Phew! Ihsan has long gone to Lala Land quite early tonight since he had only about 10 minutes of afternoon nap today. Now finally I’m having my own sweet ‘Me-Time’. Hubby isn’t home yet because he’s out playing badminton. Earlier in the evening hubby called telling me that he was coming home late for 2 hours OT and going to play badminton soon afterward. Due to that, now my left shoulder is feeling so sore because I was back-carrying Ihsan while cooking and that was my first attempt. Ihsan loved it of course but poor me! I have problem with my left shoulder since a few years before. Hubby has to pay for this later! I’m gonna claim a whole body massage from him! 😛

Anyway I just want to babble on some bakings that I’d done previously. The first one is cream puffs! All these while we had been drooling over yummy sweet meats including cream puffs that we saw through the glass at any bakery. But we never bought any cream puff from the shop to try. So the other I had the courage to make some cream puffs and it turned out to be delicious! But excuse the look of my creams puffs. It was my first attempt anyway. Owh beforehand, I did call Murni to ask for tips since I knew she always makes cream puffs. Thanks Murni! I got the recipe from here.

Cream puff with custard cream filling

The second one here is Strawberry Chocolate Chips Muffin. I’m really glad that I’d came across this recipe because this recipe is really a keeper! The muffin tasted chewy, creamy in the mouth, soft and the combination of sweet and sour really made this muffin special. The only drawback is I needed to use my handheld mixer which I’m so dread to do instead of only using the kitchen whisk because the batter was quite thick. But what’s the fuss with taking out the mixer and washing the beaters compared to indulging myself with the scrumptious muffin, right? Definitely gonna make this again very soon 😉

Delicious muffin 🙂

Next is Chocolate Roll Cake Orange Mousse which I referred the original recipe from here. But earlier I got the intention to make only after looking at Fith’s yummy mousse.  Thank you Fith! 😀 To tell the truth, on that day I really wanted to eat mousse but also felt like wanted to eat roll cake too. But since I was so lazy to make both so I combined both at the same time. Just like how Fith made her mousse but of course she made it because she was just being creative by improvising her mousse but not because of being malas like me 😛 So as below was my version. Tetiba je bubuh nama Ihsan. Nak tulis Ihsan pjg sgt so I tulis Izz je using dried cranberries. Below of the name is actually a heart tp skali tgk dh mcm muka wolf je 😛 Iyer2 je tp bknnya Ihsan pn yg mkn. I used this recipe as for the chocolate roll cake below. But the combination taste didn’t go quite right since the cake tasted a bit bitter. Perhaps I should adjust the recipe next time. I’d tried this roll cake recipe before but I forgot about the taste. And the mousse too tasted bitter might be because I used Sunquick orange and I didn’t get to fully peel out the white part. Next time I’m gonna make the mousse using other kind of fruit.

Next time I would make a birthday mouse instead of birthday cake 😛

The layers

Whereas this one is tiramisu. Again, excuse the look of my tiramisu. I couldn’t bother about the look while making it since it was already late. This was my third time making tiramisu. I first tried making tiramisu about 2 years ago and it came out beautiful. The second attempt was last 2 weeks but the cake turned out a disaster. I used a sponge cake recipe and my cake was quite hard. I didn’t know how to correctly nake a perfect sponge cake. But the cake was still edible though. Then for the latest trial which took place last week, I used this tiramisu recipe and as for the cake I used this recipe. However I did alter the recipe a little bit. I didn’t mix the gelatin mixture into the cream cheese and I added a mixture of 2 tablespoons of Nescafe with 2 tablespoons of hot water into the cake. Then I powdered the cream cheese using Milo. I got this idea from Murni when I first tried this version during our visit to her previous house in Toyama. Thank you  again Murni! 🙂

Comot Tiramisu

Last but not least is the most extraordinary one, Unrolled Fruit Roll Cake 😀 As how the name described, you can see my roll cake below which is unrolled huahua! 😛 I made this yesterday and it was pretty easy and fast to make actually. But of course with a clingy baby in the house, the cake took hours to get fully done. At first everything went pretty smooth and beautiful. But while trying to put the whipped cream on the on the cake, Ihsan suddenly cried and I forgot to put the cream back into the fridge while looking after him. So my cream melted and even I beat it again using mixer it still stayed runny. Then I added in a bit butter in order to make it hardened again. After that when I wanted to roll my cake, the cake suddenly broke. Might be because my cake was too thick or because the cream layer supposed to be thinner? In order not to make bigger damage, I needed to think fast and finally decided to just make it this way. But hey despite of the look, this recipe is also a keeper! It’s not only easy and fast to make but definitely delicious at the first place! 😀 Here’s the original recipe by the way.

