Of Birth & Death

I’m sure many of you have read the latest news regarding the couple whom just blessed with a set of quadruplet after 7 years of waiting. The babies are all identical girls. This is rare. But the faithful and patience of the couple somewhat has been paid off. May the parents will be able to nurture their quadruplet to grow up as solehah and successful persons despite whatever challenges they might be facing, InsyaAllah. Perhaps others who have yet to be blessed with a child will take this as an inspiration to keep making efforts, praying to Allah and lastly leave it to Allah because He knows what’s best for you. Maybe Allah has stored a better future with full of surprises for you, InsyaAllah. So never give up to keep trying. I pun berangan nk dpt kembar. Memang lah cabarannyer lagi berganda2 nak jaga anak2 tu tp yg penting xyah bersalin byk2 kali haha! Uish teringat sakit bersalin sebelum2 ni adoi… 😛

Anyway… that’s not what I really meant to talk about. But upon reading the news on Berita Harian website, I scrolled down then to read the comments left by the readers. No doubt of course the page was already swarmed with mostly happy and well wishes for the couple. However, my eyes caught 2 comments that I thought sounded like sour grapes. One reader mentioned at the end of her comment with ‘…besar perbelanjaan dan tanggungjawab anda berdua…’ while another one started her comment with ‘…tahniah dan takziah dicucapkan… bla bla bla… takziah diucapkan kerana bakal memikul tanggungjawab yang besar…’. After reading both comments my reaction was like, WTH?! What’s wrong with these people?!

I’m sure the parents both are very well aware of their obligations towards their children. Of course it’s not easy to bring up even 1 child and what more getting 4 newborns all at the same time! Although in the Quran Allah has already mentioned children and wealth are trials from Allah. But that doesn’t mean they (read: children – as what I want to highlight in here) are some kind of burden. It’s up to us on how well we are able to deal with the trial bestowed to us or by other words how well we are able to carry out our responsibilities towards the children. And if we are wise enough, the children will come and feel as blessing that makes us happy!

I wonder what’s the particular 2 commentators have in their mind exactly. Maybe this is nothing to some and might be the commentators themselves didn’t mean to be sour grapes. But couldn’t they make their wishes sound sweeter like ‘…semoga Allah mengurniakan rezeki melimpah ruah dan diberi kemampuan untuk membesarkan anak2…’ and ‘…semoga Allah sentiasa memberi kekuatan kepada anda untuk menggalas dan menunaikan tanggungjawab yang besar…’ so and and so forth. There a dozens other ways for you to sound more positive instead of leaving sarcastic comments.

Allah knows what the couple are capable of and that’s why they are qualified to be blessed with such gift. Owh well… no wonder the commentators don’t get to be blessed with quadruplets because they already seemed to look at it as a burden and obviously they are far from being qualified to receive such blessing. Am I right? Itulah orang kiter ni kalau orang ditimpa musibah pun ada yang nak menambahkan lagi kedukaan for example cakap, ‘…itulah banyak dosa kan Tuhan dah bagi balasan…’. Bila orang dikurniakan rezeki lebih ada pulak yang cakap ayat xboleh blah bunyi macam dengki je macam kat atas tu lah. Yelah mungkin diorg xbermaksud begitu. Tapi biasa2 kan lah diri pikir positive and wish yang baik2 je dekat orang xboleh ke?

Now… on a totally the opposite matter. I just got to know that one of the blog owner that I have been reading, Onebreastbouncing, has just passed away. Innalillah. Semoga Allah menempatkan dia dikalangan orang2 beriman. The writer had breast cancer since a few years ago. But lately until recently her condition was worsening despises of on-going treatments received. I have been reading her blog only once in a while but I felt something when I noticed she hadn’t updated her blog since a few weeks ago. Deep down I prayed to Allah that hopefully at least things would be made easy for her and Allah would lessen her burden. But now she is already gone. Although I don’t know her personally however it still feels awkward to digest the fact that the other day she still lived but now she is back to The Creator. Upon reading the latest news of her, it came to my mind I have yet to know when my turn is coming… where and how. Am I ready?

Anyway… may Allah blesses her soul and may the dearest people she left behind will always be strong to go on life. Al-Fatihah to her.

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  1. tula, kita pun rasa hampehnya org2 yg bagi komen tu. tak boleh ke cuba berlapang dada n mendoakan yg baik2 untuk org lain.. huhu.. sebak bila memikirkan bila giliran kita dijepmputNya..

  2. manusia mmg camtu,mulut takde insurans,sedap je nak ckp.bila fikir yg anak tu beban,mmg jd beban lah!tu yg ramai sgt mat rempit bohsia2 tu,sbb mak bapak diorg ada yg tak ikhlas dlm mendidik n menjaga,kita kena redha dan selalu bersangka baik dgn Allah,insyaAllah anak2 jd rezeki yg mendamaikan,kan?

  3. 4 orang sekali dapat adalah anugerah ok… suka2 hati jer komen2 camtu… bukan semua org leh pregnant sekali, pastu terus dapat 4… how i wish i skali pregnant dapat 2.. :p

  4. Murni,
    Betul tu. Pelik tul cara pemikiran sesetengah org kan. Dah tu xde adab sopan plak.

    So right! Agaknya org yg komen tu kalau tetiba dpt anak kembar 4 kesian kt anak2 tu agaknya kan? As for d couple plak bukannya diorg diberi pilihan nk anak sorg dlu ke or kembar 4 terus. But I’m sure couple tersebut sanggup nk hadapi segala cabaran tambah2 lagi dh lama diorg tggu nk dpt rezeki anak tu kan. Diorg takkan anggap itu sebagai beban punya lah. Org lain yg xtau apa2 ni plak lebih2 pk n ckp mcm2.

    Hihi right! Standardla kan memang la cabarannya lebih besar. Tp sepadan la dgn anugerah yg diterima tu kan.

  5. Macam la..
    Org macam ni pun ada..
    Dah rezki tuhan..
    Dia tahu la mana yang terbaik..

  6. Jiey,
    Tula pasal. Mcm2 org mcm2 ragam.

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