Ihsan’s 8 Months Milestones

Ihsan turned 8 months young last Wednesday, April 21st, 2010. Whereas on Monday, April 19th, 2010 he had his 1st Polio immunization. My life is getting busier nowadays attending to him. I couldn’t believe it that he’s already big. Big la since I couldn’t stand back-carrying him in a long time anymore because it really hurts my back. I feel just like yesterday I gave birth to him and he was so chiccai (we used to hear that word a lot when he was a newborn), so vulnerable, so silent and all. So different compared to he is today (well… of course! Duh~) 😛

Yesterday when we went out, we encountered a few moms carrying their newborns and there was this 1 mom carrying her twins! The babies looked like dolls! 😀 Instantly I felt like wanting a newborn like that too! When I looked at my baby… well… this little guy is gonna graduate from babyhood soon hmmm 🙂 Honestly, it’s tiring nowadays. Sometimes I feel like this is the most exhausting stage of taking care of my baby so far. Sometimes I feel like I couldn’t wait for him to get bigger. But sometimes I also wished I could turn back the time when he was 3 or 4 months old because he was soo easy to be taken care of.

However, the good thing is these days we’re never running out of surprises. Everyday there’s always new thing he would show us. Almost everyday when hubby got home from work I couldn’t wait to report to him the new story on Ihsan. Sometimes there are more than one! We are really entertained by him nowadays 🙂

Fascinated with his ‘friend’ in the mirror

Eating senbe. I’m becoming tong sampah dh skrg sbb asyik keje kutip2 senbe dia n mkn 😛 Tp mana yg baru jatuh jela n tgk gak la kan tmpt jatuh nyer. Syg buang2 mknan. Dia mkn ciput je. Buang je lebih 😛

I’m eating rabbit! Meow!!!

Mama look at me! 🙂

This picture onwards were taken this afternoon. He was concentrate watching the videos while I captured this. Truly, I was soo fascinated and amazed! 🙂

Guys, please excuse the mess behind okay 😛

I’m not smiling but actually sucking my upper lip 😛

Awww… he looks so ‘seketul’ and adorable! Adalah lumrah ye utk seorg Mama memuji n berbangga dgn anak nya. Jadi xperlulah menyampah ke apa ke ye. Kalau menyampah jugak sila lah puji anak sndiri lebih2 pulak ye. Apa2 pun… macam lah aku kisah pun kan 😛

Well… now without further ado I better list down his 8 months milestones. Where to start first?

Height & weight: He weighted 7.6 kg as on last Wednesday although the latest weight I took today is 7.8 kg. His height now is 68.0 cm more or less.

Crawling, creeping & sitting: Ihsan finally can push himself forward. Right after that, he fastly mastered the crawling skill and he’s now everywhere! He gets under the table, inside narrow spaces, behind stuffs so on and so forth. He follows us wherever we go too. I feel like being a train head with small couch tagging along Behind me 😛 It’s getting more interesting as he’s now started to creep on his knees too and even try to hold on on only 1 hand although he’s yet to stand. He enjoys grabbing stuffs on the book cabinet, his diaper basket on the sofa, things on the table and many more. He loves creeping on us too, trying to pull the writings on our shirts, trying to touch our faces, trying to touch our hands and many more. Besides, he’s also starting to sit on his own! That’s super cute! 😀 I just witnessed he did it today by himself without stumbling down.

Because of his new found abilities, he’s becoming more challenging for me. He keeps discovering everything in the house and he’s more attracted to non-toys stuffs especially the one that he sees we are holding or on us like my telekung and the sejadah. Sometimes by the time I finished praying, the sejadah is already crumpled while he is lying in front of me with his stinky diaper 😛 Many of the things he likes to play are of course baby hazard stuffs like wires and heater (again!). He’s also starting to fall more frequently. Although I keep watching him like a hawk (that helps reduce the number of falling incident) but of course I can’t just glue my eyes on him. He also knows how to open the living room door (by pushing with his hand or kicking) then crawl towards the entrance. But usually he’ll stop halfway because he gets distracted by the house slippers. That’s dirty, I know. This makes my trip to the toilet not at piece. Sometimes I need to open the toilet door while doing my business in order to ensure he won’t go far until the entrance because he might fall down on the floor below. Thus, we really need to do mega baby-proofing project real soon.

Solid foods: Ihsan is getting better in accepting solids. His bowl movements has gone back to normal. Although I do believe the previous diarrhea incident was majorly started once he caught cold. But everything is related to each other. Somehow his nappy rash is also completely gone. My baby is back to a cheerful baby and we are also happy 🙂 Anyway, I’ve introduced Ihsan to white meat fish. He likes it I think because he eats more than usual. Maybe his rice porridge tastes better rather than the bland taste of plain ride porridge mixed with vegetable only. So far Ihsan has eaten sweet potato, carrot, avocado, banana, sawi and pumpkin. During the afternoon when I’m cooking, usually I’ll be giving him baby senbe. He’s getting better at holding his finger food and eating it rather than playing with it. Owh by the way he has 2 teeth now! 😀 I’m planning to start giving him solids 2 times a day soon. By the way, nowadays Ihsan is more prone to get things into his mouth. I’ve seen him chewing his plush animals. It’s cute because he looks like a baby carnivore *Meow!!!* hihi 😀 Just now we saw him crawling but with his 1 hand chewing on small Mr. Teddy’s leg. We tried to capture the moment but it was over before could grab our hands on the camera. Seems like he’s really practicing to use his teeth 😉

