Ihsan’s 1st BBQ

It’s already summer. So the weather is getting warmer each day. So far it still feels nice… neither so warm nor cold anymore. But soon the temperature will be rising. This year I’ll need not to worry feeling like living in a sauna anymore because hubby had installed an aircond last month. Our previous house got an aircond already installed but this house got none. So since we moved here last 2 years we had been going through scorching summer without an aircond. Yet we survived somehow. Hubby terpk2 jugak nk psg but I jela dok ckp xpayah. Still now only during the final year of living in here hubby suddenly decided to get an aircond. Due to the thought of not wanting our beloved son, Ihsan having to bear the summer hotness. So hubby got the cheapest one he could find hihi 😉 Buat pe nk mahal2. Tinggal setahun lbh je lg kt sini. Bknnya boleh bwk blk pun. Janji aircond tu boleh membuatkan Ihsan rasa selesa and happy dh la. Itupun I bising kt hubby apsal xcarik yg murah lagi. Nk murah lagi kena bli aircond mainan la cik kak haha 😛 Apa2 jela demi anak. Asalkan dia bahagia. Mama pn suka je tumpang aircond Ihsan 😀 Thank you Papa for your concern and care *smooch-smooch* :X

BBQ 2010

Kena letak dlm Bumbo so that dia xmerayap hihi 😛

Ihsan main air mcm nk xnk je. Sbb sejuk kot 😛

By the way, last weekend On Sunday, June 13th, 2010 we held a bbq beside the river with Nuha-chan’s family from Matsumoto. It has been a while since we last met about 3 months ago. Ihsan just learned how to turn himself by that time. Anyway we did the bbq at Yotagiri Park. About 20km from here. At first I though of doing it at a riverside near house. But after surveying both venues apparently the farthest one is much suitable especially that it’s designed for such activity. The park got camp site, bbq site, playground, tennis court, jogging track, and most importantly river for people enjoying the water. Nuha-chan and parents arrived at our house at about 10.30am and by the time we started bbq-ing, it was already 11.00am. The trainee living behind our house also joined us on that day. The weather on that day was quite windy and cloudy. However there were quite a bunch of people who were also bbq-ing, picnicking, jogging etc. It was forecasted that it would be raining in the afternoon. But fortunately there was no a single drop of rain until we made our way home.

I prepared some ayam percik which was a little bit different from last year’s recipe. Then I also brought some fresh corn, oranges and bread pudding besides all the drinks and bbq stuffs. While Nuha-chan’s parents brought some chicken satay with peanut sauce, chicken wings and drumsticks and yakisoba ingredients. We had fun relaxing by having a good chat over the yummy foods. At the same time we entertained the kids playing and all. Owh, we did get them into the water. We also joined them but I just got my feet dipped. Hubby was the only adult who got himself wet from the bottom down. But the water was quite cold so they both, Ihsan and Nuha-chan spent like merely 10 minutes in the water before they decided to cry and shiver hihi 😛 After that we got ourselves changed, performed the prayers, continued to finish up cooking and did some more eating before finally packing up the stuffs. We reached home at about 4.00pm and just rested. We ate some of the foods left, chit chat some more and observed the kids playing. Then by about 6.00pm Nuha-chan and parents bid good bye to us.

It was fun seeing Ihsan got play with a friend although actually they didn’t really play together. Since Nuha-chan already can run but Ihsan is still crawling and I couldn’t let him go free while in the park because he kept grabbing the grasses and putting them into his mouth, yuck! Besides, he was really keen on chasing after the black ants. Poor tiny ants tsk tsk! 🙂 Ihsan rarely got to meet other people or a friend about his age to be exact but I’m happy that he’s good with people he’s not familiar with. He never cries and can socialize good with others. While at the house, Ihsan tried to ‘talk’ with Nuha-chan with his high-pitched voice only to cause Nuha-chan to cry. Yelah Kakak Nuha pn tekejut Ihsan sgt teruja menegur dia dgr mesra sekali hihi 😀 In fact Ihsan was being too friendly that he grabbed Nuha-chan’s hair very tightly to eat! Harus la Kakak Nuha nangis. Kalau Ihsan tarik rambut Mama pn Mama dh rasa sakit. Gomen ne Nuha-chan. Hopefully Kakak Nuha xserik la dtg sini lagi. Nnt Ihsan dh bsr sket boleh la main sama2 elok2 ye Ihsan. InsyaAllah before puasa we will be visiting them in Matsumoto plak lgpun sbb nk hantar baby crib since Nuha-chan bakal dpt Adik pas raya ni 😀

