One Of My Dreams

On last Saturday hubby was working. So the day ran just like mundane weekday. On that morning I was busy searching for Ahmad Saud’s Quran recitation. Now I end up addicted listening to his sweet mesmerizing recitation. Gosh, his parents must be great themselves being able to produce such an amazing child. During my searching, I also encountered Hasan Bin Abdullah Al-Awadh and Muhammad Thaha Al-Junayd recitations. Seriously listening to them as like getting myself spelled. Maybe you are wondering who are they. They are actually kids who are famous with their melodious Quran recitation. No doubt they are hafiz. Actually they are many other kids famous with their recitation. But at the moment I think I will enjoy listening to these three’s first. All this while before this I always listen to Mishari Rashid recitation at Quran Explorer. Although actually I prefer Sheikh Sudays recitation more but the audio of his at Quran Explorer is a bit unclear to me. By the way the latter twos are Imam of Mecca. You should check out these 3 kids recitation. They got plenty at YouTube. I assure you will be hooked by them! Tp suara diorg n bacaan diorg ni hampir2 sama n quite confusing nk bezakan who is actually who. Maybe kalau dh dgr byk2 kali dh boleh kenal la sapa. Here is a video of Ahmad Saud’s recitation. I xdpt carik video yg best sket tp yg ni pn ok la. Just nk show his bacaan je. Just take a moment to listen to him and you will be amazed 🙂

Anyway here is also the lists of blogs from where I downloaded the recitation mp3 in case you would want to download them too. Btw, You will find more if you browse the blog.

I had once told in one of my entry that I wished to introduce Quran as soon as I can to Ihsan. I had been hoping to do this since long ago before I got pregnant at the first place. Moreover that we have closest persons to us in the family that hafiz themselves. I’m not putting specific target on Ihsan because I don’t want to pressure myself. But somehow I do wished that he could go as far as he can though. I know I can read the Quran and understand it, but that’s all. More than that, I don’t know. What more to teach Quran to a baby who is barely 1 year old. However I always believe that it’s never too early to start. At this time of age baby’s mind is like a sponge that develops rapidly. I think it’s such a big waste if I don’t use this crucial time of his mind development wisely. Then not so long ago I stumbled upon this blog, DarwishnDarwisya. It’s a blog of a mom who shares her journey of introducing the Quran to her children. Both her children now can already memorize surahs in the Quran. Honestly, I don’t even memorize as many surahs as her daughter can and she is just 3 years old! Shame on me! So since then I have been following this blog as my source of reference in teaching Ihsan.

I’ve gathered as much teaching materials as I can but still I need more because the ones I have are still not enough. Hence, searching for the recitations as I told earlier. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit pressured especially when realizing Ihsan is gonna turn 1 year old but I haven’t done much in introducing Quran to him. Mmg ada buat tp bila rasa nk buat je itu pn sekejap2. No, I don’t expect him to be able to recite the Arabic alphabets in front of me correctly once he turns 1. Teaching a baby isn’t the same as teaching a kindergarten kid. But at least I hope I could make him familiar with the alphabets and interested with them and once he’s able to talk, he might recognize and recite all the alphabets to me easily. I wish that my son can be like his uncles or Darwish and Darwisya too. I do feel it’s hard for me to do. But I shouldn’t give up already before trying. And I believe it can be possible if I really determine and put consistent efforts in realizing this one dream of mine. I don’t need to wait myself to become an ustazah to teach Ihsan. But at least I hope I myself also can learn for better throughout the way too. After all, maybe it’s a good thing for me to feel pressured so that I can be consistent in teaching Ihsan. But as long as my baby learns in a fun way according to his own pace, surely.

On a slightly different thing, truly a few years back I kinda feel uneasy whenever I hear Quran recitation. I don’t know why. But I think it makes me feel scared? I know, that’s just so ridiculous. Then once I came to Japan when I always live in the house alone, I came across Quran Explorer. I started listening to the recitation. I still felt a bit uncomfortable. But I kept listening to the recitation every once in a while. As time goes by, I found myself listening to the recitation more often. Then, we moved into this house and I gave birth to ‘Abid. Since the day he was gone I kept listening to the recitation almost everyday every time when I’m alone at home up until I gave birth to Ihsan. I even had my morning sleep with the recitation on play or else I couldn’t sleep. Since then too I never felt uncomfortable anymore in fact I felt so calm and serene listening to the recitation. Surely that was also a big factor that helped me healed spiritually and emotionally when I lost ‘Abid. Even now whenever I feel lost or sad, I will feel ease listening to the recitation. Nowadays I still listen to Quran Explorer almost everyday but not as regularly as before because I need to play the particular videos for Ihsan too like Baby Einstein and such. By the way, I rarely listen to the music as much as I did when I still study. Now whenever I listen to list of songs so long, I will feel irritated. I don’t know why. But I sure have a few songs that I like though 🙂