Others: I see that he’s getting clingy with me. He loves to be pampered… resting on me while watching tv… or simply lying on me then looking at me… or touching my face… or playing with my sweater and so on. So manja one this boy 😛 Is he playing favorite? We’ll see and I’ll update on this on next month’s milestones. He’s starting to throw tantrum when we don’t give the thing he wants. He would cry lying and his legs kicking on the floor. That’s scary. I pray that this won’t become a habit until he’s toddler and what more doing it in the public, amin! Other than that, he cries with high pitch that’s deafening our ears! Seriously… that’s also scary and blood boiling too! I’m glad that our house is a bit distant from the neighbors’ houses. Or else I’m sure the police would be knocking on our door due to someone reporting that I might be abusing my baby wahaha! 😛 Ihsan loves to play with mirror. He’s really fascinated with hiw own image and it’s really funny seeing his reactions. He loves to pull our hair and pat our faces and that hurts!, obviously. He babbles a lot when he’s energetic. He knows how to put the ball inside the hole on his activity playing box after I taught him. He loves reading books (well… I read and he listens) and watching the videos I collected for him.

I think that’s all I could remember right now. I really enjoy looking at my baby’s progress from day to day 🙂 I never put expectation for him to achieve something. I’d rather prefer that he grasps everything on his own pace. But of course I do keep monitoring him to ensure that he won’t get out of the normal time lines. Anyway, I keep praying that we’ll always have all the patience in the world in taking care of our baby since our life with him is getting more ‘interesting’ from day to day! 🙂

10 Replies to “Ihsan’s 8 Months Milestones”

  1. wajah ihsan mmg banyak iras ina laa.mmg anak mama la ni yer,hehe.

    aah ina,budak2 ni bila dah mula merangkak kita mmg akan rasa penat sgt,penat nak pantau dia,byk sgt benda/kerja yg diorg nak buat,mostly yg merbahaya pulak tu,hish.tu takleh jln lg tu,nanti dah ada kaki,lg ler,haha…

    seronok kan tgk gelagat diorg ni,mcm pak lawak,ada je benda nak buat bg kita ketawa,tgk muka ihsan pun dah bleh tersenyum2 dah,hehe

  2. suker gmbr dia yg ‘seketul’ dan adorable itu!! geramnyerr tgk budak nihh..esp tang pipi tu! anyway, lumrah mak2 mmg puji anak dia n amazed with every single little thing anak2 wat… so, who cares what people say..we’re proud to have them and it makes us feel good,right! in other terms, kita bersyukur..

  3. Fith,
    Aah Fith skrg ni leh kata sumer org ckp dia mcm muka kiter. Kiter pn tgk dia rasa mcm tgk muka sndiri. Xmcm memula dlu sumer ckp muka Papa. Tula skrg ni makin kerap la tergolek lah apa lah. Laju aje dia nk buat apa pun pntag terlps pndg! Skrg lg risau bnding nk jaga dia sblm ni. Keje jd mandur dia jela skrg ni. Kdg2 mmg geram. Tp xjd nk marah sbb gelihati dgn segala gelagat dia tu hihi 🙂

    Betul tu Mai… bersyukur, Alhamdulillah. Bknlah nk riak ke apa ke bila citer2 dlm blog tp mmg betul2 rasa excited kan dgn perkembangan anak sndiri. Baik ke buruk ke itula anak kiter. Kiter la yg nk kena sokong dia sntiasa kan. Ada anak org lain lbh plak dr segi lain. Kiter pn tumpang bangga kan. Xperlu nk dengki2 bagai ye tak 😀

  4. ina,

    geram dgn seketol ihsan nih..kihkihkih..sib baik la jauh ina ooi..kalu tak mau digigit2kan pipi dia tuh..ishh..tula syokkan bila ade jek tiap2 hari tgk budak2 ni ade perkara baru yg diorang explore..hana nowadays suka jln tangan letak belakang mcm boz2 beso tuh..pathu dia make sure abang dia follow kat belakang..kihkih..kalu abg xde sure kene jerit suruh ikut..so bossy si minah toncit tu tau..

  5. geram sungguh budak pipi pakai blusher nih!!kalau duduk berjiran,mmg aku hari2 g umah ko,nak gigit pipi dia.ahhahahha

    ihsan,cpt la datang dohaaa jumpa auntie as…pleaseeeee

  6. Kak Kim,
    Hihi ewah ewah Hana. Bukan main lagi. Mmg ada bakat la tu nk jd boss besar Kak Kim. Gaya kena ada so kena la practise hihi. Nasib laa Hariz kena jd bodyguard 😀

    Kak As,
    Auntie As tolonggg la sponsor kami ni ha. Kami mmg rela hati je nk pegi kalau Auntie As sponsor hihi 😛

  7. ihsan meh la dtg jalan2 kat fukuoka, leh aunty cubit2 pipi tembam Ihsan tu 😉

  8. Yatie,
    Huu sempat ke nk g Fukuoka ni b4 blk for good 🙁

  9. semangat badan ihsan.. geram tengok… bila dia dah makin pandai makin letih kita kan…. nampaknya ihsan lebih cepat tumbuh gigi ya.. mika dah nak masuk 11 bulan pun takda gig lg.. hihi seronok tgk perkembangan anak sendiri dan anak kawan2 yg hampir sebaya ni..

  10. Ieda,
    Jauhnyer Ieda komen kt entry bln 4 hihi. Ni masa 8 bln dia semangat lg tp skrg dh 10 bulan bdn susut sbb byk gerak plus xbape nk mkn. Hihi xpe Ieda biasala bdk2 ni ada cpt ada plak lambat nyer 😀

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