All in all we had a good day. And I’m glad my baby had a blast outing too. It was his first bbq anyway. I knew he was so happy because on the next day he was being so cranky for the whole day because he wanted to go out again hihi 😛

9 Replies to “Ihsan’s 1st BBQ”

  1. ayam percik ina!!!! aduh sedapnya….ermmm rasa nak makan ja…. 🙂
    ihsan dah besar la nampak dalam gambar ni…

  2. ihsan nampak lain,aktif sgt dah ek,muka maintain bulat tp badan mcm dah meninggi.
    byknya mama ihsan msk,tp tak ambil gambar pun,hehe.kitorg tak mula picnic kat sungai/laut pun lg.plan lastweek tak jd plak,huhu,nmpk bestnya ihsan mandi,mamanya tak join ker?haha.rafiqh dulu masa umur lbh kurang ihsan takmau mandi,dia geli pijak pasir,si adik ni taktau laa lg,rugi je pi sungai/laut tp taknak mandi,mama laa frust takleh join,hahaha

  3. Norlin,
    Haa dh teringin tu kena la buat Norlin. Nnt bb dlm perut tu pn teringon jugak kalau xdpt mkn hihi 😉

    Aah mmg lasak betul dia skrg ni. Kebetulan plak lately xbaper mau mkn. Berat dia pn dh susut. Tula nmpk mcm tinggi je tu. Pdhal xdela meninggi sgt pun hihi. Kiter main2 air basah kaki je kt sg tu Fith sbb segan la xde pn org bsr yg mandi. Semua pn takat main2 air je. Gmbr mknan xde. Tu pun sket je amik gmbr sbb bz bersembang n mkn hihi. Bestnyer Fith leh picnic kt laut. Leh la nnt bwk 2R main2 pasir pantai 😀

  4. Muka ihsan sebijik cam u..

  5. bestnya BBQ! ni yg teringin rasa nak membakar ayam jgk ni hehe..

    just curious, nak tanya, kt jepun nun byk x anjing2 peliharaan? sbb nya kalo kat plymouth ni, kalo BBQ terbuka, mmg konfem anjing2 belaan omputih ni dtg menyibuk2. tuan2 dia plak biarkan aje, sbb dlm park kan. just wondering la, sbb nya x pernah menjejakkan kaki lg kat jepun ni. kot la lain negara lain gaya nya 🙂

  6. Jiey,
    He sure is! 😉

    Kak Oyis,
    Diorg ni sgtlah suka anjing. Diorg bela anjing mcm bela anak hihi. Park yg kitog g nk xleh bwk pets. If nk bwk gak mebi kena ltk in pet carrier la kot. Kalau park yg pets allowed pn usually diorg xbiarkan anjing lps apatah lg kacau org lain. Alhamdulillah setakat ni jarang skali jmpa Japanese yg xmenjaga adab as dog owner. Diorg mantain distant n if d dog nk dtg dkt cpt2 dia tarik n ckp sorry. Cuma kdg2 tu kiter la kena hati2 sbb diorg ni suka jugak bwk small dog n dukung je or kepit kt ketiak di park yg cramped with ppl.

  7. ayam percik?? walla bestnya. ni ada chance nak serbu umah ihsan soh mama ihsan wat ayam percik agi ni.. hihi..

  8. bestnye bestnye..!! end of this year ko blk ke beb? x saba plak rase. weeeee… 😀 kiss kiss for ihsan sikit!

  9. Murni,
    Haa meh la meh la. Boleh order kek coklat dr Yokohama jugak muahaha ;D

    InsyaAllah next year. So ada 1 year lg kot aku kt sini. Sempat la nnt Ihsan jmpa Faheem n adik Faheem hihihi ;P

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