Golden Week Holiday 2010

Golden Week is already arrived? Just realized it today. Golden Week is a collection of a few days of National holidays within 7 days. It is usually combined with weekends thus making Golden Week holidays are among the longest holiday seasons in Japan besides Obon holidays and New Year holidays. If you want to know more about Golden Week holidays, you can click here. Although I think many people have started enjoying their Golden Week, but it’s not for us until this Saturday because hubby is still working today, tomorrow and Saturday.

Honestly, we are yet to have a specific plan for this coming holidays although we do have rough ideas on how are we going to spend the holidays soon. I really can’t wait for the time to come since I have thought of doing a few things besides enjoying the holidays sight-seeing somewhere. Anyway I think I should plan it already. I better list them down so that I won’t miss any. This is also for hubby to take note too so that he won’t act as like he forgot of what he supposed to do then 😛 Now, let’s see what I actually have in mind:

Sight-seeing – At first we thought of going to Yamanashiken to enjoy the blooming flowers at any lake surrounding the Mount Fuji. It’s spring now and everywhere flowers are blooming at its peak. But finally hubby decided that we go to Nagoya since I haven’t really done real sight-seeing in Nagoya although we have been staying quite near to the city all these times Hubby has booked a hotel and we are going to spend a night there. We have a few places in mind to visit soon but have yet making a final decision. Anyone has any suggestion of what’s interesting in Nagoya that we should pay a visit?

Shopping – I’m not sure is there gonna be any Spring sales around here soon during the holidays. Might be the shops are gonna be closed too? But I hope they will not be closed throughout the holidays though. We have a few needed and desired things to buy like Ihsan’s new clothes and as well as our clothes. Ihsan has outgrown some of his clothes plus he needs a few more which are suitable for the coming warm season. I want to buy sleeping attires for him 🙂 Anyway… there’s a slight thought in me that we could go to Toki Premium Outlet to shop and it sure gonna be much fun. But I’m sure we would be unhappy while looking back at the receipts later once we got home 😛

Baby-proofing the house – Since Ihsan is getting everywhere nowadays and he’s fast developing his skills we really need to baby-proof the house ASAP. He’s also getting expert at scouring and tasting all the things his hands could reach. We might need to fix the fences, cover all sharp and hard ends, keep all baby hazard items like medications and all.

Spring cleaning the house – Yes… I like cleaning the house, so what? hihi 😛 Nah. Of course I do clean the house every week but I don’t get into details every time. So, that’s why I need to do spring cleaning from time to time. Plus, some things already got piled up and need to be sorted out, some are unused anymore at the moment and needs to be stored, some needs to be clean and so on. Here are the list of what needed to be done:

  • Rearrange the furniture and Ihsan’s toys in the living.
  • Reorganize all the things at the racks in the living.
  • Reorganize the book cupboard.
  • Store kotatsu and heater and take out stand fans.
  • Reorganize Ihsan’s cupboard.
  • Reorganize our cupboards.
  • Clean the bathroom area.
  • Reorganize the bathroom cupboard.
  • Clean the kitchen and reorganize all the things in the cupboard.
  • Clear the garden and do the weeding.
  • Put the insects repellent around the house inside and outside.
Hmm… I think I’ve got all in the list. Anyway… Happy Golden Week holidays to those residing in Japan. Have a blast and happy holidays! 🙂

PS – Perhaps xde gaduh2 dgn hubby time cuti2 ni ye Yang! Sila beri kerjasama 😛

3 Replies to “Golden Week Holiday 2010”

  1. kat opis ni ada pakcik tgh tensen takleh balik nihon utl GW

  2. happy gw ina!
    bestnya,nak gi jln2 n shopping2 yer.kitorg lepak2 n jln2 area sini je,hehe.have a nice trip n holidays ya!

    oh btw,part yg last tu agak lawak.haa,jgn spoil mood cuti dgn gaduh2 tau,hahaha…

  3. Kak Fid,
    Hihi siannn pakcik tu. Nasib la dia ye tak? ;P

    Tq! U too Fith! Kami ni kena jln2 jauh2 sket baru ada ‘apa2’. Haa part last tu mmg. Kami ni tetiba je tetiba leh perang. Hopefully xde pape la kan, InsyaAllah! hihi 😀

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