If you noticed, I extremely rarely mention anything related to our families. In fact I don’t really share personal stuffs in blog. Although there might be a few at every here and there. To some it might be nothing but I don’t know I don’t feel comfortable being so open. I don’t like the idea the whole world knows every single thing that’s happening in my life. Owh now I sound like I shouldn’t have a blog at all at the first place! This also explain why before this I feel uncomfortable to put our pictures in the blog. Nowadays I still feel the same about that every once in a while although not that much. Anyway, I think I really put my blog’s title to good use. So if you think you already know so much about me just by reading my blog, you are just so wrong. There’s only bit and pieces of my life shared in here. So, you only know some ‘Little Secret’ from me, remember that! 🙂

Now… back to my title. I suddenly feel like writing this because the other day, July 14th, 2010 was my little brother’s birthday. He turned 15. I didn’t call home to wish him since he was at the hostel anyway. But I told my mom to wish him ‘Happy Birthday’ for me and I hope my mom didn’t forget that. She went to send a birthday cake to him during the weekend visit. Very manja one this little brother. He’s my baby brother but he’s already grown up as a tall and slim young teenager with pimples on his face yet quite a good looking one 😀 I suddenly felt that I missed him. Not that I didn’t miss him before this but on that particular day I felt quite different. Well, it was his birthday so obviously I kept thinking about him more on that day than any other day. Might be because I suddenly realized that he’s really getting bigger. Much bigger than long time before.

I still remember when I officially following hubby to live with him in here, the families were at the airport sending us including my little brother. He was in standard 5 at that time and he looked so different from he is now. Of course la kan duh!~~~ 😛 Back then he was a little shorter than me, with short hair, very chubby with round face just like a teddy bear. Then I only went back to Malaysia again after 2 years and I was so shocked in disbelief that he looked totally different from before. Not that I didn’t expect it but might be I didn’t use to see him like that. The thought that struck my mind when I first laid eyes on him again was, “Mana A.D yg dulu tu?”. I kept repeating the question to myself. Only after a few days I could accept the fact that my little brother wasn’t so little anymore. Honestly I felt so sad and I really missed the childish him yg busuk2, masam2, bulat2 and comot2 tu. Only then I realized the time I lost with him. I nearly cried when I told my mom about how my brother looked so different than the last time I saw him.

Well… that’s life. And it has to go on. Same things goes to other member of the families. They changed and many things have taken places in their lives. And I lost the time with them too. Although I realized that’s very normal especially that I have my own family now but I do miss them and how I wish I could be there to share more of the memories in the making in their lives. I wished I could be in the picture too. Well… what’s important is I learned to cherish more the time I have with the people I love especially families. I miss and love all of them and they are always in my prayers. Perhaps I will be seeing them soon and we will be reunited again as one complete big families, InsyaAllah 🙂

Still… I don’t think I’m gonna write more about families after this. Not that I don’t care, think and love them. In fact they are always in my mind and prayers all the times. But I think that’s just not me. So, I will stay to keep about them to myself. I pray that may our beloved ones at home are always healthy, happy, successful and may Allah will always makes ease in whatever they are doing and shower them with His blessings and guidance from being astray, Amin 🙂

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  1. sgt faham perasaan tu,fith dulu blk setahun sekali pun terasa sedih tgk adik2 semua dah besar,masa dtg sini adik plg bongsu baru 3thn,stp kali blk mmg ketara sgt membesar,sedih kan sbb kita tak dpt lihat diorg membesar dpn mata sndr.tp takpe ina,as long as kita care psl diorg,tunjukkan rasa kasih n beri perhatian,hubungan tu kekal baik n rapat.fith sampai skrg pun klau blk,mesti spend byk masa n kdg2 keluar 1 and 1 dgn adik2,utk dgr cerita diorg.
    takpe ina,dah nak blk dah nextyear,hehe,mesti diorg happy sgt kan.

  2. aku x kesah pon.. janji pics kwn aku sorang ni ade je kt fb. kekeke.. 😀

    x lama dh ko nk blk mesia. tik tok tik tok.. weken2 bleh jejalan dgn aku dh nt. haha.. yo yo jek :p

  3. keciknya lagi adik ko masa ko gi jepun eh ina.. patut pun sedih.. kalau dah besar2, mmg aa tak nampak beza sangat takat 3-4 tahun tu.. aku tatau perasaan tu sbb asik org lain jer tinggalkan aku.. aku masih di sini..

  4. Fith,
    Kalau yg kecik2 tu mmg ketara nmpk perubahan kan. Tambah2 kalau laki. Yg dh bsr2 n girl plak xnmpk beza sgt. Tp tula kdg2 bila dh jejauh ni br kiter appreciate org lbh lg. Kalau dok dkt2 tu kiter ‘xnmpk’ n slalu take for granted. Bercekau tu jgn ckp la slalu je haha. Ada hikmah gak la dok jejauh ni. Tula nnt blk boleh la spend masa dgn diorg puas2 plak hihi 🙂

    Jomla g jln2 time wiken sesama nnt. Bg budak2 berdua tu bergusti sesama hihi ;D

    Adik bongsu la yg kecik tu. Yg lg 2 tu xnmpk beza sgt sbb mmg dh bsr. Xpe Mash, bila ditinggalkan baru la someone somwhere akan teringat kt ko lebih2 hihi 😉

  5. budak2 esp lelaki mmg cpt membesar… mai perasan perubahan anak sedara mai..masa mai nk gi nihon,muka mcm bdk hingusa, balik msia dah macam org bujang… huhuh..apapun, hubungan tu yg penting..sayang-menyayangi!

  6. Mai,
    Betul tu Mai. Kalau yg pompuan xnmpk sgt. Xpela lumrah la tu kan bila masing2 dh besar kena la ikut haluan masing2.

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