Hanafes Kinen Koen 2010

I have been longing to visit a wide field of flowers like lavender field, sunflower field, daisy field or any kind of flower as long as I could dive myself among the flowers. We went to such a field 2 years ago during our journey back from Toyama trip. We got to see cosmos flower. However the cosmos wasn’t fully bloomed yet so I couldn’t really feel like being surrounded by sea of cosmos. We visited a sunflower garden too in the same year but the garden was just a really small one beside the road. Then, during previous spring we thought of going to any real flower field but due to a few circumstances we didn’t manage to visit any. Since a few weeks ago hubby had been mentioning about going for a trip to flower park. So on last Saturday, June 5th, 2010 we went to Hanafes Kinen Koen situated in Gifu. As in the website, it’s called Gifu Flower Festival Commemorative Park. But it’s easiest for me to say that it’s actually a Rose Garden which is full of ROSES (obviously)! 😀
The park is situated about 90km from our home. We started our journey at about 9.00am and reached there about 10.30am. By the time we arrived, we got to park our car at the most farthest form the entrance. The wide parking area was already almost full! The place was indeed thronged with visitors. But luckily the park was indeed very big too! So we needed not to worry about being cramped at all. Once we reached there we were already delighted to see the roses all the way towards the entrance. The roses looked very beautiful. Actually we were scared that the park we were visiting wasn’t worth the journey. But looking at the atmosphere around us with lots of visitors and all, we instantly assured that we would really enjoy the day. Luckily the weather on that day was sunny yet windy. So we really got ourselves exposed under the bright sun too. What a fine day!

As we entered the park, we straightly made our way enjoying the view of roses. And of course, started taking pictures all the way! We were so fascinated with all the fully bloomed colorful roses. Even Ihsan took his chance grabbing the flowers when we didn’t notice 😛 Fortunately throughout the day too Ihsan was really behaving himself and he didn’t made fuss at all except once in a while refused to sit in his stroller. So we had to take turn holding the 8kgs baby. The park is actually consists of several gardens in it. Each garden has it’s own theme like English Garden, German Garden, USA Garden, Italy Garden and so on. Actually the garden aren’t named like that but I can explain them that way somehow. Although with different theme each but all gardens shared the very same flower, Rose! By the way, it’s rose blooming season from mid May to mid June. And again during autumn, mid October to mid November.

Pink roses.

White roses. Masa kt sini dok terbyg2 bestnyer kalau dulu dpt kawin kt sini 😀

Can you spot the building behind us on the right? That’s the sky tower. It’s quite big. So imagine how big the park is and how far we kept walking. Kurus! 😛 Mlm tu tdo punya la nyenyak sbb penat sgt.

Immersing ourselves into the roses 😛

Susah betul nk suruh Ihsan tgk camera. Byk gmbr cantik tp Ihsan je yg buat slack 😛

The roses were varied in sizes and colors. Some of them smelled nice too! Even if I didn’t sniff the flower but just by walking among them, the smell lingered into my nostril. The roses are planted according to their garden type like in English Garden, the roses there are the type of roses that usually can be found in England while in the Italy Garden, there were roses that usually planted at Italian house fence or wall and so on. The park doesn’t only consists of gardens but there are rose museum, roofed-bridge where visitors can view roses from above, nursery that sells roses, a big lake with fountain, train rides, waterfall, pond, picnic areas, shops, performance stage and open hall and sky tower building where visitor can view the whole wide park from above. But we didn’t got into the sky tower because the queue was long and we thought we preferred enjoying the roses from near.

Dlm pamphlet rose ni dia kata warna biru 😛 Anyway rasanya ada ke ek rose warna ni kt Mesia. Xprasan plak sblm ni pernah tgk ke tk rose warna ni.

Ini dh xmcm rose je. Mcm sakura je. Tp mmg rose lah.

Red roses.

