Seafood Doria

Finally got time watching Alice In Wonderland which hubby downloaded like yonks ago. But suddenly hubby was already too sleepy to go through the second halfway. He said he’s so tired so he joined Ihsan who was already long asleep. So, still needs some more times to finish the movie. We hardly have movie nights nowadays not like pre-Ihsan. Yet, now I have time to blog and perhaps I could make myself sleep early too tonight 🙂 Owh by the way I was fasting today and gosh I was so not energetic due to lack of sleep. And my baby add the package by being otherwise grrr! Definitely already expected though 😛 Anyway… I have 9 more days to go ganti puasa! Hang in there!

It has been quite sometimes I put pictures of foods I’ve tried. Sometimes the end result not that beautiful to be shown here. But actually most of the times nowadays I don’t really take picture of foods anymore like before. Because I’m busy taking pictures of my baby. Now I have over 4000 pictures of him because I take his pictures everyday. I’ve missed 1 or 2 days if I’m not mistaken and only remembered to take his picture of the day past midnight. Now I’m in the middle of choosing which pictures to be printed and believe me it’s a crucial job indeed! Because I feel like each picture is very important and holds significant memory. Seems like I need long time before finally come up with final album then.

Anyway, last week I made Doria. A kind of baked rice mixed with white sauce and filling and finally topped with cheese. I first tried this when we went to Murni’s house in Yokohama. Hubby liked it. However since we don’t have suitable gratin plates so I needed to put the recipe on hold. I thought there’s a Nitori near here in Komagane. But turned it it’s actually Komeri a DIY shop. But then luckily during our previous Nagoya trip, we managed to stop by Nitori and got set of gratin plates and bowls each. Sigh… nk mkn pun susah! By the way, I got the recipe from here! But I that’s Macaroni Gratin so in order to make Doria you change it with rice. Thanks Murni for the lovely recipe. We like it and for sure gonna make it again soon 🙂

Seafood Doria

For the second recipe, I also baked Banana Chocolate Muffin last week since hubby told me that the obasans told him they wanted to visit the baby since they were coming here to do works at the syatakus behind. On that particular day I did realize they came and were busy doing their job. So I just waited for them to knock on my door as usual. I thought might be they would come after they were done with their job just like before. But they didn’t come at all. Hubby said that might be they expected me to come out? But I thought I wouldn’t want to interrupt them while working or anything. In fact I could invite them inside if they come and we could have a nice chat over tea. Anyway somehow… I enjoyed finishing up the muffins though 🙂 Hubby said it tastes ordinary. But I liked it because it tastes chocolatey and soft. The most important part is it’s easy and fast to make 😉 I always love easy recipes by the way. I got the recipe from here! Actually I’ve tried another version of this muffin but it uses melted chocolate instead of using chocolate powder. I prefer the latter obviously because less the hassles 😛

Banana Chocolate Muffin

I prone to bake muffins or cakes or make other kind of sweetmeats more nowadays except for anything with dough. Actually I love breads and kinda miss baking them but unfortunately the dough shaping work by bare hands surely will make my hands over-dried and cracked. That’s hurtful. I wonder when my hands gonna be fully recovered from this weird illness. But fortunately it’s getting warmer and my hands seems better then during winter. So usually I only make loaf bread at least once a week because it fully uses the bread maker until the loaf is done. At least, I still get to eat bread 🙂

5 Replies to “Seafood Doria”

  1. wowwi doria,sedapnya!
    pernah mkn tp tak pernah fikir nak buat sbb hubby tak suka.cantik ina buat,mcm kat kedai!
    muffins pun nampak yummeh!update lg yer new recipe,kot2 bleh tiru,hehe…

  2. wuish nampak tempting itu seafood doria…nyummnyumm

  3. post doria sikit lamanya tak mkn

  4. Hadoii.. Tergoda tgk food ni..
    Hope tgn will terus baik and can bake more..

  5. Fith,
    Hihi doria tu sbnrnya ada error gak tu. Dlm gmbr xnmpk sgt. Tp xpe la 1st time buat. Nnt buat lg dh tau dh la 😀

    Kak Kim,
    Buat la Kak Kim sng je 😉

    Kak Fid,
    Kt Mesia pn leh buat apa. Tp guna beras wangi la hihi

    Yes hopefully. Eh kt sana lg byk mknn sedap2 🙂

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