My version of unrolled roll cake 😛

Well, tomorrow is Saturday and I’m so glad that hubby isn’t working unlike last week. I heard that it’s 3 days weekend because Monday is public holiday? But not hubby. Anyway last night I was sulking with hubby because he didn’t give the attention as I expected when I was so eagerly talking to him. But it lasted only for a few minutes before he coaxed me back. Perhaps this weekend is gonna be perfectly civil between us and will be spent happily 🙂

6 Replies to “Sweet Meats”

  1. giler terer beb!!kagum aku tgk makanan ko sume tu.walaupon comot sikit..:P

    aku ni dok sabar nak beli microwave laki aku ckp risau pakai mic/oven ni.mcm bahayaaaa…aku cuak nak belajar buat kek apa semuaaa.nak beli jugak.hehehe

    husband aku stat cuti 4 hari.yay!!(saja nak bg ko jeles sbb ko laki ko cuti 2 ari jee..laallalala)

    Xgiler lagi la haha. Xyah la kagum2 ko nih 😛 Aah mmg comot pn sbb aku skrg dh xsempat dh nk belek2 hasil masakan aku sejak dh ada Ihsan ni. Asalkan msk or siap je dh. Janji dpt msk mulut aku hihi 😛 Ko cpt2 bli microwave nnt leh share resepi kt blog plak.

  2. mak aih sekali update foods,berderet2,hebat!sedapnya…
    lama giler tak buat cream puff,cam leceh sikit sbb oven tak besar,kena msk byk kali,hoho,klau ada jamuan next time bleh buat ni kot…

    bestnya tiramisu,tetiba teringin nak mkn kek pulak,hiks.

    biasa laa kan,bila ada anak kecik ni,nak buat apa pun kena dpt ‘kerjasama’ dia,hehe…

    Tp xsehebat Fith! Kalau nk ligan Fith bab membaking ni xterkejar la Fith lg lajuuu hihi 😛 Kiter jns xsuka wat keje smbung2 sbb tu la skrg dh krg sket msk2 ni. Seboleh2nya nk tggu hubby gak. Tp sbnrnya cara ni xpractical dh kalau ada anak kecik kan. Kena gak smbung2 huhu. Aah oven kiter bukan jns pusing2 tu so dpt la buat byk sket.

  3. sgt menjadi cream puff anda. kalah tuan tempat tanya, hihi..

    btw hello kiity land tu leh wat masuk foods tak. kalo disney takleh kan. kalo boleh leh umi murni wat bento nasi lemak.. hihi..

    Wah wah nasi lemak tu sedapnyer hihi! Kiter baca kt website dia xleh. Mcm Disney la jugak kot. Tp kami g Disney dlu bwk je bento bun n onigiri. Balut satu2 sng nk mkn n xdela nmpk sgt kan. Ingat nk buat gitu jugak nnt tp xtau lg nk buat amende.

  4. amboi ina banayknya masak…semua yang best best pulak tu….sedapnya…terliur noli….ihsan duk buat apa tu….

    Xbykla Noli. Ni dh kumpul2 nmpk la mcm byk 😀

  5. my oh my..meleleh air liur baca entry nih..terus rasa bersemangat waj anak try mampukah menjadi sesedap ini?hohohoohoho

    Hihi kalau rajin mmg mampu nyer Yatie. Buat jgn xbuat mmg sedap. Xde rupa xpe janji ada rasa n yg plg penting dpt merasa 😀

  6. inaaaaaaaaaaaa….tolong la weh.laki aku ckp mcm xyah pakai microwave,sbb long term nye kesan apa benda la,pakai gelombang kan microwave tu.bahaya apa dia ckp,kalau aku nak beli,dia beli kan je…tp aku jd takot lak nak pakai bila dia ckp camtu.haha…camne eh?nak beli ke tak ni…huargh…dah la aku ni hangat2 tahi ayam je sokmo.kang klu beli microwave,aku pakai sekali dua je.hahahhaha.dah la laki aku nak beli yg 1k lebih tu..mahal lerrrrrrr.kena guna 200% la..hahaha…perlu ke tak microwave ni….

    aku bebel kat blog ko plak.haha…..:)

    Hihi bg aku kalau microwave tu aku xkisah kalau xde. Tp oven adalah sgt perlu. Aku punya ni microwave oven. Dua2 boleh. Aku pn pnh baca tp xingat sgt. Sbnrnya mmg xelok sgt pakai microwave utk panaskan lauk. Tp mmg sng la kalau ada microwave sbb cpt. Kena beringat la kan. Jgn la sokmo sgt guna microwave utk pnskan lauk. If ko nk guna utk baking je cuba bli oven je yg xde function microwave. Tp kalau dh bli kena la guna weh. Ko dh msk skali 2 mesti lps tu ko rajin punya sbb nk mkn. Takkan keje nk bli je kan. Tul tak? Kalau ko tetap xguna jugak ko wat tukun jela. Bli aquarium bsr cmpk dlm tu. Kasik ikan ko wat sarang leh beranak pinak hahaha ;P

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