Trip To Nagoya City

As usual… it’s so hard to even produce 1 entry post. I have many things to write but I just couldn’t make space for myself to blog. In fact these days I hardly chat, message, blog hopping and so on the likes anymore. I think some might resent with me but all I can say is I’m sorry. Some of them simply can understand but sometimes I wished I could make some others to please understand too. At least I never forget them at the first place. Blame it on the little monster Ihsan! 😀 He’s my highest priority now and followed by other commitments hence left blogging and the rest at the low rank. Yee kee? 😛

Anyway this entry is back-dated but I don’t want to miss out the story of our trip to Nagoya during the previous Golden Week holiday. GW is already passed. I couldn’t believe one of the longest holidays has ended. It felt so dread waiting for the holiday to arrive but once it came, the time flew fast! Alhamdulillah our GW went well although it was quite a short one. Since we went for sight-seeing in Nagoya, we missed to carry out a few plans as I listed recently. Back we could get back to each of them anytime now or later.

Our trip to Nagoya very recently had taken place very greatly except for a few unavoidable tiny hiccups. We started our journey at about 7.00 am on last Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 and straightly headed towards Nagoya Castle. The journey was smooth and the weather was beautiful. We took the highway of course to save time and after all we have the ETC so we got the special holiday toll price. The traffic on the opposite lane was horribly moving so slowly almost from the time we started our journey towards reaching our destination. The traffic in Nagoya was quite smooth too. No doubt that most people took chance balik kampung visiting their hometown or sight seeing to other places. We reached Nagoya Castle quite early and the place were thronged with visitors! Apparently there was an exhibition held in the castle. Gladly we arrived a little bit early and the queue at the ticket counter was still short. Once we got inside the park, we walked around enjoying the view and started taking pictures. We encountered quite a number of Middle-Eastern families and every time we passed each of them, they would wish Salam to us. We did the same too. The Middle-Eastern ladies most of them not only wearing hijab and jilbab but a few of them were wearing veil which is of course a very rare view here in Japan I guess. So… I thought I shouldn’t be bothered at all on how people look at me next time. I don’t mind actually but sometimes it’s just too obviously annoying to be ignored.

We got into the castle and enjoying seeing the stuffs displayed in there. I found them interesting and had quite a good time in there. Most of them are paintings on the traditional Japanese door and they aged more than 100 years. Some were even 300 or 400 years old! I kept wondering how it was like to be living during those periods. But personally I think Osaka Castle is more interesting because they got the samurai attires 😀 We decided to go out after a while since the place were cramped with people. Then we resting ourselves on the bench outside the castle while having soft cream. It was already noon at that time but we were not gonna checked-in into hotel until 3.00 pm. According to our original plan, we wished to visit the zoo but 3 hours weren’t enough to spend at the zoo. So we decided to kill the times at the castle park. We took more pictures and 1 with samurais, watched performance at the open stage, bought a few souvenirs and had lunch of homemade sausage rolls under the pergola covered by nice smelled purple color flowers. After that we continued to walk around the castle and finally decided to leave. We made our way towards the hotel and before that, we stopped at Nitori to buy a few stuffs. Maklumlah kt Matsukawa ni mana ada Nitori 😛

Us with the castle.

With samurai.

With the front castle gate.

We stayed at Route-Inn Hotel and it is quite a new one. It was clean and comfortable but the room was small. Well… that’s already expected. Usually hotel room in Japan of a same kind is always smaller compared to hotels in Malaysia. By the way the hotel is a 4 stars hotel and the reason why hubby booked there was because there was a promotion for included tickets to Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium. So actually the total price was quite a good offer 😀 We rested ourselves once we got into the room. Got some sleep, cleaned ourselves, had late lunch and then went out for dinner. We decided to go to a Halal restaurant we used to frequent. But once we reached there we got confused because the restaurant we found wasn’t seemed the one we used to go. I’m not so sure but most probably other owner has taken over the place and currently it’s a Halal Indian restaurant. To cut the story short, we didn’t dine there but took away all our orders because Ihsan suddenly projectile vomiting again like before this. He soiled not only his clothes with his vomit but also messed my clothes and the place we were sitting at.

Right before we went out for dinner. Budak ni xleh tdo diam.

At the center of Nagoya City.

After paying for the foods we hurriedly went back to the hotel. We were so worried and Ihsan was whimpering and crying. He seemed in pain and in great nauseous. I felt that his head was hot and sweaty. His lips were pale too. He vomited a few more times in the car but only little while and dozed off in between. I was so scared and started to think for the worst to happen. I woke him up when he was sleeping. Silly me 😛 Turned out he was just so tired having his stomach content forcefully expelled. Just like as adult when we vomit we would feel the same too. Once we reached the room he was already better but looked tired. We bathed him again and then I nursed him and put him to sleep. This time I was confirmed what was the culprit once he started vomiting. Ihsan can’t accept avocado. I fed him with mashed avocado before we went out for dinner. I don’t think he’s allergic to avocado but I think he simply can’t accept it most probably for the taste and the high fat content in avocado. I missed to follow straight for days rule while introducing him to avocado due to some circumstances. But now I already knew that the recent projectile vomiting experience was also caused by avocado which I fed him in the afternoon before that. I’m not sure the exact cause of projectile vomiting on him but since it doesn’t continue to keep happening so perhaps it’s nothing serious. Even when I started to feed him last time he made weird face and as like wanted to vomit. So I think it’s just the avocado. He doesn’t like it and can’t accept it. Period. Mcm Papa dia la kalau foods xsedap ke xsuka ke mesti buat muka mcm tu n kalau mkn paksa mesti mcm nk muntah jugak 😛

On the tomorrow morning. Dah sihat dah 🙂

The leveled-parking entrance. The guard is opening the door through the panel. We have to park our car on the round thing there. It will turn the car head first facing the door. Then we need to drive car into the the entrance. Only after that the door will be closed and the car will be transferred for parking. All using machines. Owh we need to get out of the car before the door closes.

