Hisashiburi :)

So… what it feels like blogging from my very first blog? I don’t know how to describe but it’s feels like coming home from a long journey. Here is where I started blogging and I’d have chapters of own my story made then. Anyway… so this is how my blog looks like at the moment. I think I’m just gonna settle down with this template although there are a few things which I still can’t configure for example I completely lost my navigation bar. But will work on that later when I feel like doing it and have the time. As an overall I feel satisfy with this template. There are dozens other templates that caught my eyes but… I think this one is not bad either plus it kinda suits me. Anyway happy blogging to self! Perhaps with new spirit 🙂

Actually I wished to update on Ihsan’s 8 months milestones but I think I’m gonna keep that for later. Today is rather chilly. We just stayed home lazing ourselves. Still, we couldn’t get to get up late and had a weekend nice late morning sleep (xsenonohnya and I know it isn’t a good habit :P). Well… keep on dreaming to have that chance ever nowadays. Not a chance especially when you have a baby in the house! Maybe we are going out tomorrow. Nothing special. Just to buy some groceries and a few other stuffs.

My mood is getting better lately not like previously when I felt a bit down. Most probably because Ihsan is getting better too so he’s becoming more cheerful and less whining. Quite a few things related to him changed or happened previously and now I kinda adapted to the new things and knew how to handle them. Owh I better not start on him yet for now.

I wished to sleep early since a few nights ago but I keep having my own things to do. Like for now… updating the blog. I could do this earlier but I had to massage hubby and he had to massage me and then I massaged him again. Owh Ihsan is crying! That’s surely a clear sign telling me to stop. I better go now and sleep! It’s already late anyway.

Oyasumi nasai!

PS- I tanya hubby nk tulis title tadaima sbb baru blk ke blog lama ok tak? Dia gelak hihi 😛

3 Replies to “Hisashiburi :)”

  1. Welcome back to blogspot!!!

    lepas ni kerap2 lagi update tau,especially upload byk2 gambar ihsan ok…

  2. Fith,

    Tq Fith 🙂 InsyaAllah kalau ada pics menarik kiter upload 😉

  3. tadaimaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…hahahaha.itu kalau baru balik rumah dari jalan2 kan?aku igt perkataan tadaima nih,lecturer suka sebut dulu.haha..blaja jepon utk lulus sahaja….

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