Weekend Babble

Phew! Finally I got to sit in front the pc peacefully without any disturbance. Ihsan has gone to sleep and hubby too. At the same time now I’m doing the laundry. Seems like I’m going to sleep late again tonight. Owh it’s already Sunday. But it’s okay at least I don’t have to wake up for sahur later. I’m gonna take a break for tomorrow. I mean, today. Actually I’ve been fasting straight 6 days since last Monday. Fuhhh gigih betul! Now I have 10 more days to ganti puasa. I feel relieve because 10 days left are not that many. Definitely I can finish ganti puasa before next Ramadhan. Perhaps at least next month I can finish ganti the 10 days left. Actually I thought I could publish this entry already just now before hubby coming back from playing badminton. But he came home already while I was in the middle of typing. Hopefully no more disturbance after this until I finish this. Hopefully Ihsan will stay sleep soundly.

Talking about Ihsan, nowadays I tried to practice blogging (wah mcm la xde keje berfaedah lain nk buat kan kena practice bagai :P) even while watching on Ihsan but still close to impossible. I really couldn’t concentrate and every time I get rid of him he keeps coming to invade my place! I got extra ‘unneeded small helping hands’ wanting to do the typing for me. Geram but it’s funny though 😀 Usually I would surrender and keep myself fascinated with his actions. Kesian sama. Mcm mengabaikan dia je. Xsampai hati okeh. Rather than gluing my eyes on the monitor and seeing him suddenly crying because I couldn’t save him from tumbling down, I better be safe than sorry. I definitely will feel guilty if he fell down because of my negligence. It’s different if he still fell and got new bump even under my watch. I’m not Superman that can swoosh! save him before it happened. But at least I had made an effort 🙂 Well… maybe by having a new laptop could solve this problem? hihi 😛 (tetiba je). I left my old laptop to my mom once I came here long ago. Hubby has been considering to buy one since then but we keep postponing because we don’t really need another computer at home. Perhaps we better fully utilize this old pc at the moment, so we thought. Tp eleh mcm leh elakkan Ihsan jatuh2 😛

Aha! Talking about falling just now I saw Ihsan was so close to fall off the split at the entrance. Hubby and I was in the kitchen and apparently hubby didn’t close the hall room door properly. The little fella, Ihsan then happily moved his butt crawling towards the entrance. Dia mmg pantang pintu tu terbuka lajuuu je mara ke depan! I was looking and talking to hubby behind me and suddenly I saw budak kecik tu smiling and crawling fast towards the split! The split is quite high mind you. Tau la kan rumah Jepun usually ada split at the entrance. Once I saw him my mind thought if I myself wanted to run and save him, I could be late. So in a split second my mind made a decision I should just yelled to hubby and pointed at Ihsan behind. I shouted, “Abang! Abang!”. Okay my mind couldn’t process anymore words at that time and that’s all came out of my mouth. Luckily hubby without hesitation instantly looked back and he saw Ihsan. He shouted at him, “Heyyy!” and picked him up from there. Phew! But hubby was so in shocked and he was mad at me because he thought there was snake in the house or anything hihi 😛 Seb baik sempat. If not lg 2 langkah je si kenit tu dh jatuh. Luckily I saw him beforehand at the first place! The other day he already fell down right under hubby’s nose! In a blink je hubby tgk benda lain dia tetiba jatuh. I told hubby that he’s very fast so we should watch out on him all the time and be prepared before he fall down. Seb baik masa tu dia jatuh atas kasut2 and hubby sempat gakla tahan dia dgn kaki tsk! If not benjol la pale weiii! Nanti Mama nyer harus sakit mata and sakit hati tgk kan? 😛

Eh jauhnya terpesong. Anyway, although it’s weekend but it’s hardly feel like one. Because hubby was working today and tomorrow he’s gonna have badminton tournament. Even if we go out tomorrow, probably we’ll just go to the supa to do the groceries shopping and to the library to return and borrow new books. Maybe we could stop at anywhere decent (ada ke?) to refresh ourselves with some fresh air and enjoy the view. But I think hubby maybe would be too tired after the tournament. If we are not going out tomorrow, at least I should just expose my baby under the sun outside the house for a few minutes as usual if the wind is not so strong and too chilly. Owh yeah… now I remember that I need to do the weeding. The grass is growing fast and they are halfway covering the pansies! Urgh… I’m wondering is there any other way to get rid of the grass rather than manually picking them one by one. It’s too time consuming and tiring. So not worth the efforts compared to the grass growing pace. But I can’t let them destroying the nice view and pansies, can I?

Owh by the way before I forgot. I think I did mention somewhere and some when before that since winter last year there are no any Mesian trainees here. So the 3 syatakus behind are empty since then. We have been staying here only the 2 of us (now 3) for about more than a year already. But by end of this month there will be new trainees coming again. So since last week the obasan and ojisan of the kaisya kept coming to prepare the houses with stuffs. You know, like putting the curtains, do some cleanings, preparing the household items and etc. Honestly, first thing that came into my mind is that I’m worried the boys would make much noise especially at night and thus disturbs the baby. Paham2 la org bujang. I’m kind of person who very prioritize of privacy. I think I had blogged once about they played firecracker in the middle of the night. So nerve-wrecking! And actually I’m worried of a few other things too… due to past experience… like hubby will always be gone to their places since hubby is the one who will be taking care of their welfare. Tak termsk lagi non-welfare stuffs pn byk jugak 😛 But I know I shouldn’t worry of petty things too much. I should just see this in a positive way and accept the situation just the way it is tsk! Well… at least we are not going to celebrate raya alone again like last year 😀 Perhaps budak2 yg dtg ni sumer okay2 je la. But I would love to remind you my dear Ayang, you have to have limit and always put your 2 beloveds at your highest priority tau! Ni paksa ni!

Ops I better go to sleep now Ihsan pn dh nangis! By the way hopefully hubby gonna do his best in tournament tomorrow! Go go Ayang! 😀

7 Replies to “Weekend Babble”

  1. hahaha,lawak laa pulak baca entry ni,sampai taktau nak komen camna,hahaha…
    psl jatuh kat entrance tu klau nak lg slmt beli gate je,skrg ihsan takleh buka pintu tu ok lg,nanti dah pandai perghhh jenuh nak berkepung tu,hehe…

  2. Fith,
    Aha tang mana plak yg lawak tu? hihi. Gate tu dh lama ada Fith cuma xpsg2 lg sbb mcm masih belum perlu. Ihsan pn xpndai bukak pintu lg. Cuma Mama Papa la xleh leka n kena beringat slalu tutup pintu rapat2. Sket hari lg cnfirm la mmg kena psg dh!

  3. Bila budak2 ni dah pandai bergerak bebas,mmg kena pay extrA attention.pantang lepa,kejap je hilang.on top of that,mak bapak pon kena selalu tgk kat mana anak.aritu ryn tersepit jari kat pintu keta,papa nyer xperasan dia letak jari dia kat situ…Syiann dia

  4. Mai,
    Betul tu Mai. Mmg pntang lepa and bdk2 ni mmg laju. Bab tutup pintu tu kdg2 tgk Ihsan dia mcm jauh lg tp pusing je lg skali tgk dh smpi dh. So nk tutup pintu skrg ni mmg kena tgk dia dlu ktne. Ritu pn nyaris2 jari halus tu nk kena sepit.

  5. orang rindu datang menjenguk!

  6. Lucu lah kan..macam2 je aksi ada anak ni..

  7. Hurin,
    rindu jgn xrindu! hihi

    Permata Hati,
    Haah kan kak. Si Abrisam tu dh bsr mesti lg byk aksi 😀

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