Ihsan’s 10 Months Milestones

On June 21st, 2010 Ihsan turned 10 months young. As of that day his weight was 7.9 kg and although I think after 3 weeks the number hasn’t changed much due to his activeness. Whereas for height, he was 69.0 cm tallllllll. Anyway, I really hope he’s getting tallller fast. I keep believing that there’s talllllll gene hidden somewhere in him haha 😀 So far until today I’ve witnessed every single thing that my baby has been able to achieve. There are so many of them that sometimes I missed to notice tiny little surprises my baby had presented me. Now I’m gonna list down my baby’s progress as of until about 3 weeks back. Yelah by next week Ihsan dah nk masuk 11 months young dah pun 😀

Ihsan can:

  • Cruise very well from one place to another and crawl in between when there’s no furniture to hold on to.
  • Stand without support momentarily but have yet to make his first step.
  • Babble a lot.
  • Squat.
  • Climb up to higher place and get down by himself wellllllllllllllllll.
  • Draw my hand to his mouth or cheek when I say ‘Salam’ and make the particular sound of kissing like ‘Mmmuahhh’.
  • He understands a few words like ‘Come here’, ‘Let’s go’, ‘Don’t’, ‘Dame’, ‘Matte’, ‘Amboi’, ‘Biasa dia tu’ and a few others.
  • Have yet to wave his hand when I say ‘Bye-bye’ although he kinda gets the idea what does it means despite of numerous teaching since a few months ago. Same thing goes to ‘Clap your hands’ and when I sing ‘Cak cekur genggam gamit’. He refuses to do them by himself and just stay stillll waiting for me to do them together for him by holding his hands.

Ihsan likes:

  • To pick paper, tissue, plastic, smalllllll things and strand-like thing like hair and eat them.
  • Pulllllllll Mama’s and Papa’s hair and eat them.
  • To rollllllll in bed.
  • To rollll on our bodies.
  • To bite our shirts and our arms.
  • To bite any kind of labelll.
  • To step on, hit or throw his toys away.
  • To play with himself in front of the mirror.
  • To grind his teeth.
  • To get excited when we make the sound ‘Eeeee eeeee’ or he will do the sound himself when he’s excited
  • Vacuum cleaner.
  • Wire.
  • To read book.
  • Red color.
  • Not forgetting the PC 😛
  • Commercial nestum. He can eat a lot without much hassle.
  • To be picky on homemade foods.
  • Junk foods. He willll cry when I refuse to give him some. I need to hide from him whenever I eat them.

Ihsan dislikes:

  • When Mama says ‘Bye-bye’ and hide under the blanket when he refuses to sleep. He will come nearer and starts rolllling over on me and cry then if I stillll refuse to come out.
  • Playing hide and seek when I hide myself in a lllong time or he doesn’t get to be able to see me.
  • When Mama is gone for a long time. When he can’t find me anywhere he will start to cry and say ‘Emm maa’ continuously.
  • When we don’t give attention to him and he will start to make fuss.

Welllllllll I think that’s all I could think of right now. I end this entry wiith a few pictures of him during his Month 10 🙂

It was so hilarious at this time. He was so engrossed with the pegs that we enjoyed making him looking like this 😛

See his mouth? He just had some prune.

Sleeping on Papa 🙂

His first time going to river.

‘Praying’ with Mama.

Behaving in his car seat.

One of the many sessions bullllying him haha 😛

Mama pos jela balik Mesia hihi 😛

5 Replies to “Ihsan’s 10 Months Milestones”

  1. cute! eh x sakit ke rambut dia kena sepit tu hik hik

  2. ihsan nampak tembam dlm pic yg papanya pegang tu.bila dah start aktif mmg berat susahhh nak naik kan…nak gak ckp lg,muka ihsan mmg sebijik mamanya,hahaha…

    raziqh ni pun suka kutip2 n makan,geram betul.pantang tgk apa2 atas lantai,dia laju mengutip,hish sama je diorg ni,cubit pipi tu haa…

  3. oololoo.. ape bnyak sgt penyepit kat ihsan tu, cam krismas tree lak. lucu.

    yang gambar sleeping on papa tu nape mate bulat jer? yg sleep ihsan ke papa?

    kak ina, mata ihsan bulat nyer.. putih gebu geram tengok.

  4. Kak Oyis,
    Xsakit. That’s y Mama Papa siap leh amik video n gelak guling2 hihi ;P

    Aah Fith seb baik dia xnmpk kurus sgt even berat xnaik. Hihi kiter tgk Ihsan pn nmpk mcm muka sndiri. Tp xdela sebijik especially part jendul tu sah2 ikut Papa 😀 Bab mengutip2 tu skrg ni Mama terpaksa la slalu memvacuum. Seb baik kiter suka memvacuum.

    Dia xreti dok diam tula bg dia main dgn pegs tu. Lama gak bertahan kalo tak jenuh ikut bontot dia jd mandur nk kena kawal dia je. Penat hihi ;P Pic tu dia tgh mamai. Papa dia tgh nk tdokan dia 😀

  5. muat lagi kotak tu masukkan zayyan pos balik mesia.. hihi, bayangkan kalo budak 2 org ni masuk kotak mesti depa 2 org tak heran pun kan. siap syok dok main2 kot.. hihi..

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