My Baby’s Top Obsession

In about a week Ihsan is gonna enter 11 months old dah pun hihi 😛 But I have yet to update on his 10 month young milestones. A bit late this time. I’ll try to update soon. I’ve been procrastinating because I feel so lllazy to blllog. I think it’s due to the gloomy weather. It has been raining constantly lately. The grey and cool atmosphere made the situation somehow so comfortable to laze myself. Although actualllly I haven’t gotten the chance to do that especially when there’s an active baby cum toddler in the house. Furthermore nowadays pantang la Mama goes near to the PC, Ihsan will surely follow from behind and he’s very fast! I can say it’s already chronic hihi 😛 Among of the list of things he’s obsesses about, the PC and it’s gang is on top of the list nowadays. He’s really attracted to the PC and everything around it. Kalau Ihsan kecik2 dulu boleh la Mama update blog while breastfeeding him or putting him to sleep. Tp skrg ni xde makna nyer!

Amboi2 xsedar Mama kt belakang 😛

And now I just discovered there’s something wrong with the L key. It’s either the alphabet doesn’t come out at allll or it will come out repeatedly. You might have noticed it already I guess. It’s quite annoying. Now I need to keep correcting the spelling. Everyday pantang terlepas pandang je he willll surely clllimb up this PC table. This table is very low, the usual table usually found in every Japanese house. Once he’s on the table, Ihsan likes to hit or keep pressing the keyboard with his palms and sometimes even sit on the keyboard. So this is hasil kerja anak kesayangan Abdul Latif. Hubby hasn’t realized about this until just now and he was bengkek je that he said, “Eee nyampah la…” while testing on the key haha 😛 I have said before xlama lagi arwah la kot ni. But somehow I really hope not! So keyboard, please hang in there! 😀

Gotcha! ;P

We couldn’t reallllllly do anything about this. Welllllllll… I’m sure actually we could… but it’s quite a hassle. We should have turned the house more baby-proofed. But we couldn’t change all for exampe this PC table and everything related to it. There are many factors that caused the PC clan is stillll here in the same way. If we change this we have to change this, this, this and this also. And if we change that, we have to change that, that, that and that too. Not forgetting every possible new problem that might arise from the change made. Every single thing relates to other thing. Moreover since we are going back for good soon, so we thought we should just make use of what we already have.

Buat muka xbersalah.

That’s why it always ended up by Ihsan being scolllded after numerous times of warnings especially by Mama. Because Mama is the one who most of the times stays at home with Ihsan. Actually it’s not at alllllllll Ihsan’s faulllt. It’s a common thing for a baby his age being super curious about everything around him. It’s just a phase. Somehow honestly I feel glad witnessing him being active, normalll, healthy and getting cleverer each day! 😀 Yet… sorry la Ihsan… Mama and Papa couldn’t provide a better environment for you to freely explore without limit. This is all we could give.

Very concentrate! Mcm paham je. Yes peep. Sit on your keyboard like this for better performance 😛

Sometimes I couldn’t helllp thinking if only we are living in big house. I could provide special room for Ihsan to play, a separate room for the PC and Mama’s and Papa’s stuffs and etc. But as long as we are living in Japanese house yg sekangkang kera ni there willll aways be many things restricted. Ni yg buat kadang2 rasa xsabar nk balik for good hihi 😀 Xpela nnt baik Mesia boleh a buat mcm tu. In the meantime Mama and Papa wil always have to be very patient, especialllly Mama because she is the one who needs to get Ihsan down the PC table like 10 times in every hour 😛 That’s why at the end of the day sometimes I feel myselllf turning into banshee hiiiiihiiiiihiiiii! Haa that’s the sound of banshee mengilai haha 😛

Mmg xboleh tgk org senang. Sian Papa hihi 😛

Anyway I realllly hope Ihsan willll grow out the habit very soon before more damages done! Not only I feel tired of having to need to bring him down the PC table constantly tapi penat berkuntau dgn dia dpn PC ni and Mama’s hair also alllllways becomes the victim. Besides biting my shirt he would also pullllllling and eating my hair constantly just to worsen my hair fallll problem. Makin nipis dah rambut ni tsk tsk! Wokey lah xlarat dah nk bersilat. Mencabar betul selagi I don’t hit the publish button 😛

4 Replies to “My Baby’s Top Obsession”

  1. geram nya tgk muka tak bersalah dia tu, rasa nak babab jek.. hihi.. siapla Ihsan dtg raya nanti.
    memang mencabar sgt la, setiap 10 min ada jek anak bujang kat umah ni dok wat projek. pastu tahu pulak bersalah sebut jek nama dia dia dah tampar benda yg dia pegang, kononnya benda tu yg bersalah.. haha. paling tension kalo dio dok main drawer yg penuh kertas2 n bil2 umah ni.
    gamaknya setiap sejam mesti mak budak ni bertukar kaler ijau jek sokmo.. hihi

  2. ihsan.. ihsan.. jap jer dah besar pandai panjat sana sini yer.. hehe.. mama dah jadik banshee yer.. hahaha.. giler scary.. :p

  3. haha,biasa laa tu,yg mana tak bg,yg tu diorg suka sgt nak buat.yg dilarang tu mcm disuruh2,haha,lawak tgk dia bertenggek.tak lama lg kom ina senasib ler dgn laptop fith ni.mereng je huruf2nya,sabar2…nanti lama2 dah bosan,dia tinggal laa pc tu,hihi…

  4. Murni,
    Hihi pndai Zayyan ek pass kesalahan pd benda lain. Sama la Ihsan pn kalau senyap je maknanya ada la dia dok buat projek. Kalau xhentam PC mesti tgh makan benda tahpape. Kena la cpt2 g tgk hihi 😛

    Haah pastu bontot comel tu nnt kena la babab! hihi

    Alaa xscary la… Ihsan pn slalu xtakut. Sbb banshee ni baik haha! 😛

    Itula Fith rasanyer sementara nk tggu dia bosan teruk gak la PC ni dok kena hentam. Nnt dh pandai jln xtau la dia obsess buat apa plak adoiii hihi 😛

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