When we want to go out we just have to request for the car from the guard and he will key in the information of the car. That’s our car ready to be driven away. Yes… I was jakun hence these pictures and explanations 😀 Maklumlah kt Matsukawa confirm xde nih 😛

The leveled-parking building. It’s indeed a big and tall building.

On the tomorrow of the day, we checked-out from hotel at 9.00 am and straightly headed to the aquarium. There were also full of visitors. We wished to see a killer whale but at the moment the big fish is unavailable there. But anyway, we had a good time seeing dolphins performance, other big fish like beluga (it’s a whale too), penguins, starfishes, tortoises and lots of other kinds sea animals and plants. It was fun I must say and we spent quite a long time there probably because the whole big aquarium area was cramped with visitors. After that, we rested at the Nagoya Port outside the aquarium and then made way to have lunch at the eateries available there. We had a scrumptious lunch at the Red Lobster. Ihsan was being so naughty that he couldn’t stay still while we were there and kept making noises and all. He ate the pamphlet we handed to him and yes I found the evidence in his poop on the next day 😛 By the way Ihsan made friend while we were having lunch. There was a 3 years old boy sitting behind us and he kept coming towards Ihsan and even showed his newly bought sea animals figurine. Although the boy didn’t say much but Ihsan was so excitedly babbling and shouting to his friend (susah tau nk tgk or buat dia seceria itu). Suddenly deep in me I felt sorry for Ihsan since obviously he wanted a friend. Kesian… Abang dh xde. Nak Adik lambat laa lagi 🙁

Papa and Ihsan with big beluga. The fish is so fast turning away and I couldn’t capture its’ face.

After the dolphins performance.

Inside the aquarium building.
Outside the aquarium.

Anyway… we also planned to visit other place besides the aquarium on that day but unbelievably we already spent the whole day at the aquarium so we decided to go home instead since it was already evening. Alhamdulillah our journey home was so smooth and this time the opposite lane was in heavy traffic. I think we just got lucky 😀 We stopped to pray at the rest area then went to Toki Premium Outlet. We didn’t plan to shop but we did buy a few stuffs to replace the old ones. Furthermore they were on sales and the things are our needs. So I think they were worth the damage done 😛 We arrived home at about 10.00 pm if I’m not mistaken and on the tomorrow of the day we just resting ourselves at home.

At the outlet before finally heading home.

So… that’s it how we spent our GW holiday this year. I wonder if we are gonna have chance to experience GW holiday again next year? 🙂

7 Replies to “Trip To Nagoya City”

  1. GW next year?bukan dah nak blk ker?ber-GW kat msia aje laa,hehe…

    apa laa yg monster comel ni buat sampai mamanya takde masa ek,haha,mcm2 ihsan ni!

    ooo ihsan takleh ‘terima’ avocado yer,mgkn jugak kot ina,sbb rasanya yg lemak2 tu kan,kembang tekak agaknya…takpe ihsan,byk lagi foods lain,nanti mama suap benda lain pulak yer…

  2. Mai suka sgt Nagoya port aquarium tu..syiok tgk mcm xtvt ada…seronoknyer gw kan? Teringat zaman muda2 dulu berjln sakan… Ihsan mcm doll la…rambut tu kawaiii!!

  3. haha i think baby ni mmg macam tu kut.. arissa tekak orang melayu.. pasta2 oat2 ni tak main arr.. nak nasiiiiiii jugak.. penat mama die masak konon different taste.. last2 kite yg makan.

    ala br ingat kalau jalan2 kat jepun nak suruh ina jadi tourguide hahaha

  4. Dah besar dah Ihsan 🙂 Rasa macam baru je baca entry dia lahir 🙂

    Comel mata bulat!

  5. Fith,
    Eh mana tau kami postpone blk akhir thn ke smpat la lg rasa GW 😀 Ihsan kalau berjaga mmg xde chance la Mama berpoya2 dgn aman dpn pc dia pn nk join sama. Time dia tdo Mama pn tdo xpun setelkan benda lain. Mlm kene lyn Papa Ihsan plak. Kene stay up br leh berblog tp slalunya xlarat laa kan 😛 Tula avocado tu 1st and 2nd time tu ok. 3rd and 4th time tu ada gap sket tu yg muntah kali ke 2 br cnfirm sbb avocado.

    Aah best Nagoya Aquarium tu. Tp tulaa kuciwa xdpt tgk killer whale 🙁 Ihsan rmbut pjg! Ntah bila nk potong! 😛

    Agaknya la kot ek Aina. Tp Ihsan suka salmon . Avocado tu bau n rasa lemak2 kan. Papa Ihsan pn xsuka hihi. Aah laa nk blk dh Aina oii 😀

    Aah dh berat dh Leeds. Bau bb pn dh makin ilang dh. Mau masam ada ler hihi 😀

  6. oooo ihsan x suka ras aavocado ye, sian ihsan smp muntah2.

    kat fukuoka ad aprking cenggitu tp i pon xpernah try lg, so klau i dh try nanti..i pun jakun mcam u kot hehe

  7. Yatie:
    Aah tula agaknya sbb lemak2 kan. I rasa kt big cities cumer ada Yatie parking mcm tu. Kg tmpt kitorg dok ni je xde kot. Tp bila area kg mmg kaya la dgn parking landed 😀

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