We just walked around the park from one garden to another. After that we stopped by at a cafe to have an ice cream. I had lavender ice cream while hubby had rose ice cream. Honestly, they tasted like ice cream dashed with perfume 😛 I think I prefer the soft cream with normal flavors I usually have. After refreshing ourselves, we walked again and found a spot to rest. We brought along our picnic mats and sat under the shade. At least Ihsan could free and rest himself after being held so long. We had sandwiches that I packed from home and I nursed Ihsan since he refused to have his solid. Hubby lied on the mat while I just sat and looking after Ihsan. Ihsan was busy looking around and playing with our stuffs. After a while, we continued walking again enjoying roses at other garden before taking a rest at another garden again. By this time we both already felt tired. Both my legs were already aching as like I just had a 5km cross country. Well, the park was very big and we had to walk up and down the hills too. Whatmore that we constantly have the extra kilos to bring along 😛 While resting this time, we had a soft cream each. Hubby had the rose soft cream while I had the ever-yummy green tea soft cream.

Ihsan pn penat jugak!

Ihsan tdo. Lega!

Ihsan the flower destroyer.

Finally we made our way towards the final gardens and taking few more pictures before ending our round of the park. We tried to find the park signature souvenir at the shops area to bring home but there was none so we didn’t buy anything. But instead, hubby managed to enjoy feet dipping at the warm water feet dipping corner for a few minutes. I wished to join hubby but obviously I couldn’t hide my aurat plus I had to look after Ihsan so, never mind the thought. At last we went out from the park at about 3.30pm. In total we spent about 6 hours to complete going around the park! Even that, we didn’t really go to see everything. If not, we might spend a lot more times in there. We straightly headed towards Hard Off then but couldn’t get what we wanted. So finally we just headed home and arrived at about 6.15pm. As an over all, we felt really satisfied with our visit to the Hanafes Kinen Koen 🙂 Thank you Papa for insisting to bring us there *smooch-smooch* :X

At the entrance before heading home.

Perhaps next time we manage to visit a wide flower field and enjoy the breathtaking view while having picnic among the flowers.

6 Replies to “Hanafes Kinen Koen 2010”

  1. wah2 bestnya,nak tengok gambarrrr!hehe.mesti cantik giler kan.fith pun suka tgk bunga byk2(saper tak suka kan?) tp kat kampung ni tak byk ladang bunga besar2 pun,huhu.

    lps ni dah makin panas boleh laa kita gi air terjun ke pantai ke,kan kan.hehe

  2. wah..cantik2 semua gambar… comelnya Ihsan..bila lah aunty nak cium dia..hehe

  3. Fith,
    Mmg best sgt2 Fith. Even dh amik gmbr byk tp dok bising kt hubby xpuas n nk g lagi hihi. Tmpt ni pn kt Gifu 90km dr rmh. Jenuh search kt internet jmpa gak yg xjauh sgt. Harapkan dkt2 rmh ni mmg xde ler.

    Permata Hati,
    Kena g Sarawak dlu la lawat Abrisam n Hafiz br dpt jmpa 😀

  4. lawa nye duduk keliling bunga2 mekar. mesti feeling2 roamntik gitu ek? hehe..

    kitaorg sejak duk sini lom pernah g taman bunga yg betul2 mcm tu lg. hubby ni alah dgn pollen, so tu yg dia malas tu nnt kena hayfever teruk 🙁

  5. “ihsan the flower destroyer”..hik3,sgt kiut laa..xpe2,nnti dah besar jgn rosakkan bunga2 mama tanam yer…err,mama ihsan tanam bunga kan?? heheheh

  6. Kak Oyis,
    Harus lah kan rasa romantik gitu. Tp pns n mengendong bdk 8 kilo ni xde makna nyer lah hihi. Kitorg pn blk terbersin2. Seb baik xteruk. Suruh hubby pakai mask la br bleh jln2 tgk bunga 😀

    Xde makna nyer dh nk tanam bungaa. Haritu hubby ada tanam tp skrg dh kne tutp dgn rumput. Rumput degil plak tu potong2 pn pantas je dia tumbuh blk. Spesis apa xtau la. Kitorg pn xrawat tanah tu dlu. Xkoser la dh la luas plak tu. Fed up dh. Blk Mesia nnt la tanam2 hihi.

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