From today onwards, I promise myself that I will be more consistent in introducing Quran to Ihsan every single day and will not procrastinate anymore! Wow this is from the Procrastinating Queen herself 😛 But I should try to force myself at least. If I want to see my son to succeed, I am the one who should work harder at the first place! Anyway, Ihsan likes to hear to Ahmad Saud’s recitation that he just stood quietly listening every time I played the mp3 for him 😀 Someday perhaps I can hear his recitation instead of Ahmad Saud’s. By the way, I told hubby maybe we should name our next son Ahmad Saud so that he could be a good Quran reciter himself hihi 😀 Berangan… tapi xpe salah pun. Aim the sky… shoot the mountain. In order to achieve that, the key is hard work. Harap2 jgn hangat2 taik ayam dh la. Ni pn dh byk dh taik ayam dikumpul2 ni 😛 Last but not least… on second thought… no, I think I’ll never name any of my sons Ahmad Saud though hihi 😀

8 Replies to “One Of My Dreams”

  1. hehehhhe..comel jer..
    skali bila Ihsan dapat adik terus melekat Ahmad Saud..

  2. Ina,
    kebetulan pulak yer,fith pun ada impian yg sama,nak anak2 jd hafiz/hafizah,sejuk perut kita kan.mmg perlukan usaha yg tak sedikit utk capai semua tu,apapun kita boleh bersangka baik,berdoa n berusaha kan.moga impian kita tercapai…

    btw,fith ada kwn dari sudan namanya suaad,dekat2 dah nama adik ihsan tu,hehe…

  3. Jiey,
    Hihi xperla dh ada nama lain dh. Tang ahmad tu yelakot sama 😀

    Amin. InsyaAllah mudah mudahan kan Fith. Ihsan ni dh ada contoh terdkt. So kalau Mama xusahakan jugak mmg saja2 alasan je la tu. Bkn Ihsan yg salah tp Mama yg salah! Oh Suaad la plak. Kiter plak penah ada kwn nama Sood hihi. Xpelaa Fith kiter xnk la buh nama Saud. Tp kalau Adik Ihsan ensem n pandao mcm Saud nk la haha ;P

  4. Dulu pernah teringin nk jadi hafizah. tapi hajat tak kesampaian sebab belajar quran time sekolah rendah jer..sempat khatam 2 kali

    time sekolah menengah ilek. mengaji sendiri sudahnya tajwid sume sue lupa..ingat kalau kene panjang je n dengung je, yang lain2 dah jadi carca marba..

  5. pernah juga ada impian mcm fith..insyaAllah,xmustahil =)

    mama Ihsan,isshouni ganbarou!

  6. Sue,
    Sama la akak Sue. Skrg ni ngaji traffic light sumer langgar hihi. Ada bli buku nk study blk tp xbuat2 gak. Akak azam nk hafal juzuk Amma haritu dh start pastu terbenti haha. Adeh org xdisiplin mcm akak ni kene ada cikgu agaknya kot. Tp ni dh ada target utk Ihsan plak so harap2 nya akak konsisten la. Smbil2 boleh blaja sama.

    Mmg xmustahil. Nk xnk je kan. Jom sama2 realisasikan impian, InsyaAllah 🙂

  7. InsyaAllah. sama2 kita doa yg terbaik untuk anak2. suka sgt baca blog DarwishnDarwisya tu kan. byk info yg sgt berguna.
    mudah2 mudahan doa kita semua termakbul, Aminn..

  8. Murni,
    InsyaAllah. Tula kiter pn dok ikut kaedah kakak tu guna pastu buat kt Ihsan. Skrg mcm boring la sket sbb dia xpndai bg feedback lg. Tp harap2 nnt nmpk la hasilnya.

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