Jiddah dia tgk2 yg lain sumer kecik tp yg peliknya tang perut lg besar dr baju sebelum tu. Lawak betul haha! Haa tu la ni dok taip ni pun jenuh menepis dia dok menghimpit, pijak2 n panjat2 Mama. Sakit plak tu.

    Hihi biasala tu xde pape laa. Nnt dia dh mobile, memanjat, berjalan berlari kempis la blk perut dia tu. Takkan nk suh diet plak kan 😀

  5. best kan dapat nikmati perkembangan anak ….yang paling best bila ina tulis…ina ni macam bantal busuk ihsan..hihi..memang tepat sekali…baru terfikir …kita ni ibu macam bantal busuk anak….nak melekat menempek ja….
    to ihsan ….moga terus membesar dgn hebat! 🙂

  6. Norlin,
    Alhamdulillah dpt witness semua perkembangan anak. Tula best jugak jd bantal busuk ni. Tp kdg2 xlarat pn ye jugak sbb asyik kena smackdown je. Nak buat keje pn susah hihi. Xpela kan. Nnt dh bsr rindu plak nk anak peluk2